Oh Buoy! 10 Of The World’s Best Floating Hotels

Here’s one for those who ‘go holiday or go home’ and won’t settle for a bucket and spade or a lounger in a prime location. Yes, floating hotels provide an edgy way to stay when you vacay, located in eye-popping locations amongst dreamy scenery. They’ll make an indent on your mind, as well as your bank balance, but buoy are these water dwellers worth it. Float to the following… Manta Resort, Tanzania If the picture of this underwater oasis doesn’t do it justice, then know that Manta Resort in Tanzania is unbelievably snazzy, with a rooftop deck, then below that, at […]


These Summer Serves Will Have You On Cloud Wine

Ooo, summer. The birds are a’ tweeting, nostalgic odours of freshly cut grass tickle our nostrils and… and… ACHOO. Yep, not to forget there’s a whole load of hay fever to go around! But, putting all of that to one side, let’s not forget what really makes summer oh, so splendid. It’s the tipple that has tickled taste buds since circa 2000 BC that comes in a tapestry of colours, and tastes flipping marvellous. That’s right – wine. Lots and lots of wine! It’s the libation that we never lose lust for and, if you read on, you’ll discover some […]


There’s Never A Dallas Moment At The Adolphus

In 1912, beer baron Adolphus Busch opened Dallas’ first luxury hotel, The Adolphus. In 1950, the hotel became the first in the world to offer AC to its guests (actually a pretty big achievement if you’ve ever experienced a summer in Dallas). And now, over 100 years since it first...

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Where To Drink Rum On World Rum Day

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum (quick sidebar, that ‘yo ho ho’ business sounds familiar, do you think that Father Christmas was a pirate before he started santa-ing? Answers on a postcard…). But if, like me, you think rum is one of the best inventions ever (up there with the jet engine and the toaster) then you’ll be glad to know that we’re in Rum Month, the brainchild of rum makers Bacardi! So what better way to celebrate than a list of rummy places to head.   Trader Vic’s London Hyde Park Corner (0.3 miles) Why: I’m not […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Grab The Monet And Go: London Restaurants With Remarkable Art

London restaurants: how great thou art! London has the best art galleries in the world, fact, but you don’t have to wander round an airless Victorian rooms to enjoy some of the world’s best art, plenty of the restaurants and bars in town also have incredible artworks on the walls. So here are some venues you can Banksy on… Tramshed Tramshed, the Farringdon restaurant from Mark Hix, is probably most famous for its Damien Hirst artwork as it is for anything else. Set in a former tram generator building, the pared back surroundings only focus ever more attention on the centrepiece, […]

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What to do This Weekend

23 Wondrous Weekend Ideas

Do you ever just blink and it’s the weekend? Nope, that never happens to us either… we live every moment of the overflowing inbox and tedious work tasks. Tssk! Yet, the weekend has arrived and this one is a whopper. From strawbs and cream for the Wimbledon final, to sunset dining and...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Where To Eat Out In… Greenwich

Oh Greenwich, it’s home to the Cutty Sark, the mahoosive National Maritime Museum, and of course, the O2. Yep, while most of us only ever venture over to Greenwich when one of the big celebs are singing their heart out in front of thousands, we’re always looking for a bite to eat last...

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Rooftops and Terraces

Is This London’s Poshest Rooftop Bar?

There are a number of places that VVIPs head to when they jet into London; maybe it’s TV studios, rounds of interviews at the BBC, a quick gig at the O2, papped stumbling out of Mahiki or The Groucho. But regardless, there’s one constant: mega suites. You or I may think that a hotel’s luxurious when there’s posh soaps to steal, when there’s a bottle of bubbles waiting or when the adult channels aren’t disabled. No, a hotel room’s smart when it’s bigger than your house. When everything (except maybe the bed) is made from marble and you’ve a butler […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

15 Smokin’ BBQ Restaurants

With the sun looking like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future, we’re living on the a very balanced diet of lettuce leaves because we need something refreshing and meat because sun = BBQ. We’ve rounded up 17 of our favourite BBQ joints in London, where you can feast on meat, cocktails and classic sides like mac’n’cheese and slaw:   The Big Red What: Ultimate Dive Bar Ribs Why: If you are a rib person, Big Red is your spot. The St. Louis ribs on the menu could rival any rack in the States, served with drunk beans and […]

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The Ram Quarter Is Most Definitely The Place To Be Seen This Summer

Have you heard of Ram Quarter? No, well get ready for us to blow your mind, because this little quarter which, no, isn’t filled with sheep with horns or the Los Angeles American football team, is home to a range of swashbuckling activities that’ll quash anyone’s boredom! Tucked up in Wandsworth, the new home for leisure has a bulging diary of experiences and events ready for the taking, meandering between glass-raising and burger indulging at street-food festivals, to perusing paintings at pop-up art galleries, and everything in between. All of which are up-coming and ready to explore soon! The quarter […]

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10 Of The Dreamiest Hot Springs Around The World

We’re feeling hot, hot, hot. Oh Mother Nature, how you continue to woo us! From the sea, the sun, to dreamy hot springs. Yep, although it may look like someone’s popped a blue-hued filter over your sunnies, hot springs are 100% natural. And, they’ve certainly been popping up over our Insta feeds, no filter needed. Whether you’re after a luxury spa treatment in Tuscany or you’re looking for a secret hot pool in Oregon, we’ve been scouring the globe to find the best thermal pools Mother Nature has on offer. Here’s a bucket-list of the ones we’ve been lusting over: Terme […]

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