And You Can Tell Everyone That This Is Your Cocktail

Rocketman, burning out his fuse up here alone… oops, sorry, back to the present! We’re just uber excited for the release of the latest movie – also named Rocketman, if you hand’t guessed – starring the fabulous Taron Egerton and Richard Madden, Brits represent! And, as a nod to the film fun, VIVI is calling all tiny dancers, island girls and, yep, rocket men too, for a limited-edition cocktail and bar bite pairing. You can tell everybody, that this is your favourite cocktail – see what we did there – because it contains the most delicious of ingredients that’d simply […]


All The Stuff Happening For Chelsea Flower Show

*Rose* to the occasion as RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 returns to give all of us living without a garden in our studio flats real floral envy. RHS Chelsea Flower Show runs from the 21st until the 25th of May, showcasing all the beauty that nature has to offer in the heart of Chelsea. It’s...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

London’s Best Private Members’ Clubs

London’s private members’ clubs are world famous, for their sheer number, their popularity and their exclusivity. Nowhere does private members’ clubs like Britain, where the class system left off, clubs stepped in. And if there’s one thing more frustrating than bastions of elitism, and that’s not being a part of it. But navigating the myriad of London clubs is opaque and tricky, so we’ve put all the best ones in one place. All you need to do now is get buttering up your proposer and seconder. Annabel’s Annabel’s is legendary on the London club scene. It may not be the oldest, […]

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Things to do Outdoors

Dodge The Tourists: 6 Hidden Hideouts In London

Being in London has both its perks and sadly, sometimes downfalls. The perks come with the fact that there are never-ending opportunities and places to explore scattered across all parts of the city. The downside? These places can be crammed full with tourist after tourist which is why we’ve...

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I Scream For Ice Cream: Best Parlours In London

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… That’s right, prepare yourselves for a bumpy ride *sprinkled* with ice cream puns, because *cone* on, who doesn’t love ice cream? It’s summer time so we can all guiltlessly indulge in ice cream and not feel the shame of it being our...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Get Your Strap On At These Five Posh Sex Parties

Birthday parties, leaving parties, engagement parties, sex parties; they’re all just parties, right? Okay, you’d hope for less bodily fluid at a colleague’s leaving party, but still, it’s all in the same ball park. I mean, I got a leaflet through from the Brexit Party...

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What to do This Weekend

Weekend, We’ve Missed You!

Bank holiday flew by faster than Concorde, but don’t worry chaps, we’ve got another one coming up oh, so soon (umm, why does May have so many bank holidays?!) This weekend, we’re making up for the fact that it’s not a three-dayer by squashing loads of fun stuff to do into 48...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Floral Frenzy: Chelsea In Bloom 2019

If you’ve been reading The Handbook over the last few weeks, you’ll know how floral mad we’ve gone – from floral rooftops to wisteria hysteria, we’ve covered it all. We aren’t the only ones who have gone mad over this floral frenzy either, it’s splattered left, right and centre across social media, especially on the ‘gram. And trust us, from what we can see, it’s only just the beginning. Later this month, Chelsea in Bloom, returns to Chelsea’s most iconic streets with stunning floral displays, extending the Chelsea Flower Show to the the local neighbourhood for free. Produced by Cadogan, in […]

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Have You Ever Dreamt Of Having Your Own Food Business?

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a Michael Roux Jr? Do you think Alain Ducasse is old news? Are you certain you can pan-sear salmon better than Rick Stein? You’ve come to the right place! Le Cordon Bleu London, founded in Paris all the way back in 1895, is a stickler for culinary prowess, as the largest network of hospitality schools in the world. Willing you to pursue your foodie dreams, the institution calls for cooks and bakers, beginners through to advanced, to build their careers with the help of various culinary courses. If you’re desperate for that […]


The Best Of Art, Theatre And Exhibitions This May 😱

Despite living in a city as vibrant and ever-changing as London, it’s easy to fall into the same ol’ routine. It’s so easy to forget the endless opportunities only a stones throw away from your backdoor, especially when it comes to galleries and theatres. Granted, they can be...

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