Experiences & Pop-Ups

London to be host to the Biggest Singles’ Event in England

Remember the last singles’ event you went to? The awkward silences, the dull small talk and the feeling that you back at a school party standing at the edge of the room? It’s enough to make you want to give up and live the solo life for life. Or are you fed up of going to the park and seeing a load of smug (albeit sweaty in this weather) couples? Of course, if you were to go Inner Circle’s Summer Polo Festival it wouldn’t be like that at all… Now in its fourth year, the event which is hosted by […]


10 Things Not To Miss In Malta

Malta, jewell in the Mediterranean and perfect getaway. Bex Bailey heads there to check things out


7 Places to Catch the Show of the Summer: The Love Island Final

This summer we’ve been united by the World Cup, our heatwave chat and most importantly of all, Love Island. But like all good things, it must come to an end, except this heatwave, that seems to be eternal now. It’s time to say goodbye to Old Laura, New Laura, Old Jack, New Jack, Alex, Alex and the rest of the gang and more than likely congratulate Jani on winning. Here are the five places to catch the final: Street Pizza What: Got a Text! Why: Got a textttt! And it says you’re invited to the Love Island party at Street […]

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Things to do Outdoors

The Festival That’s Like No Other Festival

Festivals are all the same, right? Mud, overflowing Portaloos and someone setting your tent on fire at two in the morning… Actually no, there’s a different way of doing things. Camp Wildfire does not fit the mould. It might not fit any mould; expect freefall stunt jumping, giant catapult-building, hovercraft racing mixed with woodland apothecary and a morning yoga-rave and you’re only starting to scratch the surface. The Kent extravaganza has been likened to the sort of festival Wes Anderson would concoct, and it sounds like the quirky film director would have even his work cut out to devise Camp […]

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Health & Wellness

Paradise Now: There’s a Wellness Playground Coming to London

Health nut who just wants to act like a kid again? Say hello to Paradise Now, London’s very first ‘wellbeing playground.’ The multi-sensory experience is totally free in Grosvenor’s Eccleston Yards, featuring an urban outdoor spa to take guests on a journey towards post-summer detoxification by using the newest scientifically-proven wellness tricks. Created by visionaries Bompas & Parr, the installation includes things like a huge pink mist waterfall with extracts of raspberry leaf, aloe vera, chamomile and citrus and immersive meditation zone filled with aromatherapy scented pebbles coloured in Baker-Miller pink (a shade proven to reduce anxiety). Other highlights include a […]


A Hotel For Convenience: Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport

What: Say you’re catching a flight from Stansted Airport, say Stansted Airport is 2 hours from where you live, say you’re me. This was my predicament a few weeks ago, except that my flight was at 7am, so between the 2-hour recommended time of arrival before a flight plus my 2-hour journey there I was looking at waking up at 3am – no thank you. That’s where the clever business of airport hotels comes to the rescue, in this case Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport where I decided to stay before my flight. First Impression: Although a 2-hour journey […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

London’s Best Wine And Cheese Joints

Man may be unable to live by bread alone, but throw in some wine and cheese and he could probably do just fine. Give us a bottle of fermented grapes and a plate of coagulated milk proteins and we are set for life, and where better to do it than at these unmissable London cheese and wine joints. And if you needed more of a reason then today is national cheese and wine day. WC Clapham What: Flush With Options Why: Public toilets and cheeseboards should never Venn. Ever. Except, that is, when you’re at Clapham Common and the public convenience […]

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Autumn Addition: The East London Hotel

Last year alone, 19 million tourists lined our streets, to wander into museums old and new, dine in our eclectic restaurant range, shop till the soles of feet ache and rest their lazy heads on plush cold-sided hotel pillows. Suffice to say, we’re a popular little city really, so there’s no surprise popping up a new hotel is a great decision. Enter The East London Hotel, which is arriving in, yep you guessed it, East London of all places! To be precise, the snazzy new addition to the big smoke’s hotel scene will be in Bethnal Green and will arrive […]

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The Veganning of Something New at Bob Bob Ricard

What: The famed ‘press for Champagne’ restaurant in Soho, Bob Bob Ricard, was the subject of my foodie attention on a Tuesday evening. A stalk on Instagram was enough to excite, wowed by the glitz and glam. I’d gone to try out the new vegan dishes Bob Bob has just introduced which dropped on the A La Carte menu circa 17th July, accompanied by lover of all things vegan, colleague Charlotte. Luxe is at the helm of this stalwart restaurant positioned down a side-street of sexy Soho. The Setting: It’s one of Soho’s most insta-d locations so expectations were thriving, but […]

Health & Wellness

We Review St. James’s Hotel and Club ‘Happiness in the City’ Package

What: City life is busy, busy, busy; people are always in a rush with deadlines to meet and social lives to try and keep fulfilled – so it’s no wonder that the wellness movement is on the rise, with Londoners desperate to maintain a sense of harmony. There’s nothing like a touch of luxury to help one feel relaxed so St. James’s Hotel and Club has created a Happiness in the City package which includes an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room, the wellness breakfast for two people and a 90-minute Connock body treatment from Perfect 10 Black Label for […]

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