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Ice, Ice, (Coffee), Baby: 8 Of The Best London Ice Coffees

After temperatures whizzed up to record temperatures last week and office fans went into overdrive, iced coffee very quickly became our best friend (f*ck off Sandra, I don’t care about your break up now I’ve got iced cappuccino). And so, seeking respite from the sun, not to mention a caffeine hit the size of the Walkie Talkie, the decision was made to seek out some of the best serves of the city, from independent bean grinders to chains. Better latte than never, here’s where we’re buzzing about… Nude Espresso It’d be pretty rude not to go to Rude as temperatures […]


BREAKING: We Now Know When The Crown Season 3 Arrives…

The Crown really does wear the crown, the celebrated Netflix hit is without doubt TV’s reigning monarch (tied with Love Island, though does this season seem to have gone a little downhill?) and we’re all hanging on every scrap of information about what’s going to happen in season three. Well, unless you’re in your 50s and 60s, in which case you know exactly what’s happening because it’s *spoiler alert* based on a real story! History books aside, we know this because the actual Queen and Prince Philip apparently watch the show with Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex for […]

Openings & Launches

Bite Off More Than You Can Maître Choux At This Brand New Patisserie

If the choux fits… Everyone’s always harping on about how good the buttery croissant is, or that you can’t beat a spinachy spanakopita. Yeah, yeah, they’re good but why’s nobody talking about the classic éclair? The world’s first choux pastry specialist patisserie is fighting back, spreading the pastry love to the busy goers of Canary Wharf, with their latest venue opening in Canada Place. You won’t be choux-ing away from Canary Wharf during rush hour any longer as this August Maître Choux will be serving up pastry treats to bustling office workers, tourists and passersby at their all new patisserie […]

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Health & Wellness

Snow Kidding, This Is The Place To Beat The Heat In London

Bloomin’ heck it’s hot. Granted it’s not 37 degrees anymore but it’s still practically tropical for us Brits. While we were all out sweating buckets on Thursday, the lucky sods over at K West Hotel and Spa were cooling down in their very own snow room. Yes, snow room! Cancel your facial plans, we’re headed to the Artic! Okay, okay, we’re not hopping on a plane (just a tube to Shepherd’s Bush actually) but seriously who the heck thought of inventing a snow room?! The guy deserves a medal! As expected, K West Hotel and Spas’ snow paradise is filled with only […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

We Ain’t Bluffin’: The World’s Richest Game Of Poker EVER Is Coming To London

Are you positively dying for a bit of debauchery in Vegas? Do you fast-forward to the poker part whenever you pop Casino Royale on? Or perhaps Mississippi Grind is still giving you shivers… Whatever rolls your dice, how does watching one of the most historic poker games to date sound, courtesy of Triton Poker Super High Roller Series’ flagship event The Triton Million? Kinda puts Bingo on the back burner hey…We’re talking about the event of the year, and a nail-biting world’s first. Yes, the richest ever buy-in poker tournament is taking place in the Grand Ballroom of the London […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Babes, Gemma Collins Is Hosting A Free Swap-Shop This Saturday

I’m Gemma Collins, Fearne. I’m 34, I’ve earned my divaship. And, I’ll be launching a one-day swap shop this Saturday that has got your name all over it babes… OMG. We’re totally freaking out with excitement. The rumours are true, Gemma Collins, queen of the gift of the gab, is going to be manning a swap shop this Saturday that will allow people to cash in their souvenir slip-ups. The star will be imparting her words of wisdom to passersby – “you ain’t gonna get this candy,” “I might become like Bear Grylls,” and the likes – as members of the […]

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London’s Hotter Than Where?

It’s boiling. Sweltering. The weather is exceeding record temperatures with today apparently being the hottest day in London ever. Like ever ever. And, us Londoners cannot cope. There are countries and then there’s hot countries, and the UK just isn’t one of them. We’re...

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A Load Of Cobblers: London’s Most Instagrammable Cobbled Streets

Say ‘ta but no ta’ to tarmac, it’s all about cobbles. Cobbles, they’re a constant trip hazard, they’re noisy to drive over and they hurt your bum if you cycle. And yet, they look great! There’s nothing more olde-worlde than a good cobbled streets. Whether it’s the opening credits of Coronation Street or the majestic cloisters around the Radcliffe Camera, we’re suckers for cobbles. What’s more, they light up your Insta-feed! So here are a few London #cobbles, anything else is a pain in the asphalt… View this post on Instagram #lovewapping #londonwharf #hiddentreasures #oldcannon #visitlondon #londonsites #londongems #londoncobbles #london_enthusiast […]

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Things to do Outdoors

Things To Do In A London Heatwave☀️

London is melting around us, the heat is everywhere, there’s no respite or escape, we’re all dooooomed! Oh, hello Ice Bar. Cocktail? Don’t mind if I do. Hat, gloves and a fur-lined cloak? Sure. A largely mediaeval city with a Victorian infrastructure is not designed for record temperatures, but there are ways that you can mitigate the pain. Obviously follow our helpful ‘How to keep cool in the heat’ guide, but also head to some of these places… Head To An Urban Beach If you’re looking for sandy shores to go along with the blue London skies, you might manage […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

9 Of London’s Most Environmentally Friendly Menus

The environment is a fabulous place, and one we need to keep ticking if we’re going to enjoy it to the full! And, it seems, people are beginning to jump all aboard the save the planet train, as plastic bendy straws get replaced with pasta and paper, and cut backs are made on excess portions, to reduce food waste. So, we’ve trailed the London restaurant scene to find the best menus that are sticking their middle finger up to waste, plastic and more. Enjoy… Kalifornia Kitchen Ever thought about eating a banana skin? No, me neither. But vegan pioneers, Kalifornia […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

28 Celebrity And Influencer Hangouts: A Definitive List

We’ve all got a celebrity crush. Beyoncé, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, whoever it is you’ve probably fantasised about bumping into them on your way to the supermarket (or in the bedroom). And, although can’t quite guarantee you’ll become best buds, or eloping together off into the sunset, we have been busy scouring London in search of the top celebrity and influencer hangouts for you. So get saving your pennies, some of these might end up costing you the price of a house deposit. To find out where your favourite celebrities are hanging out in town this week, click here. Full celebrities contact […]

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Things to do With Kids

As If The World’s Biggest Obstacle Course Wasn’t En-Nerf…

Three, two, one… charge! Forget battling it out on the Homefront, you’re about to embark on the mission of your life, right here in London. That’s right, get your NERF guns at the…wait, NERF guns? Yup, NERF have just announced that they’re partnering up with the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course to bring us Londoner’s our most intense mission to date. Buckle up kids, we’re in for a wild one! To celebrate their 50th anniversary NERF have teamed up with The MONSTER, to host the capitals ultimate summer takedown. On August 27th and 28th, Alexandra Palace will be transformed into […]

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