The Harry Potter Screening That’ll Be Brooming Amazing

Spend a few quidditch, put concealer over your Hogwarts and fill your muggles with Champagne: Harry Potter is coming to London. If you thought that classical music was all boring sonatas and tinny operettas, then think again, it’s also some of the most famous film scores about- Star Wars (dum, dum, de, dum, dum, de, dum…) and, even more importantly, Harry Potter (de, dee, didi dee, de, dee, dah…) and all that’s coming to town in September. Milking the wizarding franchise for all it’s magical worth (check out 10 more ways you can do this, by the way), the plan […]

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This Is What A ÂŁ6m Private Dining Room Looks Like

It turns out that you need more than a couple tins of Farrow and Ball and a happenin’ Pinterest Board to create a sensational dining room. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen get in the bin, this is a real makeover! Scott’s, in Mayfair, fish restaurant to the stars, has just dropped a smooth ÂŁ6-mil on their private dining room. The not-so-snappily named Platinum Arowana Room comes with an illuminated floor made from semiprecious stone agate, light fittings from Lalique and sumptuous glass panelled walls. As you dine, make sure your chat is on serious A-game because all but the most punchy of ‘dotes is going to […]

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The Next Ascot Weekend Everyone’s Talking About

Like Abraham Lincoln and close-up magic, there’s way more to Ascot than top hats. Royal Ascot may be the most prestigious event in the race course’s calendar, but it’s by no means all there is going on at this pillar of British sporting life. Take the QIPCO King George Weekend, coming up at the end of July. One of 21 separate meets throughout the year, the weekend is the ideal way to get to know the real Ascot and after Royal Ascot is considered the most important, historic and glamorous raceday on Ascot’s calendar. Starting on Friday 26th July, the event […]

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The Places Where It’s Always Pimm’s O’Clock

The summer has arrived and so have a bucket load of Pimm’s! We’re certainly not complaining. It’s pretty much the British version of sangria! I mean, who doesn’t love an ice cold glass of fruity goodness? And when alcohol is involved, it’s an added bonus. So...

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Reading This On The Commute? Escape With Me To The Maldives

You’re probably reading this on the commute. I know, because I’m always reading about places I’d rather be as I sit on the tube. It really is a particular type of torture to put yourself through, pressed up into someone’s armpit on the Victoria Line or hunched over a computer in...

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6 Of London’s Best Vegan Freakshakes

Long gone are the days where vegans have to opt for the tap water at a restaurant. Veganism is a craze that’s become a global phenomena, with celebs even advocating the plant-based lifestyle. But you haven’t got to just eat rabbit food. Oh no, vegans too can enjoy a milkshake or two!...

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Out-Of-Town Restaurants Worth Getting An Uber To

When Samuel Johnson declared that “The man who is tired of London is tired of life”, he clearly hadn’t taken an Uber to L’Ortolan in Reading. Uber is changing the way that we travel, meaning that it’s quicker and more convenient for four people to ride-share to...

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Finalists Announced For Young Chef Of The Year

You may have seen that, last month, we announced that the search for Young Chef of The Year was on and now, after a whole lot of stirring, burning, swearing and plating up, the 16 finalists have been announced! Chefs all tend to start off young. Gordon Ramsay? Well, he left behind a career in athletics at a young age to become a professional insulter. Sorry, we meant chef. Then there’s Heston Blumenthal whose interest in cooking began at the age of sixteen on a family holiday to Provence, France, and after visiting a Michelin whilst there he decided to pursue his career in […]

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Real Life Dating Events That You’d Actually Want To Go To

It’s another year, you’re still single, and you’re sick of dating apps. You’ve got this romantic idea where you’ll meet someone in real life, say at a bar, or by making prolonged eye contact with that attractive stranger on the same train you take to work. But you’ve had this hope for a while now and nothing is happening, and before you know it you’re re-downloading tinder and swiping through profiles like popcorn. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dating events have come a long way since that one couple that are friends with your parents met at […]

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The CafĂ© Proving There’s Such A Thing As A Free Lunch (If You’re Kind)

Amongst the hustle and bustle of busy commutes and jam-packed streets, it’s easy to lose yourself in a moment of frustration. To help you fight this is the Kindness CafĂ©, where kindness is the cash and in return, Londoner’s will be treated to a free plant-based lunch, made by Gosh! Food. On June 28th and 29th, the Gosh! Kindness CafĂ© will be pitching up at Shoreditch Boxpark, fuelling busy workers and passers-by with free wholesome grub. All you’ll have to do is pledge an act of kindness for a fellow human or animal, pin to the pledge wall and you’ll […]

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5 Reasons You Need To Check Out The Newly Relaunched Mandarin Oriental

It was just over a year ago that news broke about the fiery blaze that had engulfed parts of the Mandarin Oriental hotel and, one refurb later, we’re bouncing off the walls with joy at the reopening of the stalwart Knightsbridge venue. The word on social media spread just as fast as the...

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