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And Now For Something Completely Useless From YO! Sushi

In the UK we might have HS2, mini-roundabouts and Piers Morgan, but in Japan they have have an elegant word for these: chindogu. Chindogu, the art of useless inventions, is highly revered in the Land of the Rising Sun, with famous examples including the babygrow that’s also a mop, the hat-mounted loo-roll dispenser for hay-fever sufferers and the tie that’s also an umbrella. Some chindogu have even become household items, the selfie stick, for example, may have been developed as chindogu in 1995, but twenty years later it has became the ubiquitous weapon of choice for swarms of Trafalgar Square […]

What to do This Weekend

What To Do This Weekend: 16th – 18th March

This weekend there are plenty of events and deliciously naughty treats to entice you out and about. From new Spring pudding menus, to live music, and bottomless brunches. There is no excuse for you not to be a social butterfly and make the most of your days off.


We Review: Arthur Hooper’s Vegan Menu

What: Arthur Hooper’s is a European restaurant in London Bridge that takes the hustle and bustle and history of Borough Market and brings it cleanly into the 21st century. No wandering through the stalls and queuing in the cold, Arthur Hooper’s will have you seated in comfortable black leather seats and feasting on deliciously put together dishes. New? While Arthur Hooper’s opened in May last year, its namesake, fruit salesman Arthur Hooper, has a slightly richer history as he occupied 8 Stoney Street back in the days when Queen Victoria ruled. Where? 8 Stoney Street, London Bridge, SE1 9AA […]

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Get 30% Off Your Rail Fare: With An Avocado…

They may have missed out on affordable house prices, free education, gold-plated pension pots and names like Alan, Barbara and Nigel, but the millennials do have one thing: avocados. And now Virgin Trains has made sure that these app-downloading, pre-30-year-old hipsters can have another thing; cheap travel, as long as they bring their weird green, scoopy fruit with them. If you’d been in The Handbook office yesterday morning you’d have probably wondered why everyone under the age of 30 was furiously refreshing their browsers and thumbing their phones and tablets. Not Glastonbury tickets or a new super-hip clothing line being released, […]

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Health & Wellness

The World’s Toughest Endurance Event Comes To London

Think you’re pretty tough? Like how tough? Peeling onions without blubbing tough? Cold shower because the central heating’s down tough? Sitting through an entire dinner party Brexit argument without weighing in tough? Well don’t worry if not, ‘tough’ experts Tough Mudder are coming to London with a slightly less tough and less muddy version of their endurance event, and you can take part. Tough Mudder, the hard-core obstacle course event series, was launched in the US in 2010 by Englishman Will Dean. Over 3 million people have taken part in Tough Mudders across 11 countries, but though Dean is former […]


The Cotswolds Festival That Promises To Be A Bit Of A Blur

He may live in a house, a very big house, in the country, but Alex James is nothing if not a great host. The Blur bassist long ago retired to his farm in the Cotswolds where, famously, he now spends his days making cheese. And while there’s nothing Dan Abnormal about that, we’re delighted to hear that he’ll be opening his farm up again for ‘The Big Feastival’, a food and good times extravaganza. If you’ve not heard of The Big Feastival, the here’s your lucky day. Presented by kitchen machinery maker NEFF, it’s a bank holiday weekend of camping, […]

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Is This The Finest Indian Restaurant In London?

What? The ancient Indian city of Benares is the holiest of holy cities, so it’s wholly appropriate that its London namesake should be one of the best Indian restaurants in the country. And one I had to make a pilgrimage to. New? Mark Twain once wrote that “Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend”, but Benares the restaurant is actually a mere 16 years old. Where? Sitting on the Eastern edge of Berkeley Square, the restaurant commands possibly one of the most prime locations in London. The look: A friendly doorman holds open the door […]

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5 of London’s Top Restaurant Spin Offs

You may or may not have noticed, that a lot of top restaurants are opening smaller and often less expensive versions. More restaurants means there is more opportunity for people to sample and experience some of these wonderful places. Here the Handbook has picked out its top 5 that we think are worth checking out.

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Scientists Develop a New Way to Combat Air Pollution

We all know that London has a problem with air pollution. Our streets aren’t exactly clean and we all know how much it is affecting our health, but before we all up sticks and head for the countryside, it’s not all doom and gloom. This is 2018 remember, we aren’t going to revert back to the pea soupers of the 19th century. We are more advance in science now, thankfully. And Lewis Hornby, Claudia Arnold and Nick Hooton, (three master’s students at Imperial College London and Royal College of Art) have designed glass towers, known as Pluvo, that would work […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Ravinder Bhogal Launches Vegan Dining at The Perception at W London

You might know chef Ravinder Bhogal from when she won the competition to find Britain’s new Fanny Cradock on Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word in 2007; you might know her from her Marylebone restaurant Jikoni or you might have her recipe book Cook in Boots. Or if you don’t know her at all, you can head to The Perception at W London for their new dining series as they are collaborating with Bhogal to create her first entirely vegan menu. Available until the end of June, the menu will include the likes of besan fritters with coconut yoghurt and curry […]

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