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Health & Wellness

10 Evening Plans That Don’t Involve Alcohol

Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midnight moon… Night is the new day and London is the best place to make the most of it. Here’s some suggestions for how to use your evenings to the max, and without even visiting a bar…Escape Rooms  Escape rooms are hard enough, let...


Summer Literary Festivals around the UK

The number of literary festivals around the UK has skyrocketed, and summer is the perfect time to explore all they have to offer. With options scattered around the area and focusing on a variety of subjects, there is a festival for everyone to enjoy!...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

German Gymnasium Drink to our Icons

Cocktails, like pieces of art, are a thing of beauty – especially circa 5.30pm on a Friday when you’ve barged past every fellow commuter, sashayed your way on to the escalator and pushed through the tiny tube door gap, to ride off into the sunset, and get your hands on one. Well, the next time...

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Now Airbnb Is Doing Concerts

Is London falling silent? Not so much the Big Issue Sellers, the taxi drivers shouting obscenities and drunken hen and stag dos singing but the music that has made the city a global powerhouse of music and culture for decades. The figures would suggest it is, and according to the Music Venue...

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Things to do Outdoors

Mayfair’s Live in the Square Turns Theatre Inside Out

There’s something about sunnier climes that sees us take all things traditionally done indoors and do them outside instead, but who’s complaining right? Well, say goodbye to the awkward shuffle past many a frustrated observer as you attempt to go to the toilet mid-Madame Butterfly. Outdoors is...

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The Boxsets That Got Us Through May

Given we’re all going to spend June glued to Love Island it’s hard to think how you’ll find time to watch any boxsets, let alone the six we’ve suggested here. But when the Majorcan dust clears, then you’ll need something to replace all that time with, you could learn a...

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Watch Your Favourite Film, Then Sing Along At Lucky Voice

Doe a deer, a female deer, ray a drop of golden sun, me a name I call myself, far – never a long long way to run from Lucky Voice… The high-end karaoke dens have introduced a new initiative, watch your favourite film, then sing your heart out to the soundtrack. From Mondays to...

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Openings & Launches

Japan House Arrives in Kensington

For those prone to thinking solely of the martial arts, Hello Kitty or sushi when Japan comes to mind, get ready for your horizons to be considerably widened. Bringing a dose of Japan to the capital, Japan House is set to open next month as the first of its kind in Europe, following other sites in...


The Best Art, Theatre and Exhibitions to See This May

May is a glorious month in the UK. Two bank holidays and the heady scent of summer approaching are solid reasons to be joyful. This year, we’ve even been thrown a royal wedding for good measure. And for days when the sun does not have his hat on and is most definitely not coming out to...

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The Boxsets We’ve Been Watching This Month

I know we spend most of our evenings out tasting and drinking for your enjoyment, but somehow we also seem to find enough moments to binge watch entire seasons of mediocre to good telly. Here’s what we’ve been watching this month…Editor Emily‘s Watching: Ordeal by...

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