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The Owner Of Sketch Opens A New Diner

When you think of Sketch, your first thoughts are pinky hues and crowds of influencers, snapping up the perfect ‘gram, and thanks to owner Mourad Mazouz, crowds of micro-celebs will soon be lining up on Heddon Street, eager to be amongst the first to snap a pic at Mo Diner, the new American-style diner opening in Mayfair. Mazouz, owner of Sketch and Momo, is opening up another eatery in the heart of Mayfair, only this time it’ll be an American-style diner with Mediterranean influences, located next to Momo. You’ll soon be filling up your Insta feeds with bright yellow Moroccan-style tiles, […]

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9 Of The Best South American Restaurants In London

Got the winter blues? Haven’t we all! After months and months of grey darkness, we’re all craving a bit of colour in our lives. And where better to start than with your dinner? Say goodbye to winter stodge – here are seven of the best South American restaurants, with enough spice and flavour to kick you back into life:

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Surf ‘n’ Turf Your Way To The Coal Shed For Their Brand-New Brunch

Whilst you probably never expected in your lifetime that you’d be eating in a coal shed, this one is about to change the game entirely! Ladies, gents, The Coal Shed is the rustic babe of a restaurant you need on your doorstep, something we knew as soon as we saw the reluctant to compliment Financial Times magazine describing the Brighton outpost as “having done well for itself.” In fact, the turn of the century saw very little in the way of eateries around the London Bridge area but, ever since, a culinary growth has seen the food culture positively booming […]

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London’s Best Activity Restaurants

They’re perfect for a date, for a work social, for the uninventive and lazy, in fact anyone looking for an evening that occurs all under one roof. Welcome to activity restaurants. Book a table and let the evening commence, with a round of mini-golf, darts or bowling before or after a full-on...

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Fancy A Night Of Italian Passion With Gregg Wallace?

The foodie icon that is Gregg Wallace will be turning his baldy head in the direction of Morton’s private members’ club next month to create a four-course dinner perfect for anyone who enjoys Italian food (ie all of us). What’s more, it’s being brought to us through disruptive foodie app The TV chef will host ‘Italian delights with Gregg Wallace at Morton’s’ starting, as evenings ought, with a glass of Prosecco (we’re in Italy, after all) and a mingle with the big man himself, before we sit down to a lavish meal straight from the pages of Gregg’s book […]

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Gone in 60 Minutes: The Rise of the Express Lunch

Lunch at work: the time of day when you make a desperate dash to your local store and pick up food you don’t really want to eat, or you spend an extortionate amount on a takeaway only to feel like you need 400 trips to the gym to work it off. All we really want is to snack on something sumptuous as speedy as possible, to avoid the gruelling glare of a boss unhappy. Which is why, luckily, some restaurants are catering to our munching needs with Express Lunches; the latest trend that sees high-brow restaurants rustling up an express […]

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Seasonal & Celebrations

Dinner Is Served: Where To Eat Out During Wimbledon Championships 🎾

When it comes to tennis, as nation, we’re pretty ‘meh, take it or leave it’, but for one fortnight only we care about nothing else. During Wimbledon we’re obsessive, dyed-in-the-wool tennis fans, digging out our whites, restringing our rackets, a state of heightened national...

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Things to do With Kids

A Hole Load Of Doughnut Shops You Do-nut Want To Miss

We’ve come a long way since the simple glazed or jam-filled doughnuts. These days, doughnuts have gone all creative on us, they’ve got bigger, bolder, more outrageous and far more decadent. In celebration of National Doughnut Week (which starts tomorrow) we’ve rounded up some of the capital’s best doughnuts. Get ready to feel hungry:

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This Is What A £6m Private Dining Room Looks Like

It turns out that you need more than a couple tins of Farrow and Ball and a happenin’ Pinterest Board to create a sensational dining room. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen get in the bin, this is a real makeover! Scott’s, in Mayfair, fish restaurant to the stars, has just dropped a smooth £6-mil on their private dining room. The not-so-snappily named Platinum Arowana Room comes with an illuminated floor made from semiprecious stone agate, light fittings from Lalique and sumptuous glass panelled walls. As you dine, make sure your chat is on serious A-game because all but the most punchy of ‘dotes is going to […]

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

The Places Where It’s Always Pimm’s O’Clock

The summer has arrived and so have a bucket load of Pimm’s! We’re certainly not complaining. It’s pretty much the British version of sangria! I mean, who doesn’t love an ice cold glass of fruity goodness? And when alcohol is involved, it’s an added bonus. So...

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