Why The Only Way Is Marbs…

The man that’s bored of Essex is bored of life. Or maybe he’s just bored of Sugar Hut; it’s tricky to tell under all that fake tan. But if the white van drive between Colchester and Billericay is getting too monotonous, fear not, there’s a solution, and it’s not Canvey...

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Posh Picnics: 15 Places Whacking Out The Wicker

Let’s face it, the jubilant thoughts surrounding a picnic after often quashed by the fact that you have to pack it yourself. The sandwiches always end up soggy, the ice always melts out of its packet – probably the reason the sandwiches get soggy – and a juice carton always bursts at some point or another. So, why not have a posh picnic? Let someone else do it for you (for the tune of £1000 if you’re Corrigan’s in Mayfair). And embrace the sunnier climes whilst they last! So, treat yourself! Pop some fizz open at one of London’s various […]

Things to do With Kids

What To Do With The Kids This Summer

School’s out for summer! While we’re still a little envious we no longer get weeks upon weeks of free holiday handed to us on a plate, we’ll gladly channel our inner child running around London doing all of the touristy things with the kiddies – well, as much as our limited...

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Did you know that January has been scientifically proven to be the most depressing month of the year? Fortunately for those fearing January blues in 2020, The Handbook has teamed up with Lucky Voice to offer one of our readers the chance to win a free night of karaoke with a bottle of bubbles to boot! The prize is for eight people at Lucky Voice Holborn, to be in with a chance of winning simply answer the question below.

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Red Sky At Night, Diners’ Delight: 9 Stunning Sunset Restaurants

London does sunset really well. Like, really well. Think Monet’s Houses of Parliament, or The Fighting Temeraire by Turner. And in a glass and concrete city so at odds with the natural environment it’s the one thing that connects us back to nature, tying us to the universe and a beauty...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

10 Summer Shows You Simply Have To See

Summer season at the theatre and how do you chose what to watch? With so many showstoppers in London’s bright lights it’s tricky to know which is the one for you. So, here at The Handbook we have compiled a first class selection for your very own perusal, showcasing a huge variety of...


Veggies, Listen Up! There’s A New Bottomless Brunch In Town

When you get to spend one of the summer’s warmest Sunday afternoons (this year!) sipping on unlimited Bellini’s, you know you’re in for a good’un. Which is exactly how I spent last Sunday, piling up my plate with over 40 veggie dishes, and briskly knocking back as many Bellini’s as possible without a care in the world… And, oh boy, was it a treat! Thanks to tibits’ new bottomless brunch marking itself a permanent fixture on the weekend menu, Londoner’s too can dive head first into the Bellini’s and Prosecco, yippee! Arriving a little late for our table after soaking up […]

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The Rooftop Bar That’s Hidden Up A Secret Staircase!

Up a secret Brixton staircase there’s something very exciting going on. Hidden far above Brixton Market an army of workmen are currently putting the finishing touches to London’s latest rooftop in a never-before-seen spot right in the heart of one of London’s coolest spots. From the people that brought us Pergola and The Prince, welcome to Lost In Brixton. Lost In Brixton sits on the roof of the iconic Brixton Market, and it’s going to be one of the biggest openings of summer. So far we’ve only seen renders (check out the guy on the left, with the beard!) but […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

My Milkshake Brings All The Vegans To The Yard

The creamy froth, the prized layer of foam that resides on the inside of the lid, the sweet, condensed goodness at the end of the cup. Lets’ face it, milkshakes really are the business but (clue’s in the name) they’re not usually ideal for vegans. But don’t worry, vegans out...

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The 10 Best Places To Stay In Cornwall

Nothing beats the traditional great British seaside holiday and where else better to take your bucket and spade than Cornwall? With its spectacular coastlines and surf, world-class restaurants, family-friendly visitor attractions and not to mention the all-important cream teas, Cornwall caters for everyone. We have the lowdown on some of the best places to stay in this small but mighty county.   Merchants Manor What: Hot Tubs and Spas Why: Sat at the top of a hill, giving guests in top rooms glorious sea views, Merchants Manor is in the pretty port of Falmouth. You’ll find both the beach and […]

Health & Wellness

Where Can I Go To Play Tennis On Grass?

Lots of things make Wimbledon special. The strawberries and cream, Henman Hill or Murray Mount (delete depending how old you are), the fact that it’s in London, we could go on. But for the players, the  big distinction besides the prestige is that the courts are grass. Most of us only play tennis on hard courts, they’re cheap to build and maintain and they’re the most widely available to rank amateurs like me and, probably, you. Fewer of us have the opportunity to regularly play on grass courts, a type of tennis that’s a lot faster, less predictable and, let’s […]

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The July Cultural Events Lighting Up July More Than The Sun

Finally, summer is here! And while London is evidently greeting the sun by stripping off and lying nearly naked on every piece of green space, there are marginally more cultured ways to spend the month. Here are some suggestions: Whether you’re looking to check out the latest food-themed exhibit...

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Openings & Launches

The Owner Of Sketch Opens A New Diner

When you think of Sketch, your first thoughts are pinky hues and crowds of influencers, snapping up the perfect ‘gram, and thanks to owner Mourad Mazouz, crowds of micro-celebs will soon be lining up on Heddon Street, eager to be amongst the first to snap a pic at Mo Diner, the new American-style diner opening in Mayfair. Mazouz, owner of Sketch and Momo, is opening up another eatery in the heart of Mayfair, only this time it’ll be an American-style diner with Mediterranean influences, located next to Momo. You’ll soon be filling up your Insta feeds with bright yellow Moroccan-style tiles, […]

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