The BBC is bringing a brand new series to our screens this year, with the production company behind Sex Education producing it. It’s called Ten Pound Poms, and stars Emmerdale and Our Girl star Michelle Keegan in the main role. It’s set in the after war period in the 1950s, when a group of Brits embark on a trip across the world.

Keegan is playing Kate, a nurse who with a group of other Brits decides to move from the UK to Australia in 1956. Kate ventures out without her fiancé, and is instead to determined to leave the past behind her. Also in the cast of characters are Annie and Terry Roberts, a married couple trying to keep upbeat and optimistic despite some of the difficult conditions that they face. The pair will be be played by Faye Marsay, who was in Game of Thrones and Warren Brown, who was in Luther.

Ten Pounds Poms is a big bold character piece...

Creator Danny Brocklehurst

Series creator Danny Brocklehurst, who was also one of the minds behind Brassic, commented that “Ten Pounds Poms is a big bold character piece about what it means to start again, to be an outsider in a new land. It asks questions about success and failure, identity, parenthood and belonging. The assisted migration programme is a little-known part of British and Australian history but offers endless stories about the people who travelled to the other side of the world in search of a better life.”

While there’s a cast and creative team assembled, there’s no official pictures or trailer yet, not a release date- though filming for the series has been ongoing in Australia. When there’s further details though, we’ll make sure to update you when they come.


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