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London Says Adiós To Its Favourite Cuban Restaurant

1999 the year of Pokémon, Brooklyn Beckham, the Millennium Bug, the best Jaffa Cake (nay biscuit) advert ever and Richard Curtis gave the world Notting Hill. Making Notting Hill a pilgrimage for Hugh Grant fans wasn’t the only thing going on in London, nor was the revealing of the London Eye. It was also the year that London had its first taste of Chino Latino cuisine as Asia de Cuba in St Martins Lane opened. Twenty years on and Chino Latino cuisine is thriving in London, despite the Evening Standard’s star critic questioning the reasons why anyone would mix eastern […]

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Grub! Where To Eat Insects In London

“Excuse me waiter, is there a cockroach in my soup? If not, then bring some out, sharpish!” Yes, it turns out that there are times when you really do want creepy crawlies in your carrots, and that’s when you’re embracing the protein-rich goodness of insects, bugs and larvae.

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3.14159265359…. Do The Math, Pie Week’s Coming…

Love Island might be a lifetime away, but the pie-ing is starting early. Not as another couple break up (RIP Adam and Zara), but rather the sort that you’ll want to pour gravy over. Welcome to actual pies and national pie week, running next week from Monday 4th March to Sunday 10th.

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Where To Eat In

Where To Eat In…The City

The Square Mile, the bedrock of the British economy, a monument to mammon, a system so complex at only machines understand it and a interconnected web of commerce that both sustains all of our lifestyles while simultaneously holding the power to obliterate them. Oh, and there’s food. Lots of it. So rather than pondering the vast machinations at work in these cathedrals of finance, instead pop out and get a medium rare steak and some chips. You’ll feel far better for it. Here’s where you can try…

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You Batter Check Out The Best Flippin’ Pancakes In London

Shrove Tuesday, a.k.a Pancake Day, a.k.a the best day EVER, is happening on the 5th of March and we’re all a fluster with excitement. It’s the day that sees people all over attempt the pancake flip in vain and others making the hard life choice of sugar and lemon or something far more...

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Where To Stuff Your Dead Cat: Taxidermy Classes For Beginners

It can be difficult to know what to do with a loved one when they pop their clogs. You can have them frozen, in the hope that science may be able to revive them (a well-worn 1990s Hollywood trope, thinking Mel Gibson in Forever Young, or peak Stallone movie Demolition Man – Sly might have been best advised to go into cryogenesis himself at this point, it’s been downhill since). Alternatively you employ super-high pressure and turn them into precious stones, perfect for the diamond geezer in your life. Or you can go old-school, and have them stuffed, full-on Jeremy […]

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Farzi Café Is The New Indian Spicing Up Our Lives

London’s latest Indian, Farzi Café, has the full ability to present first impressions of grandeur, over-priced food and flashiness but it is, in fact, quite the opposite. The Indian import has finally landed in London, with venues already present across India and Dubai. Sitting proudly amongst theatreland, next to the Only Fools And Horses Musical, it’s blatant that this restaurant has landed itself a real whopper of a spot in central London, turning heads with its golden hued signage amidst a sea of concrete buildings. The restaurant offers two levels of dining alongside opulent colours of luxurious gold and emerald […]

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The World’s Most Incredible Restaurant Views

Sometimes just good food and great service simply aren’t enough; the gourmands amongst us want our mealtimes to be memorable on every level. For truly unforgettable culinary experiences, check out our selection of international restaurants with spectacular views.   Club Del Doge, Venice What: Stunning Views Of The Grand Canal Why: Perched on the Grand Canal, the 15th century palazzo hotel The Gritti Palace occupies one of the very finest spots in Venice, and with a terrace overlooking the magnificent Salute church, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant, Club Del Doge, could hardly be better situated. Serving authentic Venetian cuisine in […]

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An Incredible Avocado Restaurant Is Coming To London

Avo look at this! A famous avocado restaurant is coming to London for two weeks and two weeks only and if the photos are anything to go by, we’re pushing in front of everyone in the queue to be the first in line. The Avocado Show is quite the spectacle, as a famed Amsterdam restaurant that’s raked in the Instagram followers and won everyone over with its whacky and temptatious avocado creations. The pop-up will run from March 11-24 at Bluebird Chelsea and whilst this is the restaurant’s London debut we’re crossing our fingers, toes and other bits for the famed venue to […]

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