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Awesome Afternoon Teas

6 New Afternoon Teas To Try This Summer

Nothing can beat a good ol’ cuppa and a dunk of your favourite biccie now, can it? We always jump with joy when a new afternoon tea spot pops up on our doorsteps. Especially when it’s decked out with a twist on the British classic and anything where champers can be involved is always an added bonus. We’ve picked out our five favourite new afternoon teas filled with everything from a Japanese twist on the quintessential British meal to celebrating the ironic moment from the summer of ’69.

Health & Wellness

Getcha Kombucha! Where To Enjoy This Year’s Trendiest Drink

Kombucha, either you’re totally fer-mental about the stuff, or you’re reading it back and wondering if it’s a Japanese sex thing. Kombucha is the terribly fashionable fermented drink that’s apparently great for gut health, as well as being mildly pleasant to drink. Made from...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The UK’s First Cancer Cookery School Opens

Being diagnosed with cancer is a tremendously upsetting and often lonely time. To help fight back against cancer, food writer and stylist, Ryan Riley is setting up the UK’s first cancer cookery school, which launches June 4th. Ryan founded Life Kitchen, a non-profit organisation, in memory of his mother Krista Riley who passed away in 2014 from small cell lung cancer. Ryan set up Life Kitchen after his mother struggled with the loss of appetite and taste during her chemotherapy treatment. In hope of bringing the joy that food and cooking brings to us in everyday life, the organisation has […]

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Where To Eat In

Where To Eat Out In… Fitzrovia

As they say, ‘If the cafe Fitz…’, and in Fitzrovia it surely always does because this pocket of north-of-Oxford-Street has a great selection of restaurants for your delectation. So without further ado, here’s some of the very best…...

Openings & Launches

Get Your Groove On At The New Lucky Voice

It’s new, it’s exciting and we can’t flipping wait to try it! A new Lucky Voice has thrown open its doors and got its jazz hands out, with a venue that holds the largest VIP karaoke room going, with singing space for over 25 people. For those who aren’t in the know but want to be, Lucky Voice is your groovy karaoke go-to that sees friends become diva enemies for the night and colleagues breaking out of their corporate shells to reveal their inner Britney’s and Elton’s. Already located across London, Dubai and other spots in the UK, Lucky Voice […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

London’s Best Sunday Roasts

If there’s one good thing about the winter months, it’s the warmth of a good roast dinner. There’s no better way of bracing yourself against the cold and the rain. And while no roast will ever be as good as your Mum’s, there are some top quality options in London these days – here are London’s 11 top roast dinners…  

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Culinary Summer Festival You Need To Feast At

What do the British love about summer? Well, aside from the obvious – ahem, Love Island – there’s also the prospect of a bit of good old fashioned sunshine and the ability to dine al-fresco. And, pandering to the latter is Le Cordon Bleu, as they introduce their first Summer Festival event  on Saturday 29th June, which will see Brits swapping burnt BBQ sausages with a serve of some seriously high-end cooking. Le Cordon Bleu London, founded in Paris all the way back in 1895, is a stickler for culinary prowess, as the largest network of hospitality schools in the world. […]

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Bars, Clubs & Drinks

We’re Getting American Dreamy For The American Bar’s New Cocktails

If you’re dreaming of an American getaway, look no further. With The American Bar at The Stafford, you’ll be taken on a journey through America’s history, celebrating its richness in music, sport, literature and touching on monumental events in their political calendar. They’ve launched their very own The American Dream cocktail collection and new all-day bar menu showcasing the best of the classics and sharing plates. Known for being one of the last remaining ‘American’ cocktail bars that became part of London and Paris during the 1920s and 30s, The American Bar soon becomes a favourite with both guests and passers-by, and […]

Openings & Launches

All Of The Marvellous May Openings

May, we’re going to miss you and all of your fabulous bank holidays! It’s been a jam-packed month and even more so on the restaurant front as a huge host of places threw open their doors in foodie frenzy. From a new BAO restaurant with an epic karaoke room to a second edition of the...

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