As a sane ordinary citizen I habitually spend my Septembers moaning to anyone who’ll listen that Christmas comes earlier every year. But my alter-Jeckel-ego then gets into the office and writes about all the Christmassy things coming down the pike. And somehow I live with the hypocrisy just fine. Not least because I get to rave about events like Kenwood House’s “dazzling winter wonderland”.

Leave it to us to decide if it’s dazzling or not, but the Christmas at Kenwood will see the London stately home lit by festive illuminations between November 26th and January 9th. Or at least it will be if it gets the go-ahead from the council’s planning department.

As well as lighting up the main house, the plan is to put in place an immersive trail of of light, sound… and fire (yes, fire).

The event will be a ‘multi-sensory’ experience (which presumably means you can see and hear it. Like a Pelican Crossing is a multi-sensory experience).

Light, sound... and fire (yes, fire)...

The event is run by Kilimanjaro Live and English Heritage (who own the historic house and gardens) and it promises to basically be the same as the light shows at Kew and Chiswick House and so on, which we will no doubt bore you silly with as Christmas approaches.

Billed as a “step into a Winter Narnia like no other” (presumably nobody’s actually read The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe any more because Winter Narnia, under the spell of the White Witch, was a truly miserable place), the event does promise to be magical.

Billed as a “step into a Winter Narnia like no other”...

Tickets are on sale, which suggests that planning permission is pretty much expected to be a given. Planning Committees right now are currently withholding their usual distain for anyone and everyone and are minded to be nice to local businesses looking to bring money into the local economy.

The plans include kiosks and bars which will be sectioned off by fencing. It’s worth mentioning that last weekend’s Heritage Live concert was called off, apparently because of boggy conditions, which doesn’t bode too well. But we’re sure Witch Jadis will get that in hand.

All that’s left for you to do is book tickets…

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