Rooftops and Terraces

Does Your Dog Want To Get Married On A Peckham Rooftop?

Everyone loves a wedding! The dress, the hymns, marquees and cake; there’s nothing more special than the solemn vows and the party afterwards, a deeply meaningful combination of the spiritual and plenty of spirits, the bringing together ancient families and oldest friends in a binding forever union. I mean, surely there’s nothing you’d want more for your dog? Yes, the city that’s got everything just struck again, and this time it’s offering your dog, your actual dog, the chance to get married on a rooftop (er, ‘wooftop’, surely?). Could anything be more magical? More momentous? Or more weird? Thanks to […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

London’s Getting A Giant Fountain Of Rosé

Have you ever had a glass of rosé so crisp, so refreshing, so ooft! that you almost wish you had a fountain of the stuff? Well, with a wave of a wand a sprinkling of fairy dust, it looks as though this dream has come very, very true! Wine will be served from a fountain, as you do, and guests can wine and dine like never before as they venture to the eye-popping six-foot extravaganza located on the South Bank for one day only… However, we’re about to burst your bubble and tell you that all that was a giant […]

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Openings & Launches

Did Ed Sheeran Just Open A Restaurant?

We’re just thinking out loud about something… namely Ed Sheeran’s new restaurant which apparently is a thing. Sneaky Ed has apparently bought a restaurant somewhere in London, rumoured to be Notting Hill, which is unsurprising seeing as Ed loves hills so much (Castle on the HILL and all that). But, aside from this thin on the ground info, we know little else! Ed has teased us with an Insta post, as celebs often do, and has shared a bottle of Ketchup on the gram. This could be because his restaurant will be about all things ketchup, given how much Ed […]

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This Super Exclusive Dating Event Could Be Your Secret To Finding Love

London is quickly becoming a serious contender to Paris for the title “City of Love”, but that may not actually be a good thing. The dating game is CROWDED, and it feels like a new app is appearing every week, each with a new gimmick to grab your attention. This is why people are yearning to return to meeting offline, but aren’t always sure the best way to go about it. The logical solution is dating events, but they can be weird or just flat out uncomfortable. This is why The Inner Circle is taking an already successful dating event […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Fake Mews? Is London Getting A New Cat Restaurant?

Dog people look away, this one's for all cat lovers out there. Thought that coffee couldn't get any better? Turns out that if you add cats it really does (as in cats mingling, not ground into the beans, that would be awful (pawful!!))...

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Bankside Hotel: Let’s Get The Arty Started!

Bankside Hotel, an artsy enclave within London's artsy enclave, a place where sculpture and design lead, and where the chips are pretty darn good too. We check it out...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

5 Things To Know About Plant-Based Foods

I’m sure when you are walking down the aisle in your local supermarket, you have noticed the growing number of products listed as ‘plant-based’, ‘vegan’ or ‘vegetarian’ and are intrigued by the health benefits they may offer. Perhaps you are already following a plant-based diet and would like to know more about your favourite foods? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to the world of plant-based foods, there is always something new to learn. What exactly are plant-based foods? They are foods that are derived from plants including fruits, vegetables, roots, herbs, nuts, whole grains, stems, seeds, and […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Game’s Afoot: Restaurants That’ll Make The Glorious Twelfth Go With A Bang!

'I'm game if you are!' said the pheasant to the grouse. This game season we'll be all over these London restaurants, all of them serving amazing game menus...


Once and Flor-al, The World’s Most Instagrammable Botanical Gardens

Any Instagram enthusiast knows where the best ‘gram worthy spots are across the city. From colourful streets to cobbled lanes, we’ve got it all. Sometimes, though, it can get a little repetitive with the ol’ same urban scenes over and over again. Spice up your Insta game and head to one of the world’s most beautiful botanical gardens. We’ve made a definitive list for you to check out on your next vacation. So, take it or leaf it, here’s our suggestions for the gardens that will add the prettiest bursts of colour to your Instagram and make all your followers […]

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Why We’ll Be Drinking From Rosé Tinted Glasses This August

We drank 15 bottles of rosé so that you don't have to. Wasn't that thoughtful of us? *hic* Summer is the time for rosé wine, here are some of the bottles we recommend you open this August...

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Openings & Launches

But Why Did They Call It Eggslut? The Eggy Restaurant With The Edgy Name

Just when we thought we’d heard every restaurant name under the sun, there’s a new one hatching in central delightfully named Eggslut. Yep, you read that correctly. This LA-based diner has flown the nest over the Atlantic ocean launching their very first London venue, and it’s opening tomorrow! On 7th August, this new eatery is landing on Portobello Road and it’s been stirring up a bit of a name for itself. Mainly because of it’s charming name. But also because it’s serving up the ultimate comfort food – an eggy bap! Granted, you can’t beat an eggy bap, but with […]

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