What to do This Weekend

Meet The Dogs Doing Better On Instagram Than You Are

You know you’re getting it wrong when there are animals who are better at doing things than you are. There’s a dog on Youtube who’s basically Grade 7 piano. Skateboarding? Not my strong suit, but here’s a dog smashing it. Surely when it comes to social media, though, your Facey-B skills are going to outskill a canine? Bad luck, the lack of opposable thumbs and predilection for bum sniffing hasn’t stopped thousands-upon-thousands of dogs, yes actual dogs, being way better at being on Instagram than you will ever will be. And they’re meeting up next Saturday. Dogs of Instagram is […]

Seasonal & Celebrations

6 of the Best Festive Cinema Pop-Ups

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Elf, Love Actually and The Holiday. It’s a fact. And whilst it’s all too tempting to hibernate in your home, wrapped up in a duvet and eat mince pies whilst you watch Christmas film reruns, what you should actually be doing is meeting up with your nearest and dearest and heading to one of these winter cinemas. Sip Champagne, (or eat spaghetti with maple syrup and sprinkles if you’re Elf), have your own private screen or get lost in an enchanted forest… alright, where do we sign?


Have A Slice Of This: The 12 Sweetest Spots In London

Sweets and cakes are a staple favourite of everyone’s ‘treat’ diet, as they remind us of our childhood, a much simpler time when ugly words like ‘taxes’ and ‘wrinkles’ didn’t exist. So it’s no surprise that sweets excite adults, just as much as they do a sugar-craving five year old. Plus, let it be known that we would happily push said five year old out of the way if they were about to get their hands on the last fizzy cola bottle (don’t judge, you know you would do the same). And cakes? Well, alongside their appeal heightening as a result of Paul Hollywood handshakes […]

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Win Thanksgiving Dinner at Gillray’s

Open until 22nd November 2019

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, and for those who will not get the chance to return home to USA for 28th November and celebrate with family and friends, Gillray’s Steakhouse has prepared a special Thanksgiving offering for you to enjoy in London.

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The Biggest Sticks ‘n’ Sushi Has Opened… And It’s Soy Good

The weather outside might be frightful, but what better place to hide than the brand new Sticks ‘n’ Sushi on the King’s Road? This trip to the Danish groups’ latest venue, which opened up in October, was literally a “come rain or shine” ordeal. Scarf wrapped around my eyes, posing as a really rather awful umbrella, I ran, sodden, into the restaurant, somewhat taken aback by the sheer luxe of it all. Did someone say sushi o’clock? Well, even if they hadn’t I was having my full endorsement of it, no questions asked. Despite having an abundance of restaurants in their […]

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Fashion & Beauty

Win Tickets To The Unmissable ELLE Magazine Weekend

As we ricochet onto the Christmas run-up, what better time for an ELLE Weekender? The coveted place-to-be-seen event that will have you added to an already extensive Christmas wish list, and with The Handbook you can win yourself some tickets! The weekend, which falls on the 30th of November until the 2nd of December, will see guests joining ELLE magazine and get subsequently wow-ed by various big celebs as they share their stories. The event focuses primarily on fashion, culture and beauty, brought to life through a series of inspiring, immersive and interactive events. The stellar line-up will have your […]


Moët & Chandon Launch a Frozen Garden in the Sky

We just have to mention rooftops and you lot get a little giddy, so hold onto your Christmas hats, because Sky Garden has been given a festive makeover by Moët & Chandon, which means you can sip Champagne in a frozen garden 155 metres above London. Send that to you Whatsapp group, you’ve found the place for Christmas drinks. You’re the one in the know. Open now and running until early 2019, the Sky Pod Bar has been transformed with white and gold snow scenes featuring ice-covered sledges and penguins and of course there’ll be plenty of Moët Imperial Brut. […]

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Health & Wellness

The Best Apps For Getting Fit

We’ve all been there; 7am, donning the activewear, desperately trying to conjure up an ounce of motivation to make you actually put on your trainers and head to the gym / park / spinning class / <insert alternative tiring activity here>. There you are, aiming to bring back that beach bod you probably didn’t achieve over summer, and kicking yourself into a productive day but in reality, seven minutes into the jog you’re already walking and on your way to pick up a morning latté. There’s a solution. Fitness apps claim to solve this lethargy; inspiring, motivating and result-achieving, and […]

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What to do This Weekend

Thank Goodness It’s The Weekend! Here’s What To Do With It…

For anyone brave enough to venture away from a fully souped up central heating system this weekend, London holds some delights. Throw on five layers, root out the mittens and those fluffy socks, we’re leaving the house!...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Narnia Meets The Matrix At The Lion, The Glitch & The Wardrobe Immersive Party

Do you have dreams where you wake up thinking ‘what on earth just happened?’ Dreams where the world you experience is so fantastical and so bizarre that you’re left thinking about it for the rest of the day? Well get ready because this weekend you’re going to experience that but this time you’ll be wide awake… Following on from previous parties like their Trumpocalypse and Malice in Wonderland, Malice the immersive experience connoisseur, is hosting its 7th experiential event: The Lion, The Glitch & The Wardrobe. The pop-up theatrical dance night will see Narnia meet the Matrix in a culture-twisting […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

8 of the Best Pasta Restos

Today is the day we celebrate one of the things we love the most: pasta. It’s the savoury staple food of Italian cuisine that we come home to after a Daniel Powter “bad day”, and the food we huddle around tables for with groups of friends over candle light, red wine and DOLMIO! With the first reference dating to 1154 in Sicily, it’s without a doubt pasta is part of our lives in a big way (whether you love it or you hate it!). So, from spaghetti to tagliatelle here are some of the best places to enjoy the much-adored […]

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The Talked About Afternoon Tea You Need to Try

Since it opened in Covent Garden, Petersham Nurseries has been drawing in crowds to its impressive Grade II listed building. We’ve been to pick up flowers; grab pastries from the deli, stock up on gifts and lust over the homeware that we dream of filling our flats with. Well now there is a new reason to go. Afternoon tea. Two words that are sure to get Londoners out of the house even on the wettest and most miserable November day. Launched at the start of autumn, the afternoon tea is served in the elegant restaurant, The Petersham, it’s filled with […]

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We’re Starry Eyed As Ellie Goulding Announces Huge Charity Gig

Ellie Goulding, we’re still falling for you; even more so after we received the news that she’s hosting a concert in aid of Streets of London, for a fifth year in a row! The line-up includes Dua Lipa and Bastille as just two of the noteworthy acts joining the antics. For those not so in-the-know, this is actually a gig that’s been kicking about for a while, the incentive being to raise money for Streets of London, which “funds specialist support for people who are homeless in London, and raises awareness about homelessness.” Burn, burn, burning up on the dance floor […]

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