Experiences & Pop-Ups

Last Chance to Try SOMNAI’s Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

SOMNAI, it’s the immersive, virtual reality experience that had us all intrigued.  We know how much Londoners love an immersive experience so we knew it would be popular, but maybe not this popular. In its first three months an incredible 13,000 visitors went on a unique exploration into the unconscious realm of dreaming. After the dreamy experience which placed your humanity in the hands of an all-powerful Al who has good intentions but unusual methods, the explorers got to take a seat in the digital cocktail bar. The bar morphed and changed around them as they tried a series of augmented […]

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

It Really is the Last Days of Shoreditch

We’re now slap bang in the midst of summer, the streets are awash with England shirts, the office fans are a’whirlin and Alex from Love Island has got more sun tan lotion on by the hour. Therefore, what better time than now to have a month-long series of events featuring musicians, DJs, artists and a whole host of grub and drink. Whilst this sounds worthy of a new outfit and a fully loaded bank card, the news is also bittersweet, as it comes as a result of Red Gallery Last Days of Shoreditch closing its doors. There will be an […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Gazelle Restaurant Leaps into Mayfair

Good minds think alike, especially if you’re chef Rob Roy Cameron and drinks specialist Tony Conigliaro. The two hospitality hotshots are set to open their Mayfair restaurant Gazelle next week, wrapped in an Edwardian building brimming with personality in Mayfair. If you’ve ever tuned into a spot of David Attenborough and witnessed a stint on gazelles, you’ll know they’re a rather sleek and elegant creature. In championing this vibe and corresponding with its name, the restaurant too will play host to a private members club vibe, set amongst two natural light flooded storeys. As owner Tony affirms: “When we were […]

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A Bond, James Bond Auction

If there’s one thing we love about James Bond aside from the beautiful women, it’s the beautiful cars. And whilst Pierce Brosnan has been known to showcase some questionable vocal chords on cliff edges in Mamma Mia, he is also, on another note, a bit of a dab hand at car racing. Car aficionados (and lovers of the smooth brown locks of Pierce Brosnan) may remember a certain car race on a French mountain road in 1995’s Goldeneye, in a certain Aston DB5. Now, the exact same DB5 is being auctioned on 13th July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Are You All-In? London’s Most Exclusive Casinos

You know that scene at the start of Dr No, where James Bond sits at the blackjack table and calmly raises his stake to £1,000, before saying those immortal ‘Bond, James Bond’ lines as the theme tune starts up? That’s London casinos, in all their suave, black tie, glory. If you’re a high roller or just out to try the waters, then this is the place to experience some of the best casinos in the world. Here are some of the best…   Les Ambassadeurs Why: Sat on the corner of Hyde Park and Mayfair, Les Ambassadeurs Club is glorious, elegant […]

Rooftops and Terraces

The Yacht Pop-Up Bringing the French Riviera to Mayfair

If you ‘forgot’ to book your holiday to the French Riviera (read: can’t actually afford it and don’t want to miss a week of Love Island) then you’re in luck. The Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane has teamed up with Belvedere Vodka and Dom Pérignon to create L’Azur an exclusive yacht themed hide-out for those of us who are staying put this summer. Dressed up in with buoys, anchors and azure hues, the nautical terrace features an upper and lower deck, making it a prime spot for catching the summer rays, sure you won’t have the crystal blue […]

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Openings & Launches

Camillo Benso Proves Milan Isn’t All About Fashion

There’s a new kid on the Mayfair block, and we’re intrigued. Milan: best known as a fast-paced metropolis that champions a frilled frock, bold boot, and over-all some very coveted fashion. However, the food is also worth a sample and this is something restaurant Camillo Benso sure does recognise as it brings Milan’s dining style to Mayfair. Everything’s that bit more exciting with a bit of sibling rivalry thrown in though, which is why we’re interested to see how this new Milanese hot-spot will compare to big sister in Milan. If you haven’t tried Amaro yet, Camillo Benso will give […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Float Through London in an Inflatable Hot Tub

Just as we thought we’d seen it all… One thing you do come to realise, quite quickly, is that you’ve never seen it all at The Handbook office. Hot tubs are the coveted summer accessory that we desperately seek out during the season. After all, little beats a bubbling pit of water, champers in hand as the tan tops up a treat. Well, that’s what we thought anyway until we saw something sure to go down even more swimmingly. Drifting in this summer are HotTug UK’s floating hot tubs. Bath tubs and hot tubs aside, these super human tubs will transport […]

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Openings & Launches

The World’s Largest Collection of Tea is Coming to Covent Garden

There’s no doubt about it, a cup of tea really does make everything better. It sits on our work desks pushing us through e-mails, lands in the hands of strangers as we meet for the first time, perches on the lips of friends as we catch up, goes hand-in-hand with our morning cereal bowls and rests on our bed side table with a good book. With all this tea drinking, it’s no surprise we’re super excited for purveyor of tea, Mariage Frères – and also France’s oldest tea house – to bring tea savoir-faire to the capital and open its first […]

Health & Wellness

If You Only Ever Visit One Wellness Hotel, Make It Forsthofalm

What: Holzhotel Forsthofalm is a bio-hotel 1050 metres above sea level in the mountains of Salzburg and probably my new favourite place on earth. Described as a “wellness hotel”, staying there nourishes the mind, body and even the environment. New? Originally a traditional Austrian restaurant in 1972 with 40 covers, the owners kept slowly increasing the restaurant in size, eventually adding in guest rooms. In 2008 the Widauer family handed over control to their son, Markus Widauer, who transformed Forsthofalm into the seven-storey wooden wonder that it is now. First Impression: From the moment I left Salzburg Airport I felt […]

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We Stay at Bath’s Best Hotel

What: I grew up near Bath and whenever we visited to go shopping it would inevitably rain. So much so it’s now a running joke. In the midst of my teenage years when I first started reading Austen and was a little obsessed with Jennifer Ehle’s performance in the BBC’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, I use to walk up to the Royal Crescent and imagine the parties that took place in the Georgian period and how I would live there one day. It would be raining, and I’d probably be all dramatic and angsty. Now I look at the […]

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Seasonal & Celebrations

Wimble-Done! Where To Watch The Tennis This Summer

It’s that time of year when people start popping up to say ‘it’s Pimms o’clock’ as though they came up with the tagline themselves, we all dust off our tennis whites and wonder why we don’t play all year round and the nation tees itself up for collective disappointment by putting all our championship hopes on some unlikely British wildcard who will, of course, be knocked out in week one. Welcome to Wimbledon 2018. Unless you want to wait in a queue more miserable than Andy Murray’s permafrown, or be trampled to death attempting to reach the bar at an […]

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