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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Yoga With A Twist: Equinox’s Awesome Yoga Session At The Design Museum

Here’s one for those who carry out their everyday tasks in their active-wear… It’s 7am, you’re scrolling through insta and a bombardment of sunrise yoga images and downward dogs left, right and centre flood your feed. You? Well, you’re duvet covered, rubbing weary eyes and a resounding “I’ll go next week…” chimes in your head (or Namast’ay in bed, if you will). Well, it’s time to limber up because an Equinox yoga sesh at the Design Museum is the answer! Instead of starting your morning jostling past briefcase swinging commuters on the tube, you’ll do some vinyasa yoga in an […]


We Visited Cliveden House, Meghan Markle’s Favourite Spot For A Sleepover

I once shook Justin Trudeau's hand. It was awesome. Aside from this, moments of 'feeling cool' are very few and far between for me. Mainly because I am implausibly clumsy and spend my life channeling Hugh Grant and his hangdog stuttering in nearly every social situation. And yes, I have said "oopsy daisy" far too many times.

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

5 Things To Know About Plant-Based Foods

I’m sure when you are walking down the aisle in your local supermarket, you have noticed the growing number of products listed as ‘plant-based’, ‘vegan’ or ‘vegetarian’ and are intrigued by the health benefits they may offer. Perhaps you are already following a plant-based diet and would like to know more about your favourite foods? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to the world of plant-based foods, there is always something new to learn. What exactly are plant-based foods? They are foods that are derived from plants including fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, nuts, whole grains, stems, seeds, and […]

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Open until 28th October 2019

The Handbook has teamed up with Lorna Jane to offer you the ultimate back-to-school kit: a sports bra to support you, a pair of leggings to move with you and Lorna’s Eat Good Food book to find inspiring healthy recipes.

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Which Australian brand coined the term Activewear in the 80s’, is celebrating their 30 years anniversary this year and are credited as creating the activewear category as we know it today?

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Health & Wellness

Hit The Roof And Get Fit At These 5 Rooftop Classes

It’s time to get high… Are rooftop fitness classes pushing rooftop bars to the sidelines this summer? No, probs not. But they are dominating the workout world, with their show-offy views and promises of continental breakfasts, so it’s no surprise we’re all desperately scrolling the web for them. But there is a down(ward dog) side to all fabulous things in life. In this case, it’s the wake up call as, if you’re looking to capture the sunrise for the Gram, you’re going to have to shuffle out of your slippers hella early. Six in fact, in most cases… but it’s so […]

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Health & Wellness

Sun’s Out, Moles Out: How To Keep An Eye On Your Moles This Summer

OK, OK, summer in the UK may not be as sun drenched as some countries but we bet you’ll still be lining rooftops, gin in hand or picnic-ing in the park with strawberries a’plenty until the sun goes down. Yet, as we’ve learnt by now, sometimes the best things in life come with a...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Midnight Swimming, This Summer’s Latest Craze

If you decided to have a splash in the British sea under the moonlight, you’d end up with hypothermia. So when we found out Hampton Pool was running midnight swimming sessions in their heated pool, we freaked out! It’s time to whack out your favourite swimsuit and get your breaststroke on, we’re off for a swim! If you fancy throwing on the arm bands and basking under the moonrays step forward, this South West London pool have come up with a genius idea, midnight swimming. Hampton Pool is a 36 metre ‘hidden secret’ of a pool next to Bushy Park and it’s […]

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Health & Wellness

Where Can I Go To Play Tennis On Grass?

Lots of things make Wimbledon special. The strawberries and cream, Henman Hill or Murray Mount (delete depending how old you are), the fact that it’s in London, we could go on. But for the players, the  big distinction besides the prestige is that the courts are grass. Most of us only play tennis on hard courts, they’re cheap to build and maintain and they’re the most widely available to rank amateurs like me and, probably, you. Fewer of us have the opportunity to regularly play on grass courts, a type of tennis that’s a lot faster, less predictable and, let’s […]

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Health & Wellness

London’s Weirdest Therapies And Where To Try Them

Gone are the days where stress was relieved by a hearty back massage and spa sesh. Now, we’ve got all sorts of quirky offerings from floating about in a tank for an hour to plummeting your body temperate to -110ºC. So, without further ado, here are various alternative therapies to open your...

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Health & Wellness

The Fanny Steamers Are On Tour: Gwynnie’s Goop Conference Hits London – DATES RELEASED!

Full (fanny) steam ahead, Goop’s wellness conference is coming to London-town, and we’re busily polishing our best vagina crystals in anticipation. It’s going to be officially mad. This May Goop, everyone’s favourite ‘health’ brand and online magazine, hosted their first wellness summit in downtown Los Angeles, now the jamboree’s heading this direction, hitting London in June. The plan is for loveable nutter-in-chief Gwyneth Paltrow, plus Goop’s chief content officer, Elise, to host panels and discussions with ‘cutting-edge’ (read “questionable’) doctors, scientists, ‘thought leaders’ and ‘some of the women (and men) who inspire us the most’. Given previous topics of discussion […]


Britain’s Best Rooftop Pools

The ultimate summer accessory isn’t aircon or an ice machine, the really cool cats have something else: a rooftop pool. So while I go and check the potential loadings on my loft joists, here are some of Britain’s best rooftop pools.

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