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The Cat’s Out The Bag…

The internet’s gone into meltdown. What’s going on with Gordon Ramsay’s latest headshot? Twitter is abuzz with speculation; is it simply the light? Is he actually a superhero? Perhaps he’s a ‘furry’? Given the angriest man in Scotland’s propensity for f-word laden borderline workplace bullying (‘Are you a idiot sandwich?’), our personal theory is that the chef is actually a werwolf. But he’s keeping it on the downlow in case the council’s hygiene unit close him down. Something's coming… — Gordon Ramsay (@GordonRamsay) January 31, 2019 But it turns out that none of us was right, he’s actually touting […]

Openings & Launches

Set Sail In This Sleek Floating Glass Restaurant

Londoners are always on a quest to make dining more of an experience. We’ve mastered excellent restaurants and now we need more. We can dine 100 feet above London, we can immerse ourselves in different worlds, we can eat underground in former WCs (better than it sounds) and now we can ditch dry land and eat whilst floating down the Thames in a glass boat aptly named Glass Room. It’s Bateaux London’s brand-new boat and it’s quite a sight to see. Whilst walking over Waterloo Bridge the other night it slowly glided below me, a giant glass room with twinkling […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Escape The Cold At These 24 Snug Places

Brrrrrrrr, right? Our ancestors were out battling wooly mammoths in worse conditions than this, and yet here we are, cowering under a duvet and clutching a hot water bottle. But taking a leaf out of our caveman predecessors’ book (or thumb painting or whatever the correct analogy would be), what we really crave right now is a place to cosy up and escape this unfair weather and  a huge fireplace wouldn’t go amiss either. All we can say is we’re never complaining again when Britain receives a well deserved heatwave! So unleash your inner neanderthal and head to one of these […]

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On September 3rd 2019 the award-winning Staycity Aparthotels opened its first ever resort-style property in France, Paris Marne La Vallée – just five minutes from Disneyland® Paris.

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Dine 100ft In The Sky

Ever get tired of spending hours on end looking online for a great place to eat, with a menu and stunning scenery to match? So do we – sometimes it seems impossible to find a restaurant that ticks all three boxes when it comes to dining out in London. Well, good news; London’s most exhilarating dining experience, a pop-up suspended 100 feet from the ground offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and (Champagne Taittinger flights), has returned – and we’re feeling all sorts of vertigo! As the name suggests, guests who dare take up a seat at the infamous London In The Sky table will […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

9 Restaurants You Can Bank On: The Square Mile’s Best Dining

The Square Mile, the bedrock of the British economy, a monument to mammon, a system so complex at only machines understand it and a interconnected web of commerce that both sustains all of our lifestyles while simultaneously holding the power to obliterate them. Oh, and there’s food. Lots of...

Openings & Launches

Pretty Sweet! A New Peggy Porschen And Cutter & Squidge To Open

Baked cakes and biskies and brownies oh my! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you are going to want to check out the newest sweet treats in town. Whether you are surprising your significant other with a fondue kit for two or splurging on an array of cupcakes to eat at home with the girls, Cutter & Squidge and Peggy Porschen’s little sister venue are two hot spots that are opening just in time for the season of love. Annabel and Emily Lui prove to be the ultimate sister dream team as they prepare for the opening of their […]

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10 Reasons Why It’s All About Barbados This Winter

Every job has its drawbacks, I once worked on a garlic farm and wafted a 20 yard garlicky exclusion-zone everywhere I went, putting off girls and vampires in equal measure. Another student job saw me hand-wrapping chocolates for an upmarket chocolatier, a role that saw me outgrow every pair of trousers I owned and very nearly gave me diabetes. As Travel Editor at The Handbook I now find myself lumped with the unenviable task of having to jump on a plane to the Caribbean island of Barbados to review 5 star hotels and some of the most luxurious restaurants on […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Wok Could Be Better Than Chinese New Year In London?

Oink Oink! It’s the year of the pig! Chinese New Year is almost upon us, starting on 5th February, and of course all our favourite Chinese restaurants are gearing up. So here are the best places to stuff your snout this Chinese New Year.

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

7 Of The Most Sustainable Restaurants

My diet may not be sustainable (I had thirds of pudding yesterday!), but it sure as well can be sustainable. Sustainability flies in the face of much of the food industry’s direction of travel; seasonability is merely a notion where all food stuff is a short flight or a refrigerated container away. Provenance is hardly important if your only goal is to waffle down a dopamine hit. But for those of us who care about the planet, about what we’re putting into our bodies and the environment it comes from, then sustainable restaurants are suddenly very attractive. So here are […]

Rooftops and Terraces

7 Of The Best Ski Lodge Bars

Swoosh, swoosh, not the sound of me as I carve my way down a freshly snowed-upon alp, but the sound of the wonky wheel on my Boris Bike as I glide toward one of London’s many apres ski bars. Yes, you’re quite demonstrably not in Cour Cheval, braying with the smart set, but you’re...

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Best Brunches

14 Of The Best Boozy Brunches

Bottomless: unless you’re buying a boat or you’re a colorectal surgeon, one of the sweetest words to hear. The endless possibility of a brunch with unlimited alcohol. Free-flowing bubbles to accompany a delicious meal, Aprol Spritzes like spritz is about to be banned. Bottomless is sweet to the ear and even more so to the mouth. So without further ado (because unlike everything else on this page, my time is not bottomless) are our fave new bottomless brunches.   Galvin HOP What: Hop to it Galvin HOP, the little sister to Galvin La Chapelle, is a great low-key bistro with […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

8 Ways To Retox

If you’re in the middle of Dry January then I’m guessing that it’s starting to bite. You’ve put enough space between the debauchery of December and now, and with the fading guilt comes the realisation that it’s still another half month until the end of Dry January. New...

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