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Super food Ice Lollies at Ethos

The sun might not be shining, but is that going to stop us eating ice lollies? No it is not. If anything we need to eat more to encourage the sun to shine (clearly this is how the weather works) especially when they’re the new ice-lollies from vegan and vegetarian restaurant Ethos, because they’re healthy and we all know the importance of health. The vegan lollies are made from coconut or almond milk and use fruit, seeds and natural sweetners. Flavours include mango and chia which is full of anti-oxidants and vitamin C, plus if you eat one whilst listening […]


St Pancras Spa Launches New Treatment Range

We all need some rest and relaxation every once in a while, but sometimes it can be tough convincing your employer/other half that you’re in real need of a spa day. So what better excuse to head on down for massages and bathing in strange liquids than the St Pancras Spa’s launch of their new treatment and product range in collaboration with Aromatherapy Associates. Located in King’s Cross, a bustling and exciting London neighbourhood, St Pancras Spa offers a welcome retreat from urban life. With the emphasis firmly on the rejuvenation of mind and body, spa facilities include a relaxation […]

Health & Wellness

Summer of Wellness at Metropolitan

As a group of young, sexy and humble Londoners, The Handbook loves a good weekend of socialising and partying. We wouldn’t exactly be a good guide to London if we didn’t enjoy going out. Sometimes though, we forget that there is more to life than getting low on dance floors across the capital. In fact, there are plenty of healthy and clean living activities that can be enjoyed on the weekend and Metropolitan by COMO is offering just that with their new Summer of Wellness schedule! This detoxing, bad-vibes-cleansing programme of events will include complimentary yoga glasses with Lulu Lemon […]

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The Handbook has teamed up with Lorna Jane to offer you the ultimate back-to-school kit: a sports bra to support you, a pair of leggings to move with you and Lorna’s Eat Good Food book to find inspiring healthy recipes.

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Hedi Hearts’ Health Workshop at Icetank Kitchen

Under the illusion that healthy food will break bank? Well think again. Hedi Hearts are offering a unique experience to prove that nutritional and healthy food can be delicious and affordable. Hedi, leader of this innovation, wants to share her health journey and allow people to fall back in love with food again. Sound tempting? The 3-hour class involves meeting Hedi, watching and sampling her food recipes. Other health specialists are there to offer their produce such as the Coconut Merchant, Provamel, ELLE Sport and 9Bar, all handed to guests in a goodie bag at the end. Then the real […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

5 Places to Get Your Vegetable Fix

Let’s be honest, “I fancy something meatless tonight” is hardly the first thought that crosses your mind when you’re considering heading out for a nice meal. (For seasoned carnivores, the first thing that crosses our minds tends to be “STEAK!”) Nonetheless, London seems to have become a bit of a mecca for herbivores recently with new and more exciting vegetarian restaurants opening by the week. So, without further ado, here’s the Handbook’s guide to the top 5 vegetarian dishes you’ll find in our glorious capital. Mildred’sWhat: Your go-to vegetarian restaurantWhy: It might sound like a Victorian tearoom, but you can […]

Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Innocent Smoothie Festival

Come the second Bank Holiday weekend in May we’ll be hitting innocent unplugged, a free, off-grid festival in a secret magical forest location free from, gulp, social media and WiFi. Heck there isn’t even any traditional electricity. But don’t worry, a silent festival wouldn’t be much fun so all power will be generated by solar power or people power (pedals to giant hamster wheels in case you’re wondering). Expect great music from headline acts such as The Correspondents and Norman Jay, lycra-legged dance-offs with old school classic Mr. Motivator, inspiring speakers like Kids Company founder Camila Batmanghelidjh, Liberty London Girl […]

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

The 5 Best Places to Eat Vegan

Although the naysayers (your grandmother) will tell you that Veganism is just a hippy fad, it is a foodie trend that has been gaining significant pace in the last few years. So whilst you may be weary of unkempt beards and kabbala bracelets, there’s surely nothing wrong with trying a meal made up entirely of fruit and veg. Check out our list of the top five vegan haunts below… 222 Veggie Vegan What – One of London’s best vegan restaurants offers way more than just lentils and pulses. Why – The biggest draw of this quaint spot is its 100% natural […]

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What to do This Weekend

The Hottest Hot Tubs

To signify the changing seasons we officially have Game of Thrones back on our TV screens and the clouds have parted to reveal glorious blue skies and blazing sunshine; we survived the dreary winter and are being rewarded thusly. But with sizzling tanning rays comes the heat so arm yourself with sun block, sunnies and an ice lolly as we give you a rundown of the best places to cool down in London this summer!

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Health & Wellness

Massages delivered to you

The London Marathon is fast approaching although those taking part will be well aware as it precedes months of training, sweating and possibly jiggling, all for a good cause. But as you’ve been putting in the hard work, pushing yourself and having to go around with puppy eyes trying to get donations from friends and colleagues isn’t time you had a little R&R? Urban Massage is an app that you can book massages through with a few taps, just download the app or register online and then get booking. You can pick from options like deep tissue, anti-cellulite and pregnancy, […]


PUSH Mind and Body Review

Spring is almost upon us and the layers are coming off and with them the realisation that the Christmas paunch, heard-earned over the festive period, has now turned into Easter paunch. But help is at hand, PUSH Mind and Body is a wellness camp based in New Forest that offers to arm you with the tools to live a better life. Don’t worry, it is not some sort of hippy commune or cult, they just use simple steps to do the obvious, giving guests a kick start in the right direction with an intense week of working out and getting […]

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