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The Weekend Guide Is Back

TGITW – wondering what this means? Well, it’s the extended version of TGIF which we totally just made up on the spot for no reason whatsoever! However, we’ve got to admit that “thank goodness it’s the weekend” is a phrase on our lips as soon as the clock strives...

The Beast From The East Returns

2018 was the year of Love Island, England coming together over the World Cup and a summer heatwave like no other in recent years. A year of extremes, it was also the year of the Beast from the East. And whilst we know that come the summer Love Island will be returning, it seems like there is also...

It’s Going To Be In-Tents: 10 UK Summer Music Festivals To Rave About

The time has come to say goodbye to festive and hello to festivals as 2019 means the promise of a whole ravin’ host of new music festivals we Kanye believe are happening so soon! Whilst we can’t promise these festivals will be without their fair share of mud, pounding morning headaches...

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Turkey For One: Things To Do If You’re Alone This Christmas

Christmas, if alone, can be a very hard time for many. Hindered by upbeat music that talks of mistletoe and meet-ups, Christmas films depicting families gathered around trees with happy endings, and a general atmosphere of it being, as Andy Williams declared, the most wonderful time of the year.

The Absolutely Bonkers Alice In Wonderland Lantern Festival

We all love Christmas lights don’t we? Whether it’s a smattering of fairy lights here and there, to full blown light displays in cul de sacs. Whichever display lights up your life, there’s no denying they’re awesome. Which is why we think you’re going to love this...

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Meet The Dogs Doing Better On Instagram Than You Are

You know you’re getting it wrong when there are animals who are better at doing things than you are. There’s a dog on Youtube who’s basically Grade 7 piano. Skateboarding? Not my strong suit, but here’s a dog smashing it. Surely when it comes to social media, though, your...

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