If you’re having a stressful week, are feeling a little lonely cooped up inside your tiny studio apartment or you just love cooing over animals on the internet, let us introduce you to some of the cutest, sassiest and popular pets on Instagram. 

The influencing world is a bizarre and populated industry and somehow it’s managed to seep into the animal world too, with parents of pets opening up Instagram, TikTok and Twitter accounts for their little furry friends in order to show off their adorable little faces to the internet world. And if you’re already feeling envious about not making it as an influencer, these accounts will see you feeling even worse for yourself, because guess what? They’ve reeled in thousands, upon thousands, of followers. But hey, we’re definitely for swapping over edited images of the Kardashians for ‘aw’-ing at cute photos of pooches, furry felines and adorable tortoises. 

If you too fancy audibly cooing over the pets of Instagram, here are the best ten animals to follow. 

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Cheeto the Cat (@princesscheeto)

If Cheeto the Cat was a human, she’s the Instagram star that’s all about the aesthetics. Cheeto’s page is pristine thanks to its pop art-inspired bright and pastel colours, filtered alongside humorous poses of Cheeto and her furry friend Nachos. 

Slotted alongside a backdrop of corals, reds, yellows and blues, their photos are framed as if they’re doing photoshoots for a magazine. And that’s likely why Cheeto has managed the rack up over 180k followers on Instagram and has bagged herself a few brand deals along the way.

Tika the Iggy (@tikatheiggy)

Despite already being hugely popular, Tika the Iggy shot to further fame when she showed off a series of outfits that she loves but couldn’t show off this year. With a voice over by fellow comedian and star, Lorena Pages, the video racked up millions of views and likes in a matter of days. 

Now boasting 1million followers on Instagram alone, the 9-year-old Italian greyhound has been described as a gay icon and can continue to be found sharing her favourite outfits and cosy quarantine looks on her Insta. Follow along for adorable looks and some laughs.

Bunny the Sheepadoodle (@whataboutbunny)

Thought pets couldn’t communicate with humans to tell them what it is they really want? You were oh, so wrong. Meet Bunny the Sheepadoodle and the dog that’s learnt to communicate with his owner, Alexis Devine through a control panel of buttons on the floor. 

Alexis created this panel of buttons as an experiment to see if she could teach Bunny to communicate with her more easily. Each button pressed then speaks, relaying what it is Bunny wants to tell her human mum. 

Scroll through and follow along Bunny on her adventure to ‘talking’. Each video is sure to make you smile with joy, laugh a little and put you in a good mood for the day. 

Miffy the Bunny (@bunny.nyc)

Although this adorable bunny can’t talk like Bunny the Sheepdoodle above, Miffy is definitely worth the follow for charming videos and endearing snaps of her on her daily adventures. 

Born in Taiwan but now living in New York City, this little bunny has been on several adventures across the globe. Now boasting almost 90k followers on Instagram alone, join the community and catch Miffy up to her old tricks, from jumping through snow to going on her daily walks.

Henry the Tortoise (@thenotortoisebig)

Ever thought about getting a pet tortoise but don’t have the time, space or commitment to give? Live vicariously through the Instagram account of Henry the Tortoise. 

Watch as the twenty year old tortoise goes about his day, from eating leaves to sunbathing in the garden with his human mum. Scroll back for an adorable video of him wearing a little coat for his shell.

His tortoise community has grown substantially, with now over 72k followers tagging along for Henry’s journey.

Jiff Pom the Pomeranian (@jiffpom)

The king of the pet influencing world, Jiff Pom the Pomeranian is renowned for his teddy bear-esque looks. 

Now with a mega 10.3million followers on Instagram alone, Jiff Pom has also become known for his brand collaborations too. Which as hilarious and bizarre in its own right, is rather impressive too. He even did a huge partnership with fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. 

Fall in love with him as you follow along for his crazy adventures. Expect him to be dressing up for any major occasion too, from Christmas festivities to Easter celebrations. He’s just posted a super cute photo – well, his owner has – of him in a Superman suit.

Lionel and Lilo The Hedgehogs (@lionelthehedgehog)

Chances are, you’ll have already stumbled upon Lionel and Lilo the Hedgehogs’ Instagram page, but if you haven’t, expect adorable pics of the pair curled up in the cutest of places. 

Based in Charleston, the pair can usually be found posing adorably with props, ready to be snapped at any moment. Think cuddled up in tea cups, floating on mini inflatable watermelons or modelling with festive hats on. 

If you’re obsessed with the spiky pair like their other 151k followers, they’ve now got custom made pyjamas with their cute faces splattered all over them.

Smoothie the Cat (@smoothiethecat)

Maybe it’s her captivating pretty green eyes or her ginger fluffy fur, but you can’t help but fall in love with Smoothie the Cat. 

The Queen of Fluff, Smoothie can usually be found curled up in a ball sleeping or gazing beautifully at the camera, always ready for a photo opportunity. She’s sassy, adorable and totally knows how to work the camera. 

We could spend all day lovingly scrolling through Smoothie’s 2000+ photos on Instagram. Boasting over 2.2million followers, it seems we’re not the only ones who feel this way.

Reagan the Doodle (@reagandoodle)

Follow along with Reagan the Doodle’s adventures as he goes about his day, tearing up loo roll, playing with bubbles or posing with his human siblings. 

Boasting a whopping 500k followers, Reagan is making it his mission to spread ‘pawsitivity’ wherever he walks, whether that’s strolling through the park or causing mayhem in the garden.

Whether you’re dreaming of a cuddly woofer like Reagan or you just love watching his adventures with his little family, you can’t help but fall in love with this chirpy chappy.

Juniper Fox and Friends (@juniperfoxx)

We weren’t quite expecting to find a pet fox making a name for herself on Instagram either, but Juniper the Fox has racked up an impressive 3million followers on Instagram alone for posting cute photos cuddled up in her mum’s living room. 

Forget the squawking fox noises that wake you up in the middle of the night (this KEEPS happening to me at the moment and it’s wearing a little thin) and fall in love with Juniper and his friends. Rescued herself, Juniper is a North American red fox who was born in captivity before being rescued by her now parents. If you’re invested, check out Juniper’s website dedicated to rescuing other animals.

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