Bars, Clubs & Drinks

24 Of The Best Places To Host Your Birthday

Hurrah! It’s your birthday! You’ve made it through another year but that does mean you’ll get the recurring question for the next month – you’re how old?! But that’s not the only issue. Where the frick do you have your birthday bash? That’s where The Handbook comes in. From brunch to afternoon tea, cocktails to live music, here is your new go-to guide for birthday celebrations in London – they’re no stranger to group bookings either so this year, you can really nail it. Otherworld Haggerston (0.1 miles) Take your friends on a sensory adventure as you step inside OTHERWORLD. You’ll enter an enchanting island […]


Which Of The World’s Most Glamorous Destinations Will You Take A Private Jet To?

If you’re sat on the tube reading this then you’re probably very aware that you’re not sipping Champagne at 20,000 feet. Likewise, if you’re relaxing on your private jet as you flick through The Handbook, then you’re unlikely to be wishing you were wedged into a sweaty Northern Line armpit right now. And who’d want to be, when you’re no doubt en route to one of the world’s most glamorous getaways at 550mph? For the uninitiated: here’s how it works: you probably got up late (why not? You only need to get to the airport 20 minutes before departure), a […]

Where To Eat In

Where To Eat Out In… Camden

Camden. It’s known for its quirky vibes, booming colours, street food (and bumping into everyone as soon as you come out of the tube). But what about stripped back Camden? The Camden beneath the sheets? We’ve taken a look at some of the eateries you simply must try between drinking from...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Uncover This Genie-us New Aladdin Dining Experience

If I had three wishes, I would pick to go to the mythical world of Agrabah. Who wouldn’t? 2019 has become the year of Disney remakes and experiences, one being the genie-us Aladdin. The Vaults is jumping on the Disney bandwagon, rolling out their magic carpet with a whole new (world) immersive Aladdin experience awaiting your discovery. From October, The Vaults, home to London’s immersive theatre and alternative arts, will be transformed into a pantoland inspired by Aladdin and the Genie, A La Dine. The theatrical team at Darling and Edge, following their success of Beauty and The Feast, have fused their wild […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Ice, Ice, (Coffee), Baby: 8 Of The Best London Ice Coffees

After temperatures whizzed up to record temperatures last week and office fans went into overdrive, iced coffee very quickly became our best friend (f*ck off Sandra, I don’t care about your break up now I’ve got iced cappuccino). And so, seeking respite from the sun, not to mention a caffeine hit the size of the Walkie Talkie, the decision was made to seek out some of the best serves of the city, from independent bean grinders to chains. Better latte than never, here’s where we’re buzzing about… Nude Espresso It’d be pretty rude not to go to Rude as temperatures […]


Midsommar: The Sun Soaked Nightmare Everyone’s Talking About

We’re all a little scared of the dark.  That’s why when we venture into the cold, bleak world of the cinema to watch a horror film (or when our friends drag us along), it can feel like we’re really being launched straight into a pack of hungry wolves– or demonic entities, or haunted houses, or deranged axe-murderers, yada yada, whatever’s on the menu for the day.  When the lights come down, our heart rates shoot up. Our popcorn, if not launched into the air, is often our only line of self defense and distraction. We shovel it into our mouths […]

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What to do This Weekend

The Jessie J and Tinie Tempah Gig That’s Also A Day At The Races…

The festival season is well underway. If your idea of absolute horror involves roasting in a drooping dome tent, wading through human effluence and standing behind 50,000 drunks to catch a glimpse of an obscure headliner, then thank goodness there’s another way to do it. How about a Jessie J and Tinie Tempah gig, plus one of the best day’s racing in the sporting calendar, all in the plush surroundings of one of the most iconic venues in the country? Put away the mozzie spray and antiseptic wipes, we’re going to Ascot. Ascot racecourse really does pull out all the […]

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Health & Wellness

OM-mazing Yoga Spots: 10 Best Places To Go Downward Dogging

In a day and age where yogis are rife it’s understandably time to round-up all of the best studios of 2019 for you to get zen at and escape the madding crowds. London is a haven of downward dog centres, promoting all sorts of yoga from hot, power, iyengar and candlelit vinyasa to yoga that comes to your office or front room! You don’t have to be a pro, you just have to turn up: Hotpod Yoga Quite literally a hot pod, this yoga group are the champions at making you sweat! Step out from the cold into an all […]

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BREAKING: We Now Know When The Crown Season 3 Arrives…

The Crown really does wear the crown, the celebrated Netflix hit is without doubt TV’s reigning monarch (tied with Love Island, though does this season seem to have gone a little downhill?) and we’re all hanging on every scrap of information about what’s going to happen in season three. Well, unless you’re in your 50s and 60s, in which case you know exactly what’s happening because it’s *spoiler alert* based on a real story! History books aside, we know this because the actual Queen and Prince Philip apparently watch the show with Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex for […]

Openings & Launches

Bite Off More Than You Can Maître Choux At This Brand New Patisserie

If the choux fits… Everyone’s always harping on about how good the buttery croissant is, or that you can’t beat a spinachy spanakopita. Yeah, yeah, they’re good but why’s nobody talking about the classic éclair? The world’s first choux pastry specialist patisserie is fighting back, spreading the pastry love to the busy goers of Canary Wharf, with their latest venue opening in Canada Place. You won’t be choux-ing away from Canary Wharf during rush hour any longer as this August Maître Choux will be serving up pastry treats to bustling office workers, tourists and passersby at their all new patisserie […]

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