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Can you believe that there’s a day coming when you won’t have to have cheesy beans on toast every. Single. Night. When you can drop a friend a line saying ‘do you want to go out for a bite to eat’ and it won’t be illegal?

Lockdown is driving us crazy, from fractious relationships to the way you interact with your boss to all the conspiracy theory Whatsapps you keep on forwarding. And it’s doing something else too, it’s making us eat weirdly. Like really weirdly.

Are you guilty of eschewing the old dining table in favour of eating dinner on the sofa in front of the telly? 48% of us are. In fact the real shock from that stat is that 52% are still sat at the dining table in the first place.

Don’t tell your parents, but 41% of us are watching TV with every single meal throughout the day.

26% of those questioned claimed they'd probably forget to use cutlery at all (top tip: maybe don't order the soup)...

Indeed, this uncouth streak is now running so prevalently through British society that it’s likely to affect our return to restaurants.

According to research by Tastecard, 26% of those questioned claimed they’d probably forget to use cutlery at all (top tip: maybe don’t order the soup) while 63% are for some reason planning to plant their elbows firmly on the table.

And (hardly) shock horror, 54% will use their phone at the table. Which, let’s be honest, was happening well before lockdown.

But Britain has also gotten creative during lockdown. A nation of wannabe Heston Blumenthals has decided that they can mix flavours and textures with abandon to create brand new foods.

Like biscoff spread on chicken wings, peas in vanilla ice cream (that’s nothing apparently we’re also trying Stilton cheese in ice cream), or even sponge cake and gravy.

Apparently we're also trying Stilton cheese in ice cream...

What the research, again by Tastecard, doesn’t tell us is how successful these combos were. Did the legions of respondents who had actually tried humous and chcolate spend days clutching their stomachs, or did they develop a taste for it?

Because if burgers dipped in milkshake or pear and chorizo actually work then perhaps the lasting effect of lockdown will be to change the nation’s cuisine altogether. Which means that restaurants could start pivoting from their centuries-old meat and two veg formula to more esoteric menus.

Avocado with milk and sugar, anyone?


Top 10 Strangest Food Combos In Lockdown

1 – Avocado with milk and sugar
2 – Biscoff spread and chicken wings
3 – Burgers dipped in milkshake
4 – Humous with chocolate
5 – Pears with chorizo
6 – Peas in vanilla ice cream
7 – Plain sponge cake and gravy
8 – Vanilla ice cream and ketchup
9 – Stilton cheese and ice cream
10 – Pickles with peanut butter

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