Make Your Loved Ones Cry (Happy Tears) This Christmas With The Most Heart-Warming Handmade Gift

By Dave R. Tailor | 4th November 2021

In partnership with Paint Your Life 

We don’t know about you but Christmas shopping is one of the most painful things to do each year. There’s the mad rush on Oxford Street, heavy shopping bags weighing down your arms, and countless last-minute rash decisions being made – does all the family want bubble bath this year… again?

This time, however, we’re prepared. We have the answer to solve all your problems, and all with just the click of a button online. The key is in telling a personal story about your family or friends through art, and we know just who can paint it. There’s no need to seek out an over-priced artist and sit for hours, you can simply upload your photos to Paint Your Life and they’ll transform your pictures into a beautiful oil painting, drawing or charcoal. From grandparents that you’ve not been able to see during Covid to the wedding you could finally celebrate, capture these special moments on canvas with a tender portrait in as little as 12 days. What’s more, we’re offering a £50 discount if you type in the code THEHANDBOOK at checkout!

You go onto the Paint Your Life website and upload your images, such as that cute one of you and your dad

From photo to portrait in an instant!

Paint Your Life make it really easy to get a personal portrait. You simply go onto the Paint Your Life website and upload your images, such as that cute one you have of you and your dad. Start by choosing the type of portrait you want, such as people, animals or a landscape. Then the medium, such as oil or pencil, what background you want, and the artist you want to paint it (you can go off the company’s recommendations if you like). There are so many options, such as quirky bright abstract paintings or tender personal drawings.

You can also choose some added extras, such as a video of the artist painting the picture, as well as a signature from the artist on the canvas. Once you’ve filled out all of these details, you’ll receive an email confirmation letting you know when your portrait will be ready for review.

When you receive a review link, you can preview the image and make unlimited revisions to the work (and if you’re not happy with the final result, there’s a money back guarantee). And then… that’s it – from picture to painting, your gift will be on its way!

The best part is obviously seeing the picture being opened on arrival. Paint Your Life has so many emotional testimonials, from families who have finally been reunited after Covid, to grandparents receiving portraits of grandchildren, or couples seeing their wedding brought to life… there’s never a dry eye in the house!

Who and what can you get painted?

You can choose pretty much anything to be painted by the talented creatives at Paint Your Life. Family, grandparents, children, friends, cats, dogs, landscapes, your house. Some individuals have even had loved ones who have passed away added into family pictures for a truly heart-warming gift. You can also do compilation portraits, where you send in a load of different photos of the people you love and the artist can put them together in a group portrait.

You can also choose some added extras, such as a video of the artist painting the picture

There are more than 300 professional artists to choose from

Who are the artists?

There are more than 300 professional artists to choose from. Some of them work at one of the two studios run by Paint Your Life, and others work from home or their own studio. A lot of the artists have been working with the company for more than 10 years, so you know you’re in good hands.

Make magical moments last forever – with just the click of a button!

Not only can you get portraits done of the people you love, you can also transform some of life’s biggest moments – such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even Christmas – into paintings that you can hand down to future generations or put pride of place in the living room. And they make seriously good presents. What’s more, the talented and creative team at Paint Your Life can transform blurry or pixelated imagery into clear and eye-catching portraits.

With Covid stealing Christmas last year, make this Christmas count with the most special gift of the people you love in the most gorgeous settings. One look at a Paint Your Life picture and your family will burst into tears (in a good way, we promise). Just make sure you have some tissues to hand…

Special offer: Use the code THEHANDBOOK at checkout to receive £50 off until March 2022

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