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Spilt Secrets At Café de Paris

At the mention of Café de Paris, heads turn and eyes glitter. A magical place full of dreams, a place that teases on the boundary of fantasy, and plays in the fine lines between naughty and nice.Café de Paris has been this way since its outrageous beginnings back in the 1920’s and people have...

Awesome Afternoon Teas

All Aboard The Superyacht Cinema

Watching films and going to the cinema happens to be, as a general rule, something we are very good at. It’s easy, it’s fun and can be done alone or as a group, or even as a cosy twosome. If you’re the type of person to take someone on a date to the cinema then this is about to take your...

What to do This Weekend

Here’s How You Should Be Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick, probably history’s most successful pest control operative, will be celebrated this weekend with all the drunken vigour that he deserves. This human Rentokill ridded the Emerald Isle of its snake problem back in the 5th century, and was rightly patron-sainted for his efforts, which...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Polpo Celebrate Inspirational Women

Last week we celebrated International Women’s day, and the Polpo restaurants see no reason why the celebrations shouldn’t continue. The company has partnered up with Refuge, a charity that supports women and children whose lives have been affected by domestic violence. In support, they are...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Fancy A Michelin Star Lunch For Just £6?

It’s not unknown to drop a good few hundred pounds on a half-decent dinner from a Michelin starred chef. Maybe worth saving for a special occasion, an anniversary or to celebrate a work promotion perhaps, but hardly an everyday occurrence. Unless you head to KERB at King’s Cross, where...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

You Say ‘Potato’, And We Say Jersey Royals!

Get your diaries out and make sure you’ve blocked out April to June; it’s Jersey potato season. Of course, you’ve probably already got it noted in, in pen and everything, but just in case you’d forgotten. The Jersey Royal is one of the world’s most venerable potato varieties, in fact...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Meet the Butchers at Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar

There are some lessons in life that are useful such as: don’t text your exe when a bottle of wine down, even if was to tell them you didn’t like them anyway.

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Things to do Outdoors

Go Alfresco In East London This Summer

Another day another street food market! This time in Stratford


Emeli Sandé, Professor Green and Gabrielle Aplin to Perform at a Free Gig

At his final public speech, Nelson Mandela called for this generation to bring an end to extreme poverty, something that luckily most of us in England will never be able to comprehend but an all too real experience for millions around the world. Continuing his work, Global Citizen, the...

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Health & Wellness

Meditation Workshop at Sanderson Hotel

If meditation leaves you feeling more ‘ermmm’ than ohmmm; if you find your mind wandering to what you’re going to be having for supper or you just wonder how breathing is going to make you feel like you can get through tough London days, then you need to check out the meditation workshop from...

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