Everybody knows Mike Myers and his brand of whacky character comedy, but it’s been a long time since he’s made and starred in a big project himself. While he’s been in a few films and TV series in the last decade (and a couple of cameos as Dr Evil on late night TV shows), he pretty much hasn’t done anything like Shrek, Austin Powers or Wayne’s World since the last Shrek film released in 2010. But now at last, the legendary comedian is back with a brand new comedy series on Netflix.

The Pentaverate will see Myers back in his element: playing multiple characters with distinct OTT personalities and voices. The new series focuses on an unlikely Canadian journalist who sets out to uncover a worldwide conspiracy of a secret group influencing world events, and expose the truth about them to save the world in the process. It’ll release on 5th May.

The show focuses on fictional Canadian journalist Ken Scarborough, who at the start of the series loses his job as a news reporter, and decides to uncover a conspiracy theory concerning a centuries old organisation called “The Pentaverate”. The Pentaverate were jokingly mentioned in Myer’s 90s cult comedy film So I Married An Axe Murderer, and this new series is technically a spin off of that movie. Ken sets out to find the truth about the organisation, becoming an unlikely hero in the process.

The shadowy group formed in the 1300s during the Black Plague, and consists of mysterious figures working to influence world events for the greater good. Acclaimed comedy actors Keegan Michael Key and Jennifer Saunders will play two people within the organisation, and Myers himself will play Lord Lordington, its highest ranking member. Ken Jeong also stars in the series as a casino mogul with a strong interest and knowledge of the chaos theory of weather patterns.

Of course, this being a Mike Myers comedy project, the comedian will be playing several different comic personas across the series, much like in Austin Powers. Other characters he’s set to play are a conspiracy theorist who is determined to prove The Pentaverate are real, a far right radio host (also a conspiracy theorist), a tech genius, and an ex-Russian oligarch. Expect plenty of timely satire and hilarious gags about the world of conspiracy theories and government skeptics.

Expect plenty of timely satire and hilarious gags...

If you’re sad that Austin Powers 4 or Shrek 5 haven’t materialised (yet), and are in the mood for an off the wall madcap comedy, then Myers’ return should be just up your street. The Pentaverate will be six episodes long, giving ample time for as many jokes and personas as can fit.


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