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Want To Win Instagram? Head To Fendi Caffe At Harrods

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an influencer in possession of a large following must be in want of a new, highly fashionable, coffee and cakes shop, ideally from a leading fashion house. And while there’s nothing like posting pics of an expensive Italian fashion brand to absolutely rake in the Insta likes, a Fendi bag will set you back three grand; which is where Fendi Caffe at Harrods comes in… a Machiato and cutesy bag biscuit will only set you back £4.75. Instant Insta fame on a budget. Fendi Caffe is the next cataclysmic influencer magnet, if your […]

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Cooking Up A Storm: The 4D Immersive Restaurant That Recreates A Hurricane At Sea

We hope you’ve packed your umbrella as you’re about to be caught in Storm Kraken. Notorious drinks brand Kraken Black Spice Rum has been cooking up a storm (quite literally) taking diners on a whole new multi-sensory journey at their new immersive restaurant. Expect intense rainfall, howling winds and mighty thunder crashing down on you. On July 12th and 13th, you’ll need your sturdiest rain mac and wellies as it’s about to get blistery at Kraken’s new abode. Legend has it that the treacherous ocean waters where the Kraken Beast calls home inspired these perfect storms. Guests will literally be dining inside […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Is This The World’s Healthiest Restaurant? M RAW Arrives In London

When a restaurant has been awarded for serving up the best steak in the city, it’s a bit of a shock to the system to find they’ve now opened up a 100% vegetarian and gluten-free restaurant. Well, M Restaurants have done just so! Sister to the award-winning M Grill, RAW restaurant hopes to give diners a fresh alternative to the steak heavy a la carte and wagyu tasting menus – and it sounds bloody tasty! Tucked away within their M Victoria location, you’ll find RAW. The new nutritious menu champions the purity of natural ingredients and sustainability, through using organic […]

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6 Of The Most Colourful Places In Europe

I’ve always been one of those people so inspired by my surroundings, especially when it comes to my photography. If I’m somewhere colourful with beautiful scenery it instantly lifts my mood and gets me snap happy. I bet the same could be said for a lot of people! The past few years have...

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10 Of The Dreamiest Hot Springs Around The World

We’re feeling hot, hot, hot. Oh Mother Nature, how you continue to woo us! From the sea, the sun, to dreamy hot springs. Yep, although it may look like someone’s popped a blue-hued filter over your sunnies, hot springs are 100% natural. And, they’ve certainly been popping up over our Insta feeds, no filter needed. Whether you’re after a luxury spa treatment in Tuscany or you’re looking for a secret hot pool in Oregon, we’ve been scouring the globe to find the best thermal pools Mother Nature has on offer. Here’s a bucket-list of the ones we’ve been lusting over: Terme […]

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Posh Picnics: 15 Places Whacking Out The Wicker

Let’s face it, the jubilant thoughts surrounding a picnic after often quashed by the fact that you have to pack it yourself. The sandwiches always end up soggy, the ice always melts out of its packet – probably the reason the sandwiches get soggy – and a juice carton always bursts at some point or another. So, why not have a posh picnic? Let someone else do it for you (for the tune of £1000 if you’re Corrigan’s in Mayfair). And embrace the sunnier climes whilst they last! So, treat yourself! Pop some fizz open at one of London’s various […]

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Things to do With Kids

What To Do With The Kids This Summer

School’s out for summer! While we’re still a little envious we no longer get weeks upon weeks of free holiday handed to us on a plate, we’ll gladly channel our inner child running around London doing all of the touristy things with the kiddies – well, as much as our limited...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Red Sky At Night, Diners’ Delight: 9 Stunning Sunset Restaurants

London does sunset really well. Like, really well. Think Monet’s Houses of Parliament, or The Fighting Temeraire by Turner. And in a glass and concrete city so at odds with the natural environment it’s the one thing that connects us back to nature, tying us to the universe and a beauty...

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Things to do Outdoors

These Are Shorely London’s 8 Best Beaches

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Alright, alright, we know we don’t actually have the sea on our doorsteps. And, while we don’t always want to drive down to Brighton just to be stuck in tow-to-tow traffic for half the day, us Londoner’s are definitely in need of something. Alas, London has urban beaches galore popping up across the city and oh buoy, have we found some hidden gems for you (and thank goodness they’re literally down the road!). We’ve pieced together a list of the best London urban beaches – well, we shorely think so anyway, enjoy!

What to do This Weekend

A Weekend Guide That’s All About Pride 🌈

We adore Pride month! A whole thirty days of glitter, bursts of colour in the form of flags and face paint and the incredible celebration of the LGBTQ community. Now, as Pride weekend is finally upon us, you can celebrate in so many bright and beautiful ways, from Euro-pop disco and go-go dancing...

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