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21 Of The Most Unusual Places To Eat

There’s something incredibly British about eccentricity. When we hear about John Mytton, who arrived at a dinner party riding his pet bear, or John Churchill, the WW2 officer who fought the Germans with his bow and arrow and a broadsword, we smile and indulge. This would cause consternation...

Whatever Floats Your Restaurant: 7 Restaurants On Boats

Famously, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Especially when we’re using the army term ‘messing’, as in to eat. Yes, we’re all at sea and dining on some of London’s best boat restaurants. After all, ship...

Try Before You Buy: 9 Restaurants With Shops

It couldn’t get much better than restaurants with shops. You go in for food, you come out with no life savings and a trolley worth of cheese, but everyone’s a winner because it tastes so darn good! So for a little bit of fine cuisine served with a side of retail, read on:...

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Holy Chow! Restaurants In Converted Churches

Whilst it might seem a tad on the eerie side delving into your sausages and mash inside an old church, there’s also an intriguing element too it. I mean, a church is the last place you’d expect to have a meal right?! Well, perhaps not the last place, I can imagine munching in a volcano...

London’s Indian Fine Dining Scene Welcomes An Emperor

Atul Kochhar is back! The first Indian chef to receive a Michelin star is opening a new restaurant, Kanishka, on Mayfair’s Maddox Street and it’s the most anticipated Indian restaurant opening in a recent string of high profile Indian openings. Kochhar won his Michelin star at Tamarind...

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The Sexiest Pink Places In London

If you loved this then get following @londonispink on insta - we cannot get enough of her life through rose (or pink, should we say) coloured glasses.

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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Oil

The year 2019 has already seen various proliferations where food is concerned; ‘bleeding’ vegan burgers, crossushi and orange wine being just three of many. It’s wholly apparent that we’re moving in a new direction with CBD leading the way. But what exactly is it? Well, aside from...

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Who Ate It Best: New York Vs. London

When I made the decision to venture across the pond, I knew that major lifestyle changes would need to take place. I was quick to trade my heavy parka in for a rain slicker, abandon my gridlike sense of direction as I soon learned that there is no such thing as “uptown and downtown” here, and...

Recreate This Raw Spicy Thai Green Papaya Salad

It’s a little chilly outside, the sun isn’t pushing through the clouds and woolly jumpers have become a constant in our lives. Yet this doesn’t mean we can’t invest our time in creating light and healthy dishes more associated with hotter climes. This raw spicy that green...

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Set Sail In This Sleek Floating Glass Restaurant

Londoners are always on a quest to make dining more of an experience. We’ve mastered excellent restaurants and now we need more. We can dine 100 feet above London, we can immerse ourselves in different worlds, we can eat underground in former WCs (better than it sounds) and now we can ditch dry...

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