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Where Can I Go To Play Tennis On Grass?

Lots of things make Wimbledon special. The strawberries and cream, Henman Hill or Murray Mount (delete depending how old you are), the fact that it’s in London, we could go on. But for the players, the  big distinction besides the prestige is that the courts are grass. Most of us only play tennis on hard courts, they’re cheap to build and maintain and they’re the most widely available to rank amateurs like me and, probably, you. Fewer of us have the opportunity to regularly play on grass courts, a type of tennis that’s a lot faster, less predictable and, let’s […]

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Holy Cow! Gaucho Just Launched Bottomless Steak & Wine Nationwide

Moo-ve aside regular feasting, Gaucho has a bottomless alternative on the go! Replacing Mimosas with Malbec and salmon bagels with steak, the epic new offering, named Beef and Bottle, does just what it says on the tin. You may well have heard us excitedly banging on about this a month or so ago as it found its feet, or hooves if you will, at Gaucho Smithfield. But now, ladies and gents, it’s about to become available nationwide as of the 7thof July. Feeling utterly exhausted after a shop ‘til you drop sesh at The Trafford Centre? Pop into Gaucho Manchester […]

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Harrods Opens 6 New Restaurants

Hallelujah! Long gone are the days of grabbing a micro-ed jacket tatty or limp egg sarnie while you’re out shopping (it’s been a long time coming!) as Harrods opens the dreamiest shopping-dining experience we’ve all been waiting for. What was once the Meat and Fish Hall has since been transformed into The Dining Hall, marking the next stage in their two-year renovation of the lux Knightsbridge department store’s historic food halls. And oh boy, does it certainly lives up to our luxurious expectations! The Dining Hall includes six stunning dine-in restaurants which incorporate produce sourced directly from Harrods’ Roastery and […]

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Have A Star Spangled Dinner This Independence Day In London

At the time of writing this listicle, images are being beamed around the world of the British colonial flag being raised in Hong Kong’s parliament by protestors furious at heavy-handed Chinese rule. Given the state of politics in the United States of America right now, perhaps the umbrella...

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The Oblique Life: London’s Boundary Breaking Members’ Club

Double acts to one side, there are some pretty impressive trios on our planet. From Harry, Ron and Hermione who have achieved some pretty spellbinding stuff together – you know, fighting dementors, three-headed dogs and he who can’t be named – to Alvin And The Chipmunks, Charlie’s Angels and no forgetting The Powerpuff Girls! Suffice to say, a lot of good things can be achieved when a tantalising trio comes to the forefront – The Oblique Life being one of them. What the heck is this, you ask? Well, started by three brothers – and, as a result, another very […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

London’s Gone Kimchi Crazy: 9 Best Kimchi Restaurants

Every country has a condiment they slather their food with. The Brits have ketchup, the French have their dijon, and Koreans have their kimchi. Over the last few months, we’ve seen an influx of this spicy fermented cabbage making its way onto menus, I mean, who doesn’t love an added...

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The July Cultural Events Lighting Up July More Than The Sun

Finally, summer is here! And while London is evidently greeting the sun by stripping off and lying nearly naked on every piece of green space, there are marginally more cultured ways to spend the month. Here are some suggestions: Whether you’re looking to check out the latest food-themed exhibit...

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Openings & Launches

The Owner Of Sketch Opens A New Diner

When you think of Sketch, your first thoughts are pinky hues and crowds of influencers, snapping up the perfect ‘gram, and thanks to owner Mourad Mazouz, crowds of micro-celebs will soon be lining up on Heddon Street, eager to be amongst the first to snap a pic at Mo Diner, the new American-style diner opening in Mayfair. Mazouz, owner of Sketch and Momo, is opening up another eatery in the heart of Mayfair, only this time it’ll be an American-style diner with Mediterranean influences, located next to Momo. You’ll soon be filling up your Insta feeds with bright yellow Moroccan-style tiles, […]

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London’s 10 Best Sushi Restaurants: Hear Them Raw!

Here at The Handbook, we know that nothing would maki your day better than reading a sushi guide. Alas, we’ve rounded up some of London’s top-notch, maki, teriyaki, nigiri spots, (and made ourselves mega hungry in the process)! From sensational flavours to decadent displays, these sushi...


Life’s A Beach Club – Check Out These Amazing Beach Club Destinations

The summer is best enjoyed from a day bed, time spent lazing around interspersed with dips in the pool and plenty of hydration courtesy of the nearest cocktail shaker. La dolce far niente, the sweetness of doing nothing, is the only way to live. And if you’re used to spending the summer...

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Is This London’s Chicest Plant-Based Restaurant?

There seems to be a huge craze in vegan junk food vendors popping up in and around London, and little else for us veggies. Of course, I’m as much of a sucker for carb-loaded burger buns and triple cooked fries as the next person, but sometimes it gets a little same-y and overly indulgent for a mid-week dinner. Stepping into Wild Food Café Islington however was a whole other story. With no deep-fried soy proteins in sight, I was eager to sit down for their bespoke five-course sharing menu to celebrate the longest day of the year. Any veggie readers […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Take A Bao: London’s 15 Best Restaurants For Bao

Bao, oh bao, has London gone steam-bun mad, and quite frankly we’re all over it too! I mean, who doesn’t love a fluffy bite of goodness filled with meat, fish or veggies, slathered in Asian pickles and spices? There’s even devilish ice cream filled buns to fulfil your sweet-filled cravings! Alas, we’ve created a guide to the best go-to bao spots around the city, enjoy! BAO It wouldn’t be a bao guide without including the big boys – BAO. When you’ve named yourself after the food you serve, you’ve got a lot of live up to, but BAO certainly lives up […]

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