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a couple touching in front of Date Ideas in LondonDate Ideas in London

101 London Date Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Dating in the City

You’ve probably ended up here after a curious Google of “date ideas in London” or “fabulous date ideas…!” You get the gist! Anyway, we’ve all been there, flicking through pages in frantic search of where to take your better half, and let’s face it, if...

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Awesome Afternoon Teas

The Entirely Bonkers Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea

As the Mad Hatter once said: “It’s always tea time”, and with this in mind Kew Gardens have created an afternoon tea as mad as a hatter. Yes, that’s right, an Alice in Wonderland-Themed afternoon tea is gracing the gardens until the end of the month, and, as affirmed by our favourite...

Health & Wellness

Get Into the Groove at this New Madonna Fitness Class

The chameleon queen of pop, Madonna, is turning sixty and to celebrate Fabletics and POPfit are hosting Madonna curated Friday fitness classes as part of their alternative Friday Summer Series, because Friday nights aren’t all about G&Ts. When work is done, grab your girlfriends and get ready...

Rooftops and Terraces

John Lewis’ Rooftop Cinema

You need to listen up, because we honestly have about a handful days left to enjoy this ridiculous weather we’ve been having, if that. In fact, it poured with rain today and I got stuck under some awkward shop front wearing sandals, and my paper lunch bag broke because it was sogging wet. The...

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Things to do With Kids

What To Do With The Kids This Summer

It’s no reflection on you if your kids are going wild! If the dining room’s meant to resemble the international space station but actually is a tangle of blankets and cardboard boxes, that’s only to be expected, if you’re weeping into a bucket as you scrub the floor...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Bring on the Meat: Meatopia Returns

We said we’d be back with more information when we first told you about Meatopia back in April and now we can give you all the details… In amongst a year of vegan offerings, there is one festival which will satisfy all our carnivorous cravings: Meatopia. Taking place at Tobacoo Dock...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Immersive Kitchen Garden Sprouting Up in Victoria

We’re rooting for this next one… The Kitchen Garden is sprouting up this summer – on the 20th of this month to be exact – allowing green-fingered guests the chance to experience five zones – and no we’re not talking about tube zones before the heart palpitations start. No, instead Nova...


Join The Matrix, Augmented Reality Attractions To Visit This Summer

Reality sucks, right? Going to work, paying rent, doing a big shop, it’s all so… mundane. So why not, you know, mix things up? How about adding a level of hyper reality on top? Until now that’s normally involved illegal drugs or licking the back of a toad, but now...

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What to do This Weekend

Some Weekend Ideas: 3rd – 5th August

Remember that time that it rained? Waaaay back, like four days ago? Seems like a dream, right? Not least because it’s forecast to go up to around 30 degrees again this weekend.

Restaurants, Pubs & Food

Flesh & Buns Covent Garden Turns 5 With a Birthday Feast

Covent Garden has always been home to flesh and buns of a certain sort, just take a read of Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies… but for the last five years it’s also been home to restaurant Flesh & Buns Covent Garden. To celebrate five years of bao buns and maki rolls they are...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

Throwing Tomatoes As Aqua Nueva Celebrates La Tomatina

There is something so wonderfully enjoyable about a food fight, admittedly a waste but also an act of school lunch time rebellion ‘look Cook this is what we think of your cardboard pasta’ that said with the rise of primary school children owning smart phones and Jamie Oliver banning turkey...

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