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The Best Bar In The World Just Got Bester

There are a few things that you might normally be expected to do when you’re awarded the accolade of best bar in the entire world. Maybe open a bottle of Champagne, utter a muted whoop for joy or help yourself to an extra Weetabix at breakfast, you know, that kind of thing. What you don’t expect is to shut the whole joint down. Except, that’s exactly what Ryan Chetiyawardana did when his bar Dandelyan was lionised as the best in the world back in September. The shutters finally fell last month and now Lyaness has arisen from Dandelyan’s metaphorical ashes. And it’s […]

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Losing Your Veganity: The Definitive Guide To London Vegan Hangouts

London’s culinary scene is positively bulging with vegan restaurants at present, illuminating just how popular the plant-based way of life has become in recent years. Restaurants galore are popping vegan goodness on plates, from jackfruit tacos to plant-based fried “chicken” – and...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Lights, Camera, Restaurant: Film Locations You Can Eat In

You’ve seen it on film, now you can eat there. London is one of Hollywood’s most popular go-tos for filming. Partly down to its incredible architecture, iconic locations and picture-perfect views, but mainly because of the generous tax breaks. Either way, here’s where you can eat...

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Win An Exclusive Membership To New Members’ Club Kindred

Open until 26th January 2020

Kindred, West London’s most exciting members’ space, has teamed up with The Handbook to exclusively offer one lucky winner a complimentary brunch + guest and a three-month membership, which includes: Two floors of co-working space including The Library for quiet working, lounge space for meetings, phone booth for private calls, and a members bar to order food and drink Targeted introductions and weekly members networking to grow your business Weekly events such as Monday morning Coffee Club, meditation on Tuesdays, 60 seconds networking Wednesdays, and river walks on a Thursday Opportunity to showcase your work in their newsletter to 2k+ […]

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10 Of New York’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Everything’s just that little bit more romantic in New York, isn’t it? Maybe we’re all just lusting for a Ross and Rachael style romance whenever we think of the Big Apple, but either way whether you’re anxiously planning the perfect first date or well into the honeymoon...

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Where To Eat Out In… Southwark

As with many London boroughs the lines are often pretty blurred when it comes to where on starts and the other ends. This time around though, we’re having a plug at Southwark, or that inconspicuous bit by Waterloo, as it might be more commonly known. However, this part of London does in fact...

Best Brunches

The Hair of the Dog Rooftop Brunch

Savage Garden is taking ‘hair of the dog’ to the next level by actually bringing dog hair to brunch. No this isn’t Goop’s latest way to achieve eternal youth although if you had told us that it was, we wouldn’t be surprised, rather Savage Garden is launching a new dog brunch that will take place on the first Sunday of every month. Launching this weekend, the brunch will be in partnership with pet accessories brand, Hiro + Wolf who will be giving out a special accessory surprise and goodie bags for your four-legged pal as well as giving you a […]

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Fashion & Beauty

In Vogue: Fashion Houses With Food

Haute couture and haute cuisine seldom meet, unless you eat spag-bol wearing your best Chanel. But we’re spotting a slow-growing trend among fashion houses to include restaurants in their fashion outlets, after all if you can create a fantastic £15k handbag you must also be a dab-hand at...

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Farmacy: The Vegan Restaurant Paving The Plant-Based Way

Vegans, listen up, because you’d be a buffoon not to tick this restaurant off your list. Quite literally a sanctuary for catering to all your plant based needs, Farmacy is the brainchild of Camilla Fayed opening in 2016 on Westbourne Grove between Notting Hill and Bayswater. The menu and concept was undeniably ahead of its game when it came about a few years ago, with a smorgasbord of seasonal, nutritional and sustainable flavours on offer. Fast forward a few years and there’s no doubting the restaurants consistent popularity, with diners filling tables that sit wrapped around the centrepiece bar. The restaurant really plays […]

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Openings & Launches

The Brexit Themed Restaurant That WTO Rules

Ayes front, there’s a new immersive restaurant that’ll have you reliving all your favourite Brexit moments coming to town and it’s going to be the real no deal. The Backstop opens today in Westminster and will be the home of all things Brexit, from the menu to the decor and, of course, the conversation. The novel idea is inspired by similar, politically themed, restaurants like Bunga Bunga and Maggies and aims to recreate the buzz around Brexit to a new audience of London’s discerning diners and we guarantee it’ll get your meaningful vote. The menu has been lovingly created by […]


20 Of London’s Most Instagrammable Cafés

We’re a sucker for the Instagrammable and also a cup of hot Joe and a hot cross bun (or five) which is why we’ve perused some of the prettiest cafés across the city and we’re dropping them straight onto your Insta feeds. Here’s what we found…...

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Best Brunches

There’s a Brand New Beauty and Beast Bottomless Brunch

When reviewing restaurants you always hope that the chef will read the article, and if they take onboard the feedback you gave about the chips not needing to be served in a mini deep fat fryer (whoever thought that was a good idea needs to have a word with themselves) then even better. What you don’t expect is for the restaurant to take your words and use them to create a whole new brunch… but M Restaurants has gone there.  They’ve taken Bill Knott of the Financial Times words “Stylish and ambitious…Michael Reid’s menu matches beauty with the beast” and […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Where To Get Wood: Restaurants With Trees In Them

Proving there really is a listicle for everything, here’s a guide to where to find restaurants that have trees inside them. From acorns grow mighty oaks, unless you had them shipped in ready-grown as part of a refurb. But nevertheless, there’s something undeniably magical about a living...

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