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Shots Fired: Farmacy Pop-Up Shot Bar

Not as painful as a bullet wound, and not as dangerous as an ill-timed tequila shot. No, no these shots are better than that, but, maybe not quite as effective as a flu jab. As you may know Selfridges has launched their #EatHappy campaign which means they are entering into all sorts of healthy collaborations, and little stalls are popping up all over the place in their food hall. The next to be revealed is the Farmacy Shot Bar. The restaurant that is famous for its plant based dishes and serves food without refined sugars, additives, and chemicals. To the […]

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10 Blue Monday Deals To Make You Happy

Paul Kick start your morning and put a spring in your step with a single, takeaway espresso from PAUL for just £1! Cantina Laredo Hands up if you like tacos. Now hands up if you like free tacos. Cantina Laredo is going to be giving away 100 free tacos from 12pm. That’s what we’re taco-ing about. Bunga Bunga Battersea Pizza is always a way to make you feel better and it’s going to taste even better when you pay only £1 for it. All you have to do is head to Bunga Bunga Battersea, order any item off […]

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What To Do This Weekend: 12th – 15th January 2018

We’re not going to lie, January’s starting to drag now; the novelty of being back at work has well and truly worn off and, if anything, the weekend can’t come soon enough. Which is just as well because this time tomorrow we’ll be counting down the hours before we can unleash all the fun options below!

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Make Light Work Of Lumiere London With Cocktails And Manicures

We’re receiving literally glowing reports from Granary Square Brasserie who has created a bespoke luminescent cocktail to celebrate Lumiere London, the UK’s leading light festival. The festival this year sees light installations by Dutch artist Daan Roosengaarde and the Architecture Social Club placed around King’s Cross. The four-day event, part of the wider Lumiere festival that will be lighting up central London between the 18th and 21st January, will be a dazzling display of light and lights. Ranging from the West End and Westminster through to Fitzrovia and King’s Cross, expect to be dazzled. To celebrate Granary Square Brasserie, which […]

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We Review: The Giggling Squid Wimbledon

What: We giggled, and we ate wonderfully (just not the squid) New? Yes. Well, sort of. The Giggling Squid is a chain of restaurants that has establishments all over the UK, and now there is one in Wimbledon. Where: 26 High Street, Wimbledon, SW19 5BY The Look: One of the main things I loved about this restaurant was the décor. The walls are covered with foliage, bright flowers pinned to the walls, wicker partitions, and hanging plants and baskets. There’s plenty to marvel at as you wait for your food or in the queue for the restaurant, as it should be […]

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Bone Daddies Comes To Nova Victoria

Who doesn’t love rock n roll and ramen? Admittedly this is not a famous combination, but am I right in saying no one is opposed, in fact everyone’s quite intrigued and excited about it. Bone Daddies is the restaurant responsible for bringing Japanese food to the forefront of the London food scene. Ross Shonhan was a man with a passion for Japenese food. He says “I want to challenge people’s perceptions of Japanese food… I want to make it accessible to everyone”, how does one do that? Jam on some old school rock n’ roll and watch the flocks descend. […]

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Mindful City: Laughter Yoga, Beyonce Barre and Meditation

Living in London is great, always something to do, always someone to see, always somewhere new to eat; but in the great rush that is London life we can also be left feeling drained and exhausted. This is when we need to take stock and practice self-care and mindfulness. After all our mental health is every bit as important as a physical health. D&D London’s latest campaign Mindful City, will see its London restaurants host a whole series of events, talks and workshops throughout January until the 11th February, all designed for us to slow down and appreciate ourselves and […]

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Giant Italian Food Hall Set to Open in London

Calling all fans of cheese, olive oil, pasta, cured meats, ciabatta, gelato and all things Italian, rumour has it* that Italian cuisine big dogs, Eataly are going to be opening a massive Italian food hall right here in London. At the moment, the details are all still rather under wraps, it’s still in the planning stages, but we can tell you what we do know. It’s thought to be opening in Bishopsgate, it’s said to have a bar, restaurant and kitchen workshops as well as a lot of wine and all the other ingredients you’ll need to whip up an […]

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Beat January: Go Somewhere Hot

The other day it was minus fifteen in the UK. Minus fifteen… I have never been more eager to jump on a flight and leave Britain way, way behind. Except the half inch of snow meant that all flights were cancelled. So instead here I am, huddled by the radiator and daydreaming about where I’d head for winter sun… The Sandpiper Hotel, Barbados What: Relax on the beach in Barbados Why: This is cheating given I did head there just last month for a much needed tan top-up; watch this space for a full Handbook review. But needless to say […]

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The Samaritans Say Boo To Blue Monday

Monday the 15th January, has me quaking in fear. Why? Why you ask, because apparently it’s the most depressing day of the year. I had no idea this was the case, but now that I’ve been told, I can’t shake the growing dread that consumes me every minute the 15th gets closer. With this in mind, the Samaritans have teamed up with Carnaby street for a tea takeover. In the true British sprit of things, the Samaritan crew are taking a stand with tea. Everything is better with a cup of tea. A good natter, a warm cuppa, and a […]

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