Pandora Sykes Shares Her Style Tips With The Handbook

She’s the uber cool fashion and style icon that co-hosts The High Low podcast, she’s the woman that has racked up a fair few followers on Instagram (245k and counting), oh and features Margot Robbie on her feed – no biggie? But now it seems that go-to outfit wearer Pandora Sykes has stretched her unwavering influence further as she announces a partnership with online boutique platform Trouva in a bid to explore the treasure trove of independents contrasting what’s on the highstreet. So what is Trouva? Well, Trouva bolster small boutique that could otherwise easily become consumed and perhaps fail to strive, and […]

Things to do With Kids

Where Are You Heading This Half Term?

From the 20th October until the 28th, little rascals are going to be running all about the place on a sugary and artificial coloured hype! So, to take the pressure off the parents we’ve thought of some fun things to indulge in across the city, to tire out those energetic little beings (if that’s even possible…) Kidzania What: The Kids Are In Control If you’re not a parent then you simply won’t have heard of Kidzania. Keep it that way as long as possible. But if you’ve got children then you’re going to want to get down to this kiddie paradise […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Forget Brexit, This Was The Real Referendum

Referendum might be a dirty word, but its not stopped the launch of the second-most talked about plebiscite in Westminster. While Theresa May was explaining her backstop plan to EU leaders last night, all eyes in parliament were on a far more important matter: the Kennington Tandoori’s new menu. The Kennington Tandoori’s position, close to Westminster and in the midst of MP second-home-land, makes it the best politico hangout in the country, for those in the know. On any given night it’s rammed full of MPs from all political backgrounds, talking shop, formulating policy and swapping gossip. Needless to say it’s a customer-base […]

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The Inspirational Women Whose Autobiographies Moved Us In 2018

Lacking in inspo? Pinterest just not doing it for you? Feeling you need something more than your kale super juice to get you motivated in the morning? This is what you need: a sumptuous list of the very best inspirational women, and the autobiographies they have written this year, to give you some top-knotch bibliotheraphy for these dreary autumn days. Whether it’s passion, anger or wisdom, the experiences of these women will light your fire, spark your flame and give you the pa-zing to hop up off of your backside and get going. Dolly Alderton – Everything I know about […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Lego Bar Is Now Taking Bookings!

Remember how we reported that there’s a Lego bar coming to town? Well good to their word, it looks like this is actually happening as they’re now taking bookings for the three-night-only Shoreditch pop-up! The concept was pretty simple, it’s a bar but everything is made out of Lego (or, to avoid a hefty lawsuit, they’re saying ‘bricks’ – but we all know they mean Lego). Previously billed to open last spring, the date’s been bumped to April 2019. The pop-up will be made from over a million Lego bricks, plus there’ll be Lego to play with, Lego sculptures, Lego […]

Things to do Outdoors

Where To Go To Make Your Bonfire Night Go With A Bang!

‘If you can’t be first, be best’, so we’ve decided be first and get in early with a guide for where to book this bonfire night. It may be 21 degrees outside (genuinely! What’s going on?) but in just under a month we’ll all be huddling in the freezing cold, clutching sparklers in our mittens. And here are the best places. Alexandra Palace When: Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November What: Ally Pally’s firework display is legendary. Not only is it a huge display, the views across the capital are nearly as stunning as the pyrotechnics. And its not just […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

London’s Best Scotch Eggists

How do you like your eggs in the morning? If the answer is ‘scotched’ then you’ve come to the right place. With the nights drawing in, the mercury plunging and duffle coat sales going through the ceiling, there’s only one food that can hit the spot perfectly. Trudge through the gloaming gloom to one of these light and warmth-filled pubs and restaurants selling these balls of sausagey-breadcrumby-eggy goodness. Ben’s Canteen You have to break some eggs to make an omelette, said Herman Göring, but because we’re not Nazis we’re going to make sure they’re very much not broken. And the […]

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Baby Got Bao: 5 Reasons To Try Baby Bao

If you like buns, hun then the new bao restaurant, Baby Bao, is going to be a bit of you. Originally from Brighton, it’s definitely done an address upgrade as its new home is now in Pall Mall; it needn’t be intimidated by its upmarket neighbours though as the menu is a real gem. They Cater To Your Dietary Requirements The seemingly vegetarian bao buns are actually vegan as are a tonne of other options on the menu like their amazing Japanese Karaage cauliflower which is fried in potato flour and served with miso mayo and lemon; granted, the mayo […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Vegan Restaurant That’s Selling Us Cannabis

I was gonna write this article, but then I got high. You know the rest. Yes, by CHLOE has a new cannabis-infused menu, and it’s giving us the munchies. The vegan restaurant may be no stranger to the power of plants, being an all-vegan import straight from New York. But this is something a little different. While competitors are busy slotting together another salad or grilling yet another aubergine, by CHLOE was cooking up something entirely alternative. The menu draws on CBD, the chill-out ingredient in actual cannabis, and their Feelz by CHLOE menu gives a whole span of baked […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Real Life Mario Kart Arrives In London

Who’s your motor racing hero? Lewis Hamilton? James Hunt? Senna? Well if your answer, like mine, is Mario, Luigi or Donkey Kong then you’ve come to the right place! Nintendo’s incredibly popular video game franchise has been brought to life and is coming to London. Fending off a potential patent dispute, it’s officially called Mushroom Rally, and it looks flipping awesome. Participants dress up in costumes incredibly similar (they’re near-identical but officially they’re just ‘similar’, coz lawyers) to Super Mario characters and whizz around on go-karts avoiding tortoise shells, banana skins and what-not as they go to be the champion of […]

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