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Testicles, Squirrel and Kangaroo: London’s Weirdest Menus

London is a city of extremes, a place where anything can happen. Like eating a plate of lambs’ testicles. For the city that gave the world the culinary masterstroke ‘jellied eels’ (odd that it didn’t catch on anywhere else), this shouldn’t be a surprise. Here are a selection of some of the weirdest items on London menus. Enjoy. Florentine What: Let’s have it oeuf Why: How do you like your eggs in the morning? If the answer is ‘f**king massive mate’ then you’ve come to the right place. Florentine offer visitors the biggest English breakfasts in London, not because their […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Grab Your Nimbus 2000 and Head to This Harry Potter Disco

Right, we’ve decided there’s no better way to slytherin to September than a Harry Potter party on the first day of the month, which is exactly what The Grand in Clapham has in mind. The venue welcomes witches and wizards alike to enjoy a ‘Return to Hogwarts’ event, as we’re starting a new term at the magical school and all that jazz, and we’re Tom Riddled with excitement. So, grab your nimbus 2000, dust off your robe, and tighten up on your quidditch skills, as its time for some serious partying. Fancy dress is absolutely essential… but maybe avoid the […]


Why We Should All Be Putting This Machine Up Our Vaginas

When my Deputy Editor handed me a pelvic floor trainer saying ‘you probably need to give this a try’, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, or what my male colleague Phil thought must be going on up my va-jay-jay (very little, as it happens: online dating’s a minefield). But I accepted it – out of curiosity not necessity, I would like to stress – and agreed to document my vaginal muscles’ experience in the name of journalism. Look, I’m sure Woodward and Bernstein started somewhere… Elvie is described on their website as “your most personal trainer”, and basically […]

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Win A Meal At Michelin Starred Restaurant L’Ortolan

Open until 6th March 2020

The Handbook has teamed up with L’Ortolan, Reading’s only Michelin star restaurant to offer one lucky winner a meal for two, from their Gourmond Menu plus a glass of wine each.

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Health & Wellness

The 7 vegan Instagram accounts we’re loving

Veganism: It’s the veganning of something new and a fringe movement that has very quickly turned mainstream, and it seems Instagram is a great resource for vegans, rapidly being used as a platform to share alternative plant-based recipes, tips and videos of how to re-create colourful and wholly creative dishes. So, if you need some food-spo, social media seems to be the best place to look for some coveted meat-free meal ideas. A peruse through the aesthetic pleasing dishes draws you in to no end, suffice to say picking our favourite accounts was somewhat of a mean feat, and I […]

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It turns out afternoon tea is best enjoyed by sports car

Afternoon tea, that daintiest of snacks, eaten by people too weak to peel their own crusts from a cucumber sandwich; the types who argue over whether to put the jam on a ‘scone’ first or second and pour Lady Gray tea from nothing that isn’t sterling silver. Afternoon tea needs to be super charged. And how better to do that than in a 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds sports car? If you want to do afternoon tea properly, do so in a Caterham. The Caterham Seven is a classic, with a design harking back to a golden age of motoring, yet […]

Best Brunches

London’s first ever brunch festival

Brunch has blown up as of late, holding hands with rushes like the gin craze and all things unicorn. Therefore, there’s little surprise that London is getting its first ever brunch festival, running from the 1st-2nd of September. At the end of the day, we love to brunch. Some may prefer the (br) part, others may prefer the (unch), but what we all probably have in common is the desire to indulge in a bloody Mary or mimosa, lazily brunching with friends and dismissing the hangover blues. London’s brunch fest will have you saying goodbye to brunch FOMO, by bringing […]

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The afternoon tea putting our sweet tooth to the test

What: Whilst the Mayfair hotel isn’t the best foodie destination, they certainly put on a spread that was extravagant. The super fun experience boasted the perfect afternoon tea experience for those with a sweet tooth and/or love a glass of champers on a weekend (so, everyone?!). The Chesterfield in Mayfair has introduced an afternoon tea that champions penny sweets and red and white striped style shenanigans, filled to the brims with cake versions of our favourites, from cola slices to Reeses cups, to fruit salad tea. New? Yes, but sticking around for the foreseeable – pretty sweet, right? First Impression: The […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

A, b, c, d, eeek! The re-launch of Alphabet bar

Opening up a restaurant in our bustling city must be a bit of a mean feat, what with nearly every idea being eaten up. However, it also pushes those in the culinary industry to turn to innovation far and wide, in a bid to conjure up new ideas. Introducing the re-vamp of Alphabet, a restaurant not only with a super cool name, but an extra cool idea at its helm. The restaurant, formerly found on Soho’s Beak Street, has recently re-opened on Upper Street, Islington just a stroll from the underground. And for those who know their alphabet well, you’ll […]

Business & Careers

Boss any interview with these 8 tips

As the latest member of The Handbook team, I thought it apt for me to take this one on. Interviews are daunting, we all know that clammy palm feeling as you sit in a coffee shop or office space, drinking your 7th coffee of the day in sweaty anticipation. However, interviews for your dream job can actually (and probably should be) quite fun, and perhaps the best advice I ever received was to treat it more as a conversation as opposed to a grilling. So, to help others jump into their desired job, here are some tips to help you […]

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Openings & Launches

Instagram Heaven Pergola Olympia Opens

Before nightfall starts to hit us circa 3pm, it’s probably best to catch some last-min city views, and Pergola Olympia seem to be thinking the same, with the intro of their brand-new rooftop location, up, up, up and away. If you know The Handbook, you’ll know we love a bit of a rooftop here and there, and this summer has been a blast with them. However, this botanical babe is sure to grab your attention, with “view goals”, seating for 500, three restaurants and, the important part, a huge open bar. It was about time Olympia had something on the […]

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Keeping it in the Family at Banh, Banh Brixton

What: Banh, Banh is the new kid on the Brixton block, a Vietnamese food hub with a grandma at the helm. Not literally, however she is the source of the authentic dishes to be found inside. In fact, if you weren’t sporadically hiding your g’mas cooking amongst random items of furniture as a kid, then you were following the 1940 journey of your Saigon chef grandma like the Nguyen siblings, to create a Peckham restaurant followed by this brand-new Brixton venture. The siblings at the helm epitomise familial fruition with their culinary creations, lucky enough to have hand-me-down recipes. We […]

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