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The Restaurants Redefining The Jackfruit

Ah, the jackfruit. Known for being the stinkiest and, without a doubt, strangest fruit known to man. And yet, we've rounded up the restaurants across the city who are championing this fruit and making it into something delicious...

Rooftops and Terraces

10 Of London’s Best Alpine Bars

The least convenient thing about some of the best bars in The Alps has to be the fact that they're not easily commutable from SW15. Well not any more, these London alpine lodge bars are perfect for recreating that ski chalet chic.

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Win A Meal At Michelin Starred Restaurant L’Ortolan

Open until 3rd March 2020

The Handbook has teamed up with L’Ortolan, Reading’s only Michelin star restaurant to offer one lucky winner a meal for two, from their Gourmond Menu plus a glass of wine each.

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The A-Z of Japanese Food

Do you know your dashi from your donburi or your mirin from your matcha? London may be awash with some incredible Japanese eateries, from cheap as noodles ramen joints to Michelin-starred restaurants, but how are your culinary skills looking in your own kitchen? London’s Japan Centre has an...

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Uncover A Whole New World At This Immersive Aladdin Experience

With a magic carpet whizzing around the underground tunnel on Leake Street, it's hardly surprising all the Disney lovers and immersive dining fiends are flocking to the theatre with their bags stuffed full of dirty laundry...


Daffodil Mulligan, Richard Corrigan’s New Old Street Restaurant

The new Nuala is nearly here! The site of the old Old Street Irish restaurant has been given a complete makeover thanks to star chef Richard Corrigan and the restaurant is due to open any day soon. When Nuala shut at the start of the year we were genuinely disappointed. The fledgling restaurant was hit by multiple shockers before folding. But rescuers have swooped in. The catchy name references folk song heroine Daffodil Mulligan, daughter of street seller Biddy Mulligan. It’s her spirit and sense of anarchy and humour that the restaurant seeks to recreate. It also firmly plants the green, […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

How Smart Are You? The Best Pub Quizzes In London

Everyone loves a pub quiz, don’t they? Until they realise their general knowledge isn’t as good as they thought it was. But who cares? London plays hosts to some seriously fun quiz nights, from nights for movie buffs where questions appear on the big screen to ‘The One With The...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

15 Of The Best November Pop-Ups

As soon as the 1st of November hit, we knew we were on the countdown to Christmas! So here's to a month of festive wreath making, Christmassy cocktails, sensational wine dinners and a sprinkling of pop-up Champagne bars. 

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Humbug Holidays: Where To Go To Get Away From Christmas

If the thought of sprouts, Christmas trees and Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas sends shivers down your spine rather than festive spirit, we’ve rounded up the best places to escape to this December. From long haul Japan (where they have the weirdest 25th December tradition...

Seasonal & Celebrations

The Pig In Blanket That Weighs More Than An Eight-Year-Old Child

Pigs in blankets: one of the smallest yet most delicious Christmas trimming dishes available! And now, it's gone super-size. Like really super-size. Check it out...

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Fashion & Beauty

A Little Goes A Long Way At These Luxury Outlets

If you’re a dedicated follower of fashion but your budget is saying more Topshop than Tom Ford, we’ve rounded up the very best designer discount stores where you’ll get more bang for your buck. Forget Prada handbags at dawn and dishevelled clothing rails, these outlets are...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

13 Haunted Restaurants

We wouldn't normally suggest restaurants that'll give you the shivers (perhaps unless we're al fresco dining), but these places will freak you right out because they're 13 of London's most haunted restaurnats...

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