Theatre fans get excited: London’s iconic West End is getting its first new theatre in 50 years!

Named @sohoplace, it’s set to open this autumn in Tottenham Court Road directly above the station, and will seat over 600 people.

With the rather high-tec sounding name @sohoplace, it’s the first purpose built West End theatre in half a century,  and will be fully kitted out with modern technology. Part of a 12 year, £300 million development of the area, @sohoplace boasts some nifty sophisticated acoustic design, meaning that no matter where you sit you’ll be able to hear everything on stage easily and clearly. While the project started development long before the pandemic, the theatre’s bosses including owner Nicola Burns have said they hope that the fresh and 21st Century feeling design will help attract audiences back.

There’ll be an open air terrace, a swish bar and more across five floors. Backstage, there’s a spacious rehearsal room and a green room (also with a bar). The theatre itself will be in the round style, allowing for more intimacy with the performers and the (up to) 602 spectators. Ticket prices, often a sticking point for anyone wanting to go to a theatre in London these days, are aimed to be kept low and under three figures. The new theatre’s proximity to the Elizabeth Line also means getting to and from should be super convenient and easy.


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Speaking on the development of the new theatre and how it came about, Burns said that she “wanted to create a theatre which could add a different dimension to our vibrant West End landscape… …The incredible team of engineers pulled off the greatest of structural feats, building over a major underground transport hub – a challenging place to build a theatre – achieving perfect acoustics.” Taking inspiration from Ancient Greek amphitheatres, the project was set in motion, becoming what it is today. In addition to the great acoustics, there will be no obscured views with perfect sight lines from every single seat, and you’ll never be more than 6 rows away from the action.

There’s no word on what the first performances and productions at @sohoplace will be, but there’s several lined up to take centre stage. Meanwhile, for those of you who are fans of theatre (or architecture in London), the new building is something to get excited for.

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