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a couple touching in front of Date Ideas in LondonDate Ideas in London

101 London Date Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Dating in the City

You’ve probably ended up here after a curious Google of “date ideas in London” or “fabulous date ideas…!” You get the gist! Anyway, we’ve all been there, flicking through pages in frantic search of where to take your better half, and let’s face it, if...

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Best Brunches

The Hair of the Dog Rooftop Brunch

Savage Garden is taking ‘hair of the dog’ to the next level by actually bringing dog hair to brunch. No this isn’t Goop’s latest way to achieve eternal youth although if you had told us that it was, we wouldn’t be surprised, rather Savage Garden is launching a new dog brunch that will...

What to do This Weekend

20 Fabulous Things To Do This Weekend

Hurrah for the weekend! As it rolls round again – and boy are we glad it has – it’s time to immerse yourself in the following weird and downright wonderful things to do:...


Is This The World’s Most Extreme Art Performance?

As we all know, art can take many forms – oil painting masterpieces, unmade beds, preserved bodies, messages sprayed on the sides of buildings and of course art performances. Not one to be confined by boundaries, The Waldorf Project is back with its fourth chapter BARZAKH and it’s been...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Wine Tasting Event You Won’t Want To Miss

Is it just us or do the many labels given to wine get a bit lost in translation. Biodynamic? Low-intervention? Our heads are already spinning and that’s not even from the wine! The good news is that Berry Bros. & Rudd have got your back; appreciating the confusion that surrounds wine...

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Things to do With Kids

Frozen The Musical Is Coming To London

Let it go? Well, when it comes to this news we simply can’t – because it’s so darn exciting. Frozen the musical is coming to London and we can already hear the patter of tiny feet making their way to the front row, kids screeching the tunes at the top of their lungs and parents...

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Experiences & Pop-Ups

The Incredible Intimate Theatre Experience At The Shard

An evening well spent is typically one where you’re elevated above London’s bustling streets and positioned sky-high, Champagne in hand. The Shard, one of London’s most iconic offerings, provides just that level of relaxation, with its plethora of foodie offerings, intimate dining...


Chew Chew! The Michelin Starred Chefs Going On The Rails

Some things are just quintessentially British; football hooligans tearing apart a Spanish café, Jacob Rees-Mogg spouting off about poor people, losing at cricket or losing at Brexit. But nothing beats eating on a train. And not a gently defrosted sausage roll on the delayed Virgin service to...

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The Massive Kaleidoscope You Can Actually Walk Inside

Remember kaleidoscopes, off of childhood? This was full-on Lucy In The Sky style tripping for 6 year olds, as the colours rotated and combined. It was legit nearly as mind-bending as those origami fortune tellers. Mine was red and plastic and without fail would induce a Timothy Leary experience.


11 Seriously Floral Restaurants

Floral venues don’t fall into that category of either love ’em or hate ’em like marmite, because let’s face it, everyone is a sucker for a bit of flora and fauna.  In fact, if you haven’t seen a photo of some brightly clad influencer candidly stood by a lilac-filled...

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Restaurants, Pubs & Food

11 Mac’n’Cheeses You’ll Always Have Room For

Mac’n’cheese – that humble dish you associate with being a child, probably eaten on a Friday night, perhaps followed by Angel Delight and Top of the Pops. Now, thanks to a food revolution, you’ll find it topped with pulled pork and fried then grilled between slices of...

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