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It’s a good time to be at the cinema this month: March has got some big blockbusters in store, from fun fantasy adventures to intense sports stories, to heartwarming dramas. If you’re into horror, you’re spoilt for choice, with three horror movies to be spooked by including the latest Scream. Read on for what to watch at the cinema in March:

Scream VI

The murderous Ghostface returns in this sixth instalment in the Scream franchise, starring Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Wednesday star Jenna Ortega and original Scream actress Courteney Cox. Following events of the soft reboot Scream film in 2022, sisters Samantha and Tara along with twins Chad and Mindy leave their home of Woodsboro and head to New York City to try and start new lives. However, a streak of murders means that yet another Ghostface killer is stalking them again, and they’ll have to run and fight for their lives. It’s set to be the highest-stakes Scream movie yet.

Scream VI is set to drop on 10 March


65 is a sci-fi thriller that sees pilot Mills (Adam Driver) crash land on an unknown planet in an accident. He quickly realises however that the planet is in fact Earth, some 65 million years in the past. With only one other survivor, Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), and with a slim window of opportunity for rescue, he must make his way across the dangerous and unpredictable prehistoric terrain. Of course, the two aren’t alone- there’s an army of prehistoric creatures that stand in their way. The film is written by the writers of A Quiet Place, directed by Scott Beck & Bryan Woods, and produced by Sam Raimi.

65 is set to drop on 10 March

Infinity Pool

Creepy sci-fi horror film Infinity Pool lands in cinemas this month, directed by Possessor and Antiviral director Brandon Cronenberg. It stars Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth and Cleopatra Coleman, and tells the story of a couple on an all-inclusive beach holiday in the fictional country Li Tolqa. Everything seems to be going well for them, until a fatal accident, and the two soon discover the country’s dark and sinister culture of hedonistic tourism and violence. What follows is a surreal and perverse journey that’ll stick with you. The film has received acclaim from critics in the US and is released in the UK on 24th March.

Infinity Pool is set to drop on 24 March

Dungeons and Dragons

The legendary role-playing board game Dungeons & Dragons gets a new film adaptation this year, with Dungeons & Dragons, Honor Among Thieves. It sees a band of unlikely adventures attempting to undertake a heist to claim a lost relic when things go wrong as they get into trouble with dangerous people. Starring Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Rége-Jean Page, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis, Hugh Grant and Chloe Coleman, the fantasy comedy is set to arrive on 31st March. It’s directed by Johnathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, known for comedies like Horrible Bosses, Game Night and Vacation.

Dungeons & Dragons, Honor Among Thieves is set to drop on 31 March


Jennifer Saunders leads a cast of some of Britain’s best-loved actors in this warm and moving story about old age and being a nurse, based on the Alan Bennett play of the same name. A geriatric ward in a small Yorkshire hospital is threatened with closure for budget reasons, but the hospital decide to come together and get the local community to help fight back. They decide to invite a local news crew to film their rehearsals for a celebratory concert that pays tribute to the hospital’s most distinguished nurse. Derek Jacobi, David Bradley, Judi Dench, Russell Tovi and Bally Gill also star.

Allelujah is set to drop on 17 March

Creed III

Creed III is the third in the Creed trilogy and the ninth instalment in the ongoing Rocky franchise. This film stars and is directed by Michael B. Jordan and is set seven years after the events of Creed II. Boxer Adonis Creed (Jordan) has a successful career and a happy family, engaged to Bianca (Tessa Thompson). But an old childhood friend and fellow boxer, Dame Anderson (Jonathan Majors), suddenly reappears in his life having served a lengthy prison sentence, and is eager to prove himself against Donnie in the boxing ring. Donnie is forced to settle the score, facing an opponent that has nothing to lose and is driven to win.

Creed III is set to drop on 3 March


March is a bumper month for horror fans, and Pearl might just be the best of the lot. Pearl was released in America in September last year, and arrived on streaming shortly after, but has been unavailable in the UK. It’s finally here from 17th March and sees Mia Goth reprise her role as Pearl set before the events of the slasher film X, which was also released last year. Pearl in this film is living during the 1918 flu pandemic and aspires to be a film star. The choices she makes however will lead her down a path of violence on her family’s Texas ranch. Pearl has received rave reviews in the US, with Goth’s performance being praised as one of the best of the year- so if you’re a horror fan, this is a real must-see.

Pearl is set to drop on 17 March

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