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What to do This Weekend

What to do This Weekend

Another Bank Holiday? Yippee!

We can’t quite believe we’re writing yet another bank holiday guide – is it just us or have we been piled with bank holidays lately? Not that we’re complaining! However, as there’s not another three day weekend until August we are urging you to make the most of this...

Things to do Outdoors

Sun’s Out, (Burger) Buns Out: 8 Places To Picnic In London

Living in the UK comes with the expectation of very limited sunny climes, so it’s hardly surprising we flock to beaches or the nearest green space to make the most of the sporadic British sunshine when it comes our way. But, in the concrete jungle that is London, it can be hard trying to...

What to do This Weekend

Hurrah For The Weekend: Here Are 10 Ways To Spend It

As the weekend rolls around once more, we’re here to help banish those bank holiday blues and show you that there’s still an abundance of awesome things to do. From whole festivals of food to ravishing rooftops, there’s something for one and all…...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

London’s Craziest Bingo Nights

Grab a dabber, eyes down and watch out for two fat ladies, it’s BINGO TIME! Bingo halls are full of old ladies who smell of TCP and wee, right? No, not any more. Bingo has undergone a revolution lately, and suddenly it’s attractive to a whole new audience: millennials. And they only...

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What to do This Weekend

13 Wonderful Ways To While Away The Weekend

Hands up if you’re excited for the weekend? Yep, everyone! Here’s some wonderful ways to spend it; from jumping on your broomstick and visiting Gringott’s Bank to losing your veganity at some epic vegan hangouts. Have a good’un…...

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What to do This Weekend

10 Fabulous Ways To Spend The Weekend

Oh weekend, hello dear friend! It’s that time again and we’re jolly glad of it too! This weekend you can shake your tail feather at a four-day birthday party bonanza or explore some neon restaurants that we’re sure will light up your life. Whatever’s on the menu, here are...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Where To Watch The Boat Race

Given over 99% of the public weren’t privileged enough to attend either Oxford or Cambridge, and then only small proportion of those rowed competitively, it’s a little odd that the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race somehow evokes such strong passions. Maybe it’s the wry amusement of...

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Fashion & Beauty

Here’s How to Get The Hottest Ticket of 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a metaphorical rock, you’ll know that the hottest ticket in town at the moment is the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the V&A. You’ll also probably know that it is sold out. But we know how to get you into the exhibition, and it doesn’t...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Most Instagrammable Restaurants In London

A recent study found London to be the most Instagrammed capital city in the world – take that, Paris! Whilst Hyde Park nabs the top spot, there are certainly restaurants that we consider worthy of a ‘gram, be it a dish plated up like a work of art, particularly cool interior design or just...

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What to do This Weekend

The Weekend Rolls Round Again

It’s the weekend AGAIN. Where did that week just go, can anyone tell us?! Anyway, we’re so not complaining because it means we can indulge in all of these fabulous things to do… Have a blast!...

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