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Best Brunches

Grab-And-Go Brunch: London’s 9 Best Açai Bowls

We’re all guilty of having one too many when we’d promised ourselves we’d go home after a swift single. The morning after, rather than opting for the trusty fry-up or *berrying* your head in your pillow, opt for a fruit drink that’ll revive you, leaving you feeling full...

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Gelato Shops That’ll Make You Well Gel

After long and tiresome wintery weather, despite it technically being spring, we’ve finally been greeted with the sunshine and we cannot get enough. Say so long to the winter coats and bring on the maxi dresses and sandals. Of course, when the sun comes along, it means we can we have a legitimate excuse (not that you need one) to indulge in copious amounts of ice cream as humanly possible. There’s no longer the need to feel guilty or get the side eye from the check-out assistant as you pile in the tubs of your favourite male duo. That being […]

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London’s 10 Best Cafes For Latte Art

Let’s face it, getting through the week is hard enough as it is, a slog only brightened by intermittent and increasingly caffeinated cups coffee. But your day is infinitely brighter and life is significantly easier when a friendly barista adds some pretty latte art on top. Whether it’s...

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Win Tickets To The Ultimate Friends Experience: FriendsFestive

Open until 11th October 2019

Following the success of their annual, sell-out summer event, FriendsFest, Comedy Central UK is returning, in partnership with The Luna Cinema, to launch FriendsFestive, an event celebrating all the best seasonal moments from the world’s favourite TV show, Friends.

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Chow Down At Manhattan’s Hottest New Restaurant

When your first hit is a huge success, whatever it may be; restaurant, album, detective novel or sex-position, there’s always that overarching pressure for the second to not only equal it, but be even better (as a second child, I am living proof of this fact). Luckily Philippe Chow, who opened his second restaurant in Manhattan earlier this year has nothing to worry about. It’s already a smash. It’s been a while in the making, Philippe by Philippe Chow, which sits on New York’s Upper East Side was founded back in 2005 and in its 14 years it’s gained notoriety […]

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The UK’s First Cancer Cookery School Opens

Being diagnosed with cancer is a tremendously upsetting and often lonely time. To help fight back against cancer, food writer and stylist, Ryan Riley is setting up the UK’s first cancer cookery school, which launches June 4th. Ryan founded Life Kitchen, a non-profit organisation, in memory of his mother Krista Riley who passed away in 2014 from small cell lung cancer. Ryan set up Life Kitchen after his mother struggled with the loss of appetite and taste during her chemotherapy treatment. In hope of bringing the joy that food and cooking brings to us in everyday life, the organisation has […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

What’s It Like To Dine 100ft In The Sky? And What If You Need The Loo?

You probably lost count of the number of times you were told, as a child, to make sure that all four chair legs remained on the ground. Well this is a rule-follower’s nightmare, because all chairlegs were at least 100ft from the ground as I was hoisted to enjoy a meal dangling from a crane in Canary Wharf. Yes, London In The Sky is back! Undoubtedly London’s most exhilarating dining a pop-up, sees you served breakfast, lunch or dinner (not to mention Champagne Taittinger flights), and we overcame vertigo to go. So what’s it like? Your first thought is ‘What […]

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Wish You Were Beer: Beer Festivals Around The World

Beer is a mans best friend. So when the annual beer festival hops along to your local town hall or recreational ground, it’s a stein from the beer gods. And a good stein at that. Beer festivals bring brewers, drinkers and even cheerers from across the globe together for a weekend (or even a...

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London’s First Floating Negroni Bar Is Coming!

If you’ve been reading The Handbook for a while, you’ll know we’re a sucker for a cocktail with a view. And while in London, we might not be greeted with a mountainy view, we’re lucky enough to enjoy some of the world’s most renowned buildings. So although you won’t be getting an Italian backdrop this Negroni Week, at Glass Room, Bateaux London’s restaurant and bar on the Thames, you’ll at least have the London skyline. Glass Room has collaborated with the award-winning Italian dry gin brand, VII Hills, to bring the city its first and only floating Negroni bar – and […]

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Where To Eat In

Where To Eat Out In… Fitzrovia

As they say, ‘If the cafe Fitz…’, and in Fitzrovia it surely always does because this pocket of north-of-Oxford-Street has a great selection of restaurants for your delectation. So without further ado, here’s some of the very best…...

Openings & Launches

Get Your Groove On At The New Lucky Voice

It’s new, it’s exciting and we can’t flipping wait to try it! A new Lucky Voice has thrown open its doors and got its jazz hands out, with a venue that holds the largest VIP karaoke room going, with singing space for over 25 people. For those who aren’t in the know but want to be, Lucky Voice is your groovy karaoke go-to that sees friends become diva enemies for the night and colleagues breaking out of their corporate shells to reveal their inner Britney’s and Elton’s. Already located across London, Dubai and other spots in the UK, Lucky Voice […]

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Did Gordon Ramsay Just Troll Jamie Oliver?

Within minutes of yesterday’s sad announcement that Jamie Oliver’s restaurant business has unfortunately plunged into administration, another press release quietly did the rounds… Gordon Ramsay is looking for restaurant industry entrepreneurs to come forward for his new show. High-level trolling or not, maybe the Naked Chef should apply? Taking the mantra that ‘if there’s one thing that budding entrepreneurs, cautiously sounding out a new concept, need more than anything else, it’s being yelled at by a TV personality’ to its’ logical conclusion, the new programme is Ramsay’s latest foray into TV and promises to be entertaining, especially for anyone else […]

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This Is Not A Swansong: Former Handbooker Emily Heads Into The Sunset

‘But at the laste, as every thing hath ende, She took hir leve’: Geoffrey Chaucer Fact fans, it’s Chaucer who’s thought to have been the source of  the phrase ‘all good things must come to an end’ in his epic poem of Troilus and Criseyde. Just as the poem tells the story of...

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