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Health & Wellness

10 Of London’s Healthiest Restaurants

Eating healthily has always been of huge importance, and yet there seems to be a turn in the times that’s seeing people actually abiding by this knowledge, swapping potato smilers and baked beans for avo and quinoa bowls with dustings of pine nuts. And here at The Handbook we’re all aboard the...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Michelin Stars Of Veganuary

If the thought of a diet of rabbit food and vegetables makes you feel that Veganuary is insurmountable, then think again. Here’s a selection of restaurants where you can expect only the best vegan food, guaranteed to be tasty and certified by the people over at French tyre manufacturer...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

Going Cold Turkey After Christmas? These Places Will Make Dry January Bearable

If Christmas is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, then Dry January must be the least. There’s nothing in the diary to look forward to (unless you count Valentine’s Day, which I don’t), the weather’s dreadful, everyone’s in a foul mood and the last...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The Rise And Rise Of The Multi-Storey Restaurant

I like my restaurants like I like my carparks. No, not made of poured concrete and smelling like somebody died in the stairwell: but multi-storey. There seem to be a number opening right now that it has to be something of a trend, venues with several restaurants within themselves (normally a cheap...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

ALL The Christmas Burgers

Carol concerts? Christmas trees laden with baubles? The sodding Coke advert? No, it turns out that nothing says Christmas quite like a burger. Which is why any place that’s any place are falling over themselves to produce Christmas burgers, with some of the tastiest creations hitting...

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Openings & Launches

The Hottest New Openings This December

It’s the final month of the year and boy where did the time go? But one thing we can look back on is a an exquisite catalogue of new restaurant openings with no month left unblemished. So, as we carry through to the new year, it’s safe to say there’s by no means a lack of places...

Bars, Clubs & Drinks

23 Incredible Places To Go For Christmas Cocktails

We’ve waited all year for this Ladies and Gents. ‘Tis the season where we can finally lift that glass of mulled wine up to our lips with #noregrets, and it’s also the time to try all of the festive venues London are offering up. So, if you want to impress Santa this year with...

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Could Londrino Be London’s Best Portuguese?

You never really say “ah, I fancy, um, Portuguese cuisine tonight” do you? Instead we opt for things more along the lines of Chinese, Italian or perhaps Vegan what with the changing of the times. And yet perhaps a visit to Londrino would change up that thought process. The Portugese...

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

19 Of London’s Cosiest Fireplaces

Brrrrrrrr, right? Our ancestors were out battling wooly mammoths in worse conditions than this, and yet here we are, cowering under a duvet and clutching a hot water bottle. But taking a leaf out of our caveman predecessors’ book (or thumb painting or whatever the correct analogy would be), what...

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Awesome Afternoon Teas

The 5* Christmas Afternoon Tea You Need To Check Out

What: It’s safe to say the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park has had quite the year, it was meant to be the year they celebrated the end of their major 18-month refurbishment project. However, disaster struck in the form of the fire at the start of June. Six months later the hotel has picked itself...

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