What to do This Weekend

Another Bank Holiday? Yippee!

We can’t quite believe we’re writing yet another bank holiday guide – is it just us or have we been piled with bank holidays lately? Not that we’re complaining! However, as there’s not another three day weekend until August we are urging you to make the most of this...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Under The Sea With Chelsea In Bloom

If you’ve been reading The Handbook over the last few weeks, you’ll know how floral mad we’ve gone – from floral rooftops to wisteria hysteria, we’ve covered it all. We aren’t the only ones who have gone mad over this floral frenzy either, it’s splattered left, right and centre across social media, especially on the ‘gram. And trust us, from what we can see, it’s only just the beginning. Just look at Chelsea! It’s utterly submerged in outlandishly awesome floral displays that have people stopping to grab photos. Produced by Cadogan, in association with the Royal Horticultural Society, Chelsea in […]


Literally All The Literary Hotspots In London

It’s true when they say, you never know what you’ll find around the corner. And that’s definitely so when it comes to living in London. Whether it’s finding the spot where the latest romcom was filmed or the area that inspired Dickens with Great Expectations, the options...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Where To Eat Out In… Richmond

Richmond is so posh that it’s got stags in its garden, gazillionaire Tory Zac Goldsmith is the MP and there’s about three Waitroses per capita. This idyllic London borough is the perfect place to experience London without even having to visit actual London, has more leaves than the...

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Want To Be A Kardashian For The Weekend? Head To The Amalfi Coast…

It’s not often that you want to take tips on keeping it classy from the Kardashians, but I’m happy to make an exception. And that exception would have to be Hotel Santa Caterina, a gem of a hotel on Italy’s Amalfi Coast; it’s where Kim Kardashian honeymooned with Kris Humphries, and it’s where I headed for a weekend’s R&R, albeit not in my private jet this time (it’s, um, in for its MOT). The Amalfi Coast is a 30 mile stretch of rugged coastline in Italy’s Campania region, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts celebrities and A-listers like it’s […]


5 Of London’s Best Florists

A sunny weekend in London wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of my favourite florists, and, as a photographer, flower shops are one of my favourite things to shoot. Now that Chelsea Flower Show is on this week, it’s time to start filling your weekend with all things floral!...

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Four Reasons To Visit The Newly-Opened Four Seasons Residences

You’d be few and far between trying to pinpoint someone who wouldn’t jump at a stay in private residences of any kind, especially if Four Seasons were the ones doing the offering! Which is why I travelled, Godspeed, on a Friday afternoon to experience the five-star luxury, of Four Seasons Private Residences at Ten Trinity Square, family in tow. As an iconic-landmark dream above the clouds, the Ten Trinity Square residences, snug in the heart of The City, bathe you in London views from the off, with the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Cheesegrater and more standing epically on the step […]

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This Is Not A Swansong: Former Handbooker Emily Heads Into The Sunset

‘But at the laste, as every thing hath ende, She took hir leve’: Geoffrey Chaucer Fact fans, it’s Chaucer who’s thought to have been the source of  the phrase ‘all good things must come to an end’ in his epic poem of Troilus and Criseyde. Just as the poem tells the story of...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Calm Brown, Dear, Coffee Just Got Colourful

We’re getting a bit of déjà brew with this one. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to score some Insta likes when you’re getting your caffeine fix for the day. Because after all coffee art is just for the Instagram likes, right? That being said, although it might be pretty in pink, we don’t want it to be all froth and no substance. It still needs to hit the spot and fulfil your caffeine fix because we need to get through the working week somehow… Whether it’s a mouthful of glitter or pink stained teeth you’re after, here’s our guide to […]


RV There Yet? 5 Reasons To Go Glamping

After four years of living in Brighton, I finally caved in to join the long ol’ commute back and forth each day to the big smoke. Fast-forward to now, when the opportunity arose to spend the weekend glamping and being a tourist in the city where my heart lies, Brighton, I jumped – quite literally – at it. Not only did it allow me to go into full on tourist mode but it meant leaving a little earlier to miss the rush hour commuters.  What actually is glamping?  Glamping has hugely been on the rise over the last few years, with more and […]

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