Farmacy: The Vegan Restaurant Paving The Plant-Based Way

Vegans, listen up, because you’d be a buffoon not to tick this restaurant off your list. Quite literally a sanctuary for catering to all your plant based needs, Farmacy is the brainchild of Camilla Fayed opening in 2016 on Westbourne Grove between Notting Hill and Bayswater. The menu and concept was undeniably ahead of its game when it came about a few years ago, with a smorgasbord of seasonal, nutritional and sustainable flavours on offer. Fast forward a few years and there’s no doubting the restaurants consistent popularity, with diners filling tables that sit wrapped around the centrepiece bar. The restaurant really plays […]


The New Michelin Chinese Restaurant You Need To Try

I am a total sucker for a Chinese. It all began when I was younger, circa eight years old, and my parents ordered me my first one from our local shop, lemon chicken and egg fried rice being the order of the day. Little did I know that I’d be eagerly ordering lemon chicken for years to come – you know how it is, when you’re having Chinese you peruse the menu for all of two minutes but you always, yes always, venture back to your trusty favourite. That was until I got older and with it, I like to […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

30 Incredible April Pop-Ups

Yes, the rumours are indeed true, the sun is beginning to show its face and boy are we glad after a dismal Jan and an oh, so slow Feb. So, without further ado, we’re inviting you to enjoy a range of pop-ups that’ll have you jumping into the next season with a Spring in your step…

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Fancy A Dip In This Sky Pool?

Not one for those with vertigo, this ‘don’t look down’ pool which, quite frankly, looks incredible, is the Spring opening from Robin Gill (very apt surname), that’ll have you plunging straight into Summer. If you’re a member of the exclusive Eg:le Club then this summer is going to be like no other, because you’re going to have access to the world’s first ‘floating’ swimming pool and it looks magical. Stretching 25 metres between the Embassy Gardens’ Legacy Building and 35 metres high, once you’re in it you’ll be able to look right down at the world below, and see the […]

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What to do This Weekend

20 Fabulous Things To Do This Weekend

Hurrah for the weekend! As it rolls round again – and boy are we glad it has – it’s time to immerse yourself in the following weird and downright wonderful things to do:


The Insiders’ Guide To Noosa

My current position as The Handbook’s official Aus-plorer gives me a whole host of bragging rights and enviable insta posts. However, I’m also sharing with you my blossoming knowledge of the hottest spots down under. One such hot spot is Noosa, Australia’s east coast capital of chic ‘n...

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Openings & Launches

The Stafford Is Launching Its First Independent Restaurant

This is pretty big news, The Stafford London has announced that it will be launching its first independent restaurant project this year. Following the opening of The Game Bird back in 2017 and the relaunch of  the American Bar last year, the new restaurant, in a first, will not be housed within the hotel.  Instead, the restaurant will be opening on the foodie Charlotte Street but The Stafford’s Culinary Director, Ben Tish will still be at the helm. The restaurant, Norma, will be inspired by the food and culture of Sicily with a particular emphasis on the Moorish influences on […]

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Is This The World’s Most Extreme Art Performance?

As we all know, art can take many forms – oil painting masterpieces, unmade beds, preserved bodies, messages sprayed on the sides of buildings and of course art performances. Not one to be confined by boundaries, The Waldorf Project is back with its fourth chapter BARZAKH and it’s been described as the ‘world’s most extreme art performance’, but what’s it all really about? What is The Waldorf Project? Since its inception back in 2012 as a multi-sensory dining experience, The Waldorf Project has been a revolutionary voice in performance art, putting on radical immersive experiences and experiments in consciousness in […]

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8 Reasons To Visit Heckfield Place

Heckfield Place is cushioned amongst 400 acres of rolling greenery, and a wander around its vast perimeter plays out somewhat like a Jane Austen novel; Emma Woodhouse clothed in white expected any minute to wander, book in hand, out of the towering front doors. We travelled, hastily, to Heckfield Place to enjoy the magical surroundings and we weren’t disappointed. Here are eight reasons to visit… The Location The country house resides just an hour outside of London amongst secluded Hampshire landscape, as a Georgian property owned by billionaire Gerald Chan. The distance makes for an idyllic getaway from the hustle, bustle and tube […]


Kalifornia Kitchen: The Instagrammable Restaurant You Need On Your Radar

Instagrammable? Tick. CBD craze locked down? Tick. Food goals? Tick. Blimey, sounds like Kalifornia Kitchen has got it all, plus the name is darn sexy too. Emanating whizz, bangs and wops of millennial vibes inside, this groovy pink restaurant is a real go-to for a CBD latte, tacos of dreams and a setting fresh out of an influencer’s Insta feed, and we adore it! Opened by influencer Loui Blake, the new Bloomsbury venue delves into the mantra of ‘healthy is sexy,’ using the power of plants, sustainability and innovative dishes to make up their vibrant menu that consists of an abundance […]

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