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Awesome Afternoon Teas

Would You Pay £500 For A Cup Of Tea?

‘Tea for two, and two for tea, just me for you and’ – HOW MUCH? ‘Tap water for two, and two for tap water…’ as the song didn’t quite go. As a nation we’re obsessed with tea, we consume it by the gallon, we even built an entire empire on it (well, that and subjugation of native peoples, exploitation of natural resources, overcoming malaria with gins and tonic and playing too much cricket – so all the good stuff). But how far would you go for the perfect cuppa? And do you have £500 spare? If so then order an […]

Openings & Launches

Gouda-ness Gracious Me! A Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Is Coming To London

Cheezus, this restaurant looks like it’s gonna brie fantastic! If you’re a fiend for feta, and cheddar makes you giddy then we’ve found a grate place for you… Coming to London is Pick & Cheese, the brainchild from the one and only Cheese Bar that has been the guilty pleasure of Londoners, and the cause of all sorts of eccentric dreams, since it opened! This brand spanking new venture has turned heads across the web already, offering up endless supplies of cheese, all delivered via a 40-metre conveyor belt! View this post on Instagram #PICKANDCHEESE British cheese and natural wine, done […]

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Spring Into Summer With This New Poké And Spritz Menu

Now the warm weather has finally graced the city, we’re itching to find new foodie menus that won’t leave us feeling too full and drowsy. And we’re in luck! The Connaught Bar will be fuelling us Londoner’s through the summer with their new poké and spritz menu, yippee! Set in the beating heart of Mayfair, The Connaught Bar is tucked away in the luxurious hotel, The Connaught. And they’ve certainly been busy building themselves a reputation, now known worldwide for their signature martinis. So you betcha the new menu defo has some living up to do, and oh does it! Their new light poké […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Where To Eat Out In… Greenwich

Oh Greenwich, it’s home to the Cutty Sark, the mahoosive National Maritime Museum, and of course, the O2. Yep, while most of us only ever venture over to Greenwich when one of the big celebs are singing their heart out in front of thousands, we’re always looking for a bite to eat last...

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Rooftops and Terraces

Is This London’s Poshest Rooftop Bar?

There are a number of places that VVIPs head to when they jet into London; maybe it’s TV studios, rounds of interviews at the BBC, a quick gig at the O2, papped stumbling out of Mahiki or The Groucho. But regardless, there’s one constant: mega suites. You or I may think that a hotel’s luxurious when there’s posh soaps to steal, when there’s a bottle of bubbles waiting or when the adult channels aren’t disabled. No, a hotel room’s smart when it’s bigger than your house. When everything (except maybe the bed) is made from marble and you’ve a butler […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

15 Smokin’ BBQ Restaurants

With the sun looking like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future, we’re living on the a very balanced diet of lettuce leaves because we need something refreshing and meat because sun = BBQ. We’ve rounded up 17 of our favourite BBQ joints in London, where you can feast on meat, cocktails and classic sides like mac’n’cheese and slaw:   The Big Red What: Ultimate Dive Bar Ribs Why: If you are a rib person, Big Red is your spot. The St. Louis ribs on the menu could rival any rack in the States, served with drunk beans and […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

Howl With Happiness At 10 Of London’s Best Doggy Menus

It’s always a bit of a faff when you’re dying for a boozy bottomless brunch but Fido needs a walk. Well, we’ve got you sorted with some epic doggy menus that’ll put a toothy grin on any woofer’s face – from pugs to pointers! Whether it’s free-flowing...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Posh Picnics: 15 Places Whacking Out The Wicker

Let’s face it, the jubilant thoughts surrounding a picnic after often quashed by the fact that you have to pack it yourself. The sandwiches always end up soggy, the ice always melts out of its packet – probably the reason the sandwiches get soggy – and a juice carton always bursts...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Red Sky At Night, Diners’ Delight: 9 Stunning Sunset Restaurants

London does sunset really well. Like, really well. Think Monet’s Houses of Parliament, or The Fighting Temeraire by Turner. And in a glass and concrete city so at odds with the natural environment it’s the one thing that connects us back to nature, tying us to the universe and a beauty...

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Veggies, Listen Up! There’s A New Bottomless Brunch In Town

When you get to spend one of the summer’s warmest Sunday afternoons (this year!) sipping on unlimited Bellini’s, you know you’re in for a good’un. Which is exactly how I spent last Sunday, piling up my plate with over 40 veggie dishes, and briskly knocking back as many Bellini’s as possible without a care in the world… And, oh boy, was it a treat! Thanks to tibits’ new bottomless brunch marking itself a permanent fixture on the weekend menu, Londoner’s too can dive head first into the Bellini’s and Prosecco, yippee! Arriving a little late for our table after soaking up […]

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