Openings & Launches

The Hottest New Openings This December

It’s the final month of the year and boy where did the time go? But one thing we can look back on is a an exquisite catalogue of new restaurant openings with no month left unblemished. So, as we carry through to the new year, it’s safe to say there’s by no means a lack of places...

Seasonal & Celebrations

Go The Whole Hogmanay: New Year In Edinburgh

Boy can Edinburgh throw a New Year’s Eve party, that’s one thing we know for sure! And it’s a real given that the last hours of every year should be spent full of food, surrounded by fireworks, and a little (if not very) drunk. Hogmanay is believed to reach back to the celebration of the winter solstice among the Norse, as well as incorporating customs from the Gaelic celebration of Samhain. And yet to be honest, when it all comes down to it, we’re not too phased about why we’re celebrating, we just know we want to! So here are a […]

Things to do Outdoors

Turkey For One: Things To Do If You’re Alone This Christmas

Christmas, if alone, can be a very hard time for many. Hindered by upbeat music that talks of mistletoe and meet-ups, Christmas films depicting families gathered around trees with happy endings, and a general atmosphere of it being, as Andy Williams declared, the most wonderful time of the year. And whilst all this is to be celebrated, loneliness walks hand in hand with it too for some. Recently released statistics by Age UK illustrate that half a million elderly people will expect to feel lonely in the UK this Christmas, and yet isolation is not just applicable to people of an […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

This Underground Pirate Ship Sounds Incredible

Ooo, arr! Shiver me timbers! All hands hoay! Hornswaggle! Sailing into 2019 is a nautical adventure like no other, courtesy of Bompas & Parr. To unpathed waters and, undreamed shores, the pirate ship of dreams will drift in on the world’s biggest boating lake. That’s right, world’s biggest! Taking place in Zone 1, (yep, turns out the world’s biggest boating lake is in Zone 1 in London – who knew!) the immersive experience will run for three months, beginning towards the end of January and ending, to our dismay, until the end of March. Bompas & Parr has partnered with […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Gordon Ramsay Takes The Heat Off Santa

IIt’s 19th December so you’ve obviously got all your Christmas shopping done, right? No, us neither. Panic not, and definitely don’t be an idiot sandwich, Gordon Ramsay’s got a solution for all of us – G-I-F-T  V-O-U-C-H-E-R-S. And not the type you’d give to any old someone either, these are seriously good dining experiences that will please even your most fussy recipient. Plus you can order an eVoucher online right up until Christmas Day (not that you’d forget anyone…). The nation’s favourite chef has created one of the nation’s most successful restaurant groups, with some of the most iconic names in […]

The Handbook Meets

The Handbook Meets Aggi Sverrisson, Patron Chef Of The Michelin-Starred, Texture

Aggi Sverrisson is the patron chef and owner of the Michelin- starred restaurant Texture and he’s on a mission to bring the cooking and ingredients of his native Iceland to London. We met up with him to discuss why we should all be eating skyr, how to make Christmas cooking less stressful and his food predictions for 2019. Texture is known for its Icelandic ingredients and dishes, what is the ethos behind Icelandic cooking? Iceland’s culinary ethos has its foundations in simplicity and purity, with a strong focus on seasonal and local produce. The harsh Icelandic climate means that traditionally, […]

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The Gingerbread Airport That’s Really Taking Off

Zac Goldsmith is going to totally do his nut! They’ve only gone and built another runway at Heathrow without telling anyone!  It isn’t clear precisely how much passenger capacity the new runway will add, but in a blow to the government’s transport strategy the 8ft runway is marginally shorter than the two existing 12,000ft runways, meaning it isn’t likely to be able to handle the larger A380 and Boeing474 jumbo jets. The exact facilities available at the terminal building haven’t been revealed, though they’re expected to be pretty sweet. And in a boost to campaigners for quieter skies, the potential noise […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

No Mr Bond, I Expect You To Dine! London’s ‘Spystraunts’

There are more spies in London than you can shake a poison-tipped umbrella at, with a recent report suggesting that Russia, alone, has over 200 intelligence officers handling an estimated 500 agents here. In the words of Watergate’s ‘Deep Throat’, “Follow the money”...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Where The Magic Happens: 5 Spellbinding Restaurants

Say Ava Cadavra to boring meals spent discussing Brexit or lamenting your lack of love life (hint, maybe it’s because you’re spending your meals discussing Brxit?). No, like ketchup, what most meals really need is a magician… So here’s a list we just magic-ed up, in case...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The 7 Cannabis Joints Giving Us The Munchies

Recently there has been various proliferations where food is concerned; ‘bleeding’ vegan burgers, crossushi and orange wine being just three of many. However now, it seems we’re moving in a new direction with CBD leading the way. But what exactly is it? Well, aside from being a $1...

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Openings & Launches

The Squat That Just Got Hot

If there’s one thing that’s more Camden than a squat, inhabited by long-haired hippies, then it’s a squat, inhabited by long-haired hippies that’s now become an up-market café-cum-bar-cum-nightclub. 40 Zero occupies a former dumping ground inhabited by squatters, but London property being what it is is was only a matter of time before developers swooped, turfed them out and created a swish new hangout. As they put it, “retaining the best bits of its previous squat life” (though presumably not the breadline existence, political views or attitude to personal hygiene), the venue looks like it’ll have a lot of character […]

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Openings & Launches

Could These Be The World’s Best Dumplings?

Saying something is the ‘best in the world’ is a huge claim in any case, but we feel like the one made about these delicious looking dumplings from Din Tai Fung may well be true. On the 5th of December, as Christmas mingling began to crowd the city, a restaurant extravaganza that began in Taiwan in 1958 as a cooking oil retail shop, threw its doors open in London’s Covent Garden. And thus the world’s best dumplings landed on our shores. The pork dumplings – also known as pork xiao long bao – have been raucously raved about across the globe, receiving […]

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