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Awesome Afternoon Teas

Keep Calm And Carry Scone… 24 Places To Spend Afternoon Tea Week!

Get the scones at the ready, get that cream clotted, leave the teabag in the pot for just the right amount of time, de-crust the sarnies, aaaaaand relax! Afternoon tea lovers, this is your week. From Monday 12th, all the way through until Sunday 18th, Britain celebrates a week that puts the sweet to Glorious Twelfth’s savoury – it’s Afternoon Tea Week! And, in a bid to provide you with only the jammiest and best brewed, dear, we’ve rounded up the most scrumptious tea’s going. Fill your boots, porcelain mugs and doggy bags, it’s time to par-tea! Kimpton Fitzroy Kimpton […]

Openings & Launches

Why Mayfair Needs Another Luxury Hotel…

The Hilton enterprise is extending, and Paris is most likely laughing as she purchases another $65,000 custom Birkin. This September, The Biltmore, Mayfair will open its doors, positioning itself amongst other silk-stocking constructions such as London Marriott and Four Seasons London at Park Lane, snug in Grosvenor Square.

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Dinners You Can Bank On: London’s Most Expensive Menus

Money makes the world go round, and it turns out, your plate too, as you lick every single last drop of London's most expensive food from it...

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Best Brunches

It’s So Fetch: A Mean Girls Afternoon Tea Is Coming To London

On Wednesday’s we wear pink, and at DUO London we afternoon tea! The Mean Girls afternoon tea that’s coming to London is proving that, in fact, you can sit with us, as the movie-themed treat swings open its doors… no burn books allowed. Whilst the Mean Girls afternoon tea might be trying to make fetch happen, we don’t care because we’re too excited. The tea has hop, bopped and whizzed across the pond to try and make us pile on the pounds, like Cady tried to do with Regina… but we’re going to comply and attend, even though we disagree, because […]

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Openings & Launches

But Why Did They Call It Eggslut? The Eggy Restaurant With The Edgy Name

Just when we thought we’d heard every restaurant name under the sun, there’s a new one hatching in central delightfully named Eggslut. Yep, you read that correctly. This LA-based diner has flown the nest over the Atlantic ocean launching their very first London venue, and it’s opening tomorrow! On 7th August, this new eatery is landing on Portobello Road and it’s been stirring up a bit of a name for itself. Mainly because of it’s charming name. But also because it’s serving up the ultimate comfort food – an eggy bap! Granted, you can’t beat an eggy bap, but with […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Stylish Sarnies: 9 Of London’s Most Indulgent Sandwiches

Nothing can beat a good ol’ sarnie! Although maybe not one that’s been kicking around in your bag for a little too long, oozing out of the cling film. But it just goes to show that the beloved sandwich is too often taken for granted. Well now the lunchbox staple is back to redeem its rightful throne as the king of the perfect midday treat. And luckily for us, there’s sarnie shops a’plenty popping up all over the city with everything from katsu sandos to the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese. So get your baps out, here’s our recommendations […]

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

9 Of London’s Amazing August Supper Clubs

Ah, the luxury of eating out… no washing up, no awkward meal-preps for judgy pals and no food poisoning (or so we hope). It’s a fine old way to while away any evening, and London bulges with sexy supper clubs each month.

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Is This London’s Most Sustainable Supper Club?

 I’m trying to grow my own veggies where possible to do my bit for sustainable living; easy ones like tomatoes, mini cucumbers, leafy greens that don’t require too much water and knowhow though. Why? Well, enjoyment aside, it’s undeniable that sustainable living has taken hold of our social consciences in a firm way, with #vegan to #plasticfreejuly to #zerowaste trending across social media. Also venturing far into the sustainable side is The Whyte & Brown supper club, which aims to focus on what is typically thrown out as waste ingredients from their kitchen to inspire a menu based around their famous chicken.  It’s […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

March Of The Mochi, London’s Latest Pudding Craze

Mochi is having a bit of a moment in London. Quite a big moment in fact, to the point where we can’t stop thinking about it nor stop eating it. Bidding bao buns to back down and humous milkshakes to move aside, mochi is the culinary scene’s latest “OMG” and like most great things (sushi, Hello Kitty), it’s here from Japan! But what actually is mochi? Well, it’s like a little cake packed with ice cream and, on the outside, mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and other ingredients such as water, sugar, and cornstarch. It’s bloody tasty too and […]

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

5 Borough Market Must-Visits

Sitting with the big dogs, like London Bridge and the Gherkin, is Borough Market, and if you’re a wannabe Londoner then you’ve got to swoop by its bustling arches. Sitting just across from London Bridge tube, it’s a treasure trove for eclectic eateries, pongs of cheese, and being barged past in the homemade fudge queue, and we can’t help but adore it. However, the labyrinth that it is, means a guide, albeit small, to the best places to eat is a total must. So, from baked goods and bao’s, to cold cuts and cronuts, here are our top five Borough […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Ice, Ice, (Coffee), Baby: 8 Of The Best London Ice Coffees

After temperatures whizzed up to record temperatures last week and office fans went into overdrive, iced coffee very quickly became our best friend (f*ck off Sandra, I don’t care about your break up now I’ve got iced cappuccino). And so, seeking respite from the sun, not to mention a caffeine hit the size of the Walkie Talkie, the decision was made to seek out some of the best serves of the city, from independent bean grinders to chains. Better latte than never, here’s where we’re buzzing about… Nude Espresso It’d be pretty rude not to go to Rude as temperatures […]

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Openings & Launches

Bite Off More Than You Can Maître Choux At This Brand New Patisserie

If the choux fits… Everyone’s always harping on about how good the buttery croissant is, or that you can’t beat a spinachy spanakopita. Yeah, yeah, they’re good but why’s nobody talking about the classic éclair? The world’s first choux pastry specialist patisserie is fighting back, spreading the pastry love to the busy goers of Canary Wharf, with their latest venue opening in Canada Place. You won’t be choux-ing away from Canary Wharf during rush hour any longer as this August Maître Choux will be serving up pastry treats to bustling office workers, tourists and passersby at their all new patisserie […]

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