What to do This Weekend

What’s Going On This Weekend? Friday 5th – Sunday 7th October

Here we go again, another weekend. Isn’t this a bizarre time of year? Treading water toward between summer and winter. And if the weather doesn’t know what to do with itself, at least you can. Here’s our suggestions of what to do this weekend.


Have A Royally Good Time At These Posho Nightclubs

We’ve all seen the pictures, a drunken member of the royal family stumbles out of a cab before being whisked through a throng of paps and down some mysterious stairs and into the club de jour. So where are these royals and their aristo entourage downing their Champagnes and quaffing their cocktails? Here are the clubs you need to have in your little black book if you want to party like royalty. Mahiki Pretty much ground zero in royal clubbing terms, Mahiki is the grand-daddy. The surprisingly egalitarian nightclub, which boasts that it has no guestlist and no VIP area. […]

Openings & Launches

David Beckham and Guy Ritchie Have Bought a Pub

From Idris Elba opening up a cocktail bar, to Usain Bolt’s Track and Records restaurant, it seems like big celebs have got a little too much time on their hands… (not that we’re complaining!) I mean, next David Beckham and Guy Ritchie will join forces and buy a 3- million-pound pub in Notting Hill. Oh wait, they did? Right then! Yep, the pair, one famed for kicking a ball around, the other for making some big ballsy movies, have come together to re-open the Walmer Castle, close to the former England captain’s home in Holland Park and are set to […]

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Awesome Afternoon Teas

5 Teas To Try This Autumn

At The Handbook we’re basically afternoon tea whores. Point us toward a tea and we’ll hoover it up. Bottomless? No problem, we’ll find that bottom. So we’re always watching, eagle-eyed, for any afternoon teas on the horizon. So here are a handful we’re pretty excited about right now. Dalloway Terrace Instagrammar’s favourite, Dalloway Terrace . has transformed itself into an enchanting autumnal woodland with cascading amber, burnt orange, soft pink and red leaves and tumbling berries and with it they have created a new afternoon tea. On the menu you’ll find spiced apple cake with cinnamon glaze, a Granny Smith […]

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In Need of a Weekend Away This Autumn? We Have the Answer

What: After what has been quite a stressful few last weeks, I was in need of a weekend away. A weekend out of London, where I could wake up and breathe in air that wasn’t polluted and I could look out across rolling hills and fields, not my next neighbour’s slightly greying underwear which seems to be perpetually on the washing line. I decided to head over to Tewkesbury Park, a hotel sitting in 163 acres of beautiful parkland overlooking the famous site of the 1471 Battle of Tewkesbury. It’s got an enviable position, on the doorstep of the historic […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

TONIGHT: The Saké Event Not To Miss

For goodness saké, did you miss the start of world saké season again? The season officially opened on October 1st, on what’s officially called Nihonshu, but don’t worry, you can still get involved. And thanks to Japanese restaurant and saké bar Sakagura, located on Mayfair’s Heddon Street, we can all be involved via their saké tasting journey. Saké is a Japanese rice wine, a sort of cross between beer and wine and a delicacy in the land of the rising sun. And here too, if you know where to get it. So why not attend Sakagura’s own mini saké and spirit […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

October’s Best Pop-Ups

Halloween; it’s the first word of most of our lips come October 1st, as we prowl the shops and world wide web looking for costumes that are going to rake in those likes. However, we’re here to shout about a whole lot more than just the ghost and ghoul filled day, as October sees pop-ups galore across the city. From drinking cocktails Parisienne-style on Queen of Hoxton’s roof, to a wine dinners and Cuban nights, we’ve got your back Londoners, we’ve got your back… Queen of Hoxton What: A bit of ooo, la la at Lady Celeste’s From rooftop cinema’s […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Give This Festival a Thought

Summer brought us various festivals of the glitter wearing, mosh-pit boshing, drinking variety, causing all sorts of vows to be made in October to the tune of “no more drinking”, “Sober October” and so on. Which is why Though Fest is the perfect alternative; a week of interactive collaborations with London’s Knowledge quarter, set across a one-mile radius comprising of King’s Cross, Bloomsbury and Euston. Thought Fest highlights include Night Shift; a performance by the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and Disco Make fashion workshop. There will also be family friendly interactive experiments from The Institute of Physics and in […]

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The Madrid Hotel Giving Us Interior Envy

A sucker for jetsetting to a place that hasn’t yet been scratched off the world map hanging on my wall, I was delighted to hola, gracias and Dóndemy way to Madrid upon being asked. One Iberia plane ride later (which I kept calling Iberico by mistake, much to my embarrassment), I hopped into a taxi and Arriba, Arriba! Ándale, Ándale-ed! My way into the capital. First Impressions: It’s often hard to formulate an opinion of a city from the outset, and most, until you really get under their skin, have the tendency to appear similar in the ways of hustle […]


Vineyard Vacations

Does it really get much better than staying in a location surrounded by wine? Likely not! And there are some exquisite locations positioned around our globe, from Cali to Tasmania, ideal for lifting a glass to the lips and whiling away the hours amongst grapevines and overlooking sunsets. Vineyards, you had us at merlot… Moorilla Estate, Tasmania, Australia Moorilla definitely isn’t your stereotypical vineyard, nor is it what you’d imagine when thinking of a traditional vineyard clad in old stone and grapevines. Located on the southeast corner of Tasmania – an island off the southern coast of mainland Australia, most […]

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The Saville Row Resto That Suits Us

What: Savile Row is such a contemporary London staple that the mention of it rings with richness, enticing images of after work suit wearers sipping on red wine, propped against an up-market pub deluxe. Yes, Savile Row is the Mayfair street known for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men and on it lies Sartoria, which translates to tailor in Italian, a very suit-able restaurant discovery. Of course, Sartoria and its Italian cuisine was far from just being suitable, instead we were charmed if not bewitched by its sultry glamour. Going along on a Wednesday evening after a day in the […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Dante NYC Cocktail Bar Shakes up an Inferno

Quite a few noteworthy things have popped out from New York; from the Waldorf salad and teddy bears to the Tom Collins and pneumatic railway. It’s an innovative city and whenever anything New York City related steps in to any walk of life, we kinda know it’s going to be grandiose, big and probably done pretty darn well! Which is why the news of Dante NYC popping up in Quaglino’s bar is something to shout about. The menu on offer will consist of 10 drinks which can be enjoyed over the space of the week-long residency. This sumptuous list will […]

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