The Raw Food Restaurant That Should Be On Your Radar

On a balmy summer night I made my way to Victoria to try a menu that wouldn’t normally be my bag. Yet, after once trying a tarantula cocktail at Sea Container’s Dandelion bar, it’s fair to say I’m typically forthright when it comes to food and drink. That’s not to say this menu was of a nature as eccentric and otherworldly as my cocktail escapade, but rather it was a 100% vegetarian menu, of which I’m not used to trying. If you’ve never heard of the M Restaurant family then I’ll eat my hat (if I have room post-meal). The […]

Openings & Launches

8 Astonishingly Awesome August Openings

London is always quieter in August and it seems as if the restaurant openings have taken a bit of a back seat too as there have only been a handful of openings this month. That said it’s quality over quantity and this month we have seen the opening of Insta-fave Eggslut, Antipodean gone wild Mama Fuego, The Halal Guys new spot, and much more. Check 'em out!


5 Of Ibiza’s Craziest Closing Shows

Party season is almost over and where best to live out the last few days of the smouldering summer sun than the biggest party island in the world; Ibiza. As with all epic party seasons, Ibiza’s is gradually coming to an end. So on this grey London morning, we’re travelling to Ibiza, sangria in hand, deciding which Ibiza closing show we’d happily swan off to given the chance… Let’s get this party started! Ibiza Rocks Hotel The closing party that’s bound to rock your socks off is Ibiza Rocks. Probably the most well known party hotel of them all, Ibiza […]

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Celebrities & Influencers

Ella Eyres Who She’d Snog, Marry & Avoid…

It was the peak of summer when I jumped on a train to Brentford, (which very nearly became Brentwood as I couldn’t stop getting the two confused). My more specific destination was a star-studded summer garden party, as you do, at EcoWorld, which sounds just as futuristic as it was. Greeted by hair swishes, espresso martinis and artificial grass I made my way, nervous-Champagne in hand, to meet superstar extraordinaire Ella Eyre, voice behind pop hand-raisers Just Got Paid, Answerphone and Love Island banger, I Came Here For Love. Ella, a BRIT award-winning artist might I add, had brought her […]

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Openings & Launches

The World’s First Zero Waste Restaurant Arrives In London

Everyday we’re shown images of the crumbling environment, whether it’s footage of the Amazon rainforest in flames, or photographs oil spillages destroying the jet-blue ocean we’ve grown to know and love. The environment is a glorious place, and it’s in dire need of protecting from such catastrophes. It does seem, however, people are eager to do their bit to help, from replacing plastic straws with pasta and paper, or cutting back on their plastic intake. One restaurant soaring to go the extra step is SILO, the world’s very first zero waste restaurant. Doug McMaster, the mastermind behind the zero waste […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

How Do You Fancy The Sound Of A Neon Naked Life Drawing Class?

I feel like I start the majority of my articles here saying “well, I’ve seen it all now…” but honestly after this I think I might’ve! Neon naked life drawings are coming to London, doing just what they say on the tin. Life drawing is definitely something we all want to have a whack at but we’re too scared of getting out our unmentionables! But, this neon malarky totally gives you an excuse to bare all, because you’ll be covered in paint (ish)! So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, the Queen of Hoxton has decided to spice things up […]

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Like, Like! London Lavender To Light Up Your Instafeed…

Are we in the South of France? Non monsieur, c'est Croydon! London's loveliest lavender and where to find it...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Lettuce Celebrate Our Five Favourite Food Apps

Take it from us, trying to pick a restaurant for a casual meal with pals is a total nightmare. Especially when you have your finger on the restaurant pulse which, at The Handbook, we’d like to think we do! So, for foodies intent on getting the best experience (and the best snaps for the Gram) we’ve delved into the technological in order to pluck out some apps that might help us out.

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COYA Mayfair's interiors

What Happens When We Peru-se Mayfair’s Hottest Peruvian Restaurant

There’s something rather magical about Mayfair. Whether it’s the high-flyers dining out in their finest attire, heels in tow, or celebs snapping an Insta over in one of Annabel’s famous powder rooms, it’s an area of the city brimming with flamboyant eateries, eccentric bars, and nonstop nightlife. This also means the competition is high, and every eatery has to constantly be on top of their game in order to keep attracting the crowds. One place that seems to effortlessly sweep in the top dogs is Peruvian restauranteurs, COYA. Despite being nestled in the heart of Mayfair, just a skip away […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Hop In The Rolls Royce, This Is The Ultimate Posho Takeaway

Posher than Spencer Matthews eating truffle foraged by a swan: Burger & Lobster just launched spicy lobster nuggets, and they're properly posh...

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What to do This Weekend

Where To Wiggle Your Tail Feathers This Notting Hill Carnival

It’s August Bank Holiday which can mean only one thing: it’s time to wiggle your tail feathers because it’s Notting Hill Carnival time baby! (Oh, and it’s a three day weekend too, woohoo!). With the carnival comes thousands, and thousands of eager Londoners, day-trippers, and tourists all wanting a piece of the action, and if you’re looking of things to do while in and around the area, while still soaking up the carnivalesque atmosphere, we’ve rounded up the very best of London’s festivities for you. Grab your feathered headdress, glitter up your face, and get ready to dance the weekend away, […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Fume With A View: London Smoking Terraces That Are Smokin’ 🚬

Wait, when did smoking get cool again? Despite a smoking ban and no end of public awareness campaigns and, um, cancer, London is the best place to light up. Here's where to do it...

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