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I Do… Think These Are The World’s Best Proposal Spots

Your hands are trembling, palms are sweating, feet are tapping, mouth is quivering… you’re about to propose to your better half, in Nando’s… because you panicked and couldn’t decide on a better spot, plus your better half said they’re a sucker for chicken so you...


How To Turn 25 Days Annual Leave Into 51 Days Holiday in 2020

Holly-bob into 2020 making the absolute maximum of your holiday allowance and turn 25 days into 51 days out of the office...

Celebrities & Influencers

Ella Eyres Who She’d Snog, Marry & Avoid…

It was the peak of summer when I jumped on a train to Brentford, (which very nearly became Brentwood as I couldn’t stop getting the two confused). My more specific destination was a star-studded summer garden party, as you do, at EcoWorld, which sounds just as futuristic as it was. Greeted by hair swishes, espresso martinis and artificial grass I made my way, nervous-Champagne in hand, to meet superstar extraordinaire Ella Eyre, voice behind pop hand-raisers Just Got Paid, Answerphone and Love Island banger, I Came Here For Love. Ella, a BRIT award-winning artist might I add, had brought her […]

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Win A Lorna Jane Activewear Outfit

Open until 1st November 2019

The Handbook has teamed up with Lorna Jane to offer you the ultimate back-to-school kit: a sports bra to support you, a pair of leggings to move with you and Lorna’s Eat Good Food book to find inspiring healthy recipes.

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Which Australian brand coined the term Activewear in the 80s’, is celebrating their 30 years anniversary this year and are credited as creating the activewear category as we know it today?

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Sea For Yourself! The London Aquarium Opening By Night This Autumn

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? Sorry. Where was I? Ah, yes. London’s SEA LIFE is groovin’ things up for autumn, replacing boring old nights in eating soup with old episodes of Midsummer Murders playing in the background (gosh, that sounds awful), with the opportunity to dip beneath the surface, as it were. Aquariums can be a total mare, right? Often, they’re littered with hoards of kids on school trips, all pressing their faces up against the glass… poor fish. But, the SEA LIFE lates will be adult-only, hurrah, and if you can think of anything better than […]

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A Load Of Cobblers: London’s Most Instagrammable Cobbled Streets

Say ‘ta but no ta’ to tarmac, it’s all about cobbles. Cobbles, they’re a constant trip hazard, they’re noisy to drive over and they hurt your bum if you cycle. And yet, they look great! There’s nothing more olde-worlde than a good cobbled streets. Whether it’s the opening credits of Coronation Street or the majestic cloisters around the Radcliffe Camera, we’re suckers for cobbles. What’s more, they light up your Insta-feed! So here are a few London #cobbles, anything else is a pain in the asphalt… View this post on Instagram #lovewapping #londonwharf #hiddentreasures #oldcannon #visitlondon #londonsites #londongems #londoncobbles #london_enthusiast […]


Don’t Be A Melt! Tips For Beating The Heatwave

It’s officially hot. Like, properly hot. Jessica-Alba-in-a-sauna hot. There are beads of sweat dripping onto the keyboard as I write this, it’s gross, the F key won’t even press properly now. But if you’re feeling so hot that you want to rip your own skin off, think again...

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The Oblique Life: London’s Boundary Breaking Members’ Club

Double acts to one side, there are some pretty impressive trios on our planet. From Harry, Ron and Hermione who have achieved some pretty spellbinding stuff together – you know, fighting dementors, three-headed dogs and he who can’t be named – to Alvin And The Chipmunks, Charlie’s Angels and no forgetting The Powerpuff Girls! Suffice to say, a lot of good things can be achieved when a tantalising trio comes to the forefront – The Oblique Life being one of them. What the heck is this, you ask? Well, started by three brothers – and, as a result, another very […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

London’s 10 Best Sushi Restaurants: Hear Them Raw!

Here at The Handbook, we know that nothing would maki your day better than reading a sushi guide. Alas, we’ve rounded up some of London’s top-notch, maki, teriyaki, nigiri spots, (and made ourselves mega hungry in the process)! From sensational flavours to decadent displays, these sushi...

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Real Life Dating Events That You’d Actually Want To Go To

It’s another year, you’re still single, and you’re sick of dating apps. You’ve got this romantic idea where you’ll meet someone in real life, say at a bar, or by making prolonged eye contact with that attractive stranger on the same train you take to work. But you’ve had this hope for a while now and nothing is happening, and before you know it you’re re-downloading tinder and swiping through profiles like popcorn. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dating events have come a long way since that one couple that are friends with your parents met at […]

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