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The Handbook

The summer has arrived and so have a bucket load of Pimm’s! We’re certainly not complaining. It’s pretty much the British version of sangria! I mean, who doesn’t love an ice cold glass of fruity goodness? And when alcohol is involved, it’s an added bonus. So we’ve put our thinking hats on and created the ultimate guide to Pimm’s in the city especially for you, bottoms up!

Henman Hill / Murray Mount

You can’t go to Wimbledon without getting a glass of Pimm’s and a pot of strawberries and cream. It’s a right of passage so it was only right that the famous Henman Hill featured in our Pimms guide. I mean, come on people, they’ve literally got Pimm’s on tap! Grab yourself a glass of their very own fruity punch and head on up to Henman Hill to watch a match. Come on, Murray!

Where: 1C Church Road, Wimbledon, SW19 5AG

Bentley's Oyster Bar and Grill

Help wash down your salty treats of oysters, mussels, cockles and opt for a glass of fruity Pimm’s. This summer, Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill have totally transformed their terrace into a seaside paradise, serving up some of the finest fish offerings in London. Of course, you can’t go to an oyster bar and not buy oysters, squeeze a splash of lemon over them and you’re onto a citrus-y winner!

Where: 11-15 Swallow Street, London, W1B 4DG, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Piccadilly Circus (0.3 miles)


We can’t get enough of this Insta’ worthy resto in St Giles Square, VIVI is known for putting on a good show with their stunning cocktails and drinks. Of course, this means their Pimm’s game is on another level too. VIVI is decked out with pinky hues and retro-inspired interiors meaning it’s a huge hit with anyone trying to up their social following, now snap your pic – who’s ready for a Pimm’s?

Where: 11 St Giles Square, London WC2H 8AP
Nearest station: Tottenham Court Road (0.1 miles)

The Riverside

You’ll fall in love with the city all over again relaxing in the sunset, sipping on a Pimm’s. The charming little pub, The Riverside, has a lovely terrace tucked in front of, well, the riverside. Quench your thirst with one of their fruity Pimm’s specials and watch the sun set over the city.

Where: Hamilton House, 5 St George’s Wharf, SW8 2LE

The London Cabaret Club

This summer, The London Cabaret Club returns to celebrate the British summertime with an all new show, Hats, Heels and Horses. In true cabaret style, the performance will be bursting with dancers and ballroom compositions, aerialists and live music. They’ve launched a bunch of cocktails designed to transport guests to the warmer days (let’s face it, we’re uncertain how many sunny days we’ll be getting…). One, of course, is ‘the royal sharer’, a refreshing take on the Pimm’s classic, topped with fresh fruit and Moët & Chandon Champagne before being served in a charming top hat!

Where: The London Cabaret Club The Bloomsbury Ballroom, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square WC1B 4DA
Nearest station: Holborn (0.2 miles)

Pergola London

Why have a glass when you can have a jug! Pergola have done it again, serving up an almighty jug of Pimm’s. Decked out with all the usual Pimm’s accessories including; strawberry, cucumber, lime and mint, the pitcher is perfect for sharing with pals while you soak up the summer heat on one of their glorious terraces.

Where: Paddington / Olympia

South Kensington Club

Whether you’re looking for the perfect spa spot with the gals or somewhere for an intimate business meeting, grab a glass of fruity Pimm’s and relax at South Kensington Club. The private members club has been a hit with the celebs for a while now, having started as the Queen’s Gate Music Hall in the 1800s, to later becoming Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood’s own personal club at one point… Dine Mediterranean style in their restaurant, with a glass of every British’s favourite – Pimm’s!

Where: 38-42 Harrington Road, London SW7 3ND, UK
Nearest station: South Kensington (0.3 miles)

The Waterway

Grab yourself a jug of luxed-out Pimm’s at The Waterway and enjoy the stunning view overlooking the Grand Union Canal. This little spot is the closest us Londoner’s are going to get to Venice, without actually flying there. The lux Pimms jug is filled with Pimm’s, Beefeater gin, a medley of summer fruits, lemonade, plus a dash of ginger ale for good measure. Um, yum!

Where: 54 Formosa Street, W9 2JU

The Refinery Bankside

There’s nothing nicer than sipping on an ice-cold bevvy while soaking up the summer sun, and at The Refinery Bankside, you can do just that in the middle of London. Despite being in a busy part of the city, the cool and airy restaurant combined with a glass of their simple Pimm’s will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the tourist filled streets. Decked with all the assortment, their Pimm’s is even fresher than you can imagine.

Where: 110 Southwark Street, SE1 0TF


Join this Summer’s best kept secret tucked away in Camden. Wonderfest is filling up our Insta feeds with florals, garlands and, of course, Pimm’s! This festive themed roof top is equipped with an open air cinema, live DJ’s, cocktails and tasty food vendors. It’s the perfect spot, whether you’re in search for a new summer drinks hideout or somewhere to watch your favourite film. They’re serving Pimm’s by the glass or in a giant kilner jar, sharer style.

Where: The Horse Hospital Stables Market Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AH