Missed Out On The Stamp Duty Holiday? How To Get Smart About Getting Onto The Housing Ladder

In partnership with EcoWorld London

Owning your own house can feel like an impossible dream, especially with the government’s stamp duty holiday finally wrapping up this month, leaving many of us feeling like we missed a trick.

The sorcery of home ownership can seem completely impenetrable to muggles on the outside. The preserve of those with wealthy parents, city jobs or who bought back in the ’70s. But in fact it doesn’t have to be like that at all. All you need is to have the mysteries laid bare, and some strategies to achieve your goal of living within your own four walls.

EcoWorld London is one of the capital’s leading housing developers. They’re responsible for creating townhouses, studios and flats in places like Kew Bridge, East India Dock and Mill Hill and if you’re in the doldrums about debt or you’re going mad about mortgages then from ISAs to interest and house prices to Help To Buy, EcoWorld London’s Personal Finance Webinar will suit you.

The online panel discussion, hosted by Iona Bain, the Personal Finance Columnist at The I Paper, is free and it’s a safe place where first time buyers can meet experts to answer all those questions you’ve been unable to get a straight answer to.

Like ‘is there a right time to buy?’ or ‘How can I improve my mortgage acceptance chances?’ not to mention the Byzantine process of what banks look for and the nuts-and-bolts of how mortgage applications work.

A safe place where first time buyers can meet experts to answer all those questions you've been unable to get a straight answer to...

Guests will also have the chance to take a peek at EcoWorld London’s latest launch, the show apartment for its new block (Block G) at its East London residential scheme, Oxbow, as well as showcasing the builder’s Help To Buy scheme.

The panel will be moderated by Iona Bain, a freelance journalist who runs her own Young Money Blog, has written a book on how our generation can invest to a better future and is a freelance journalists at the I.

She will be joined by Matt Coulson, a Director and Principal at Heron Financial, who is an experienced mortgage advisor along with financial advisor and influencer Emmanuel Asuquo, who has been featured in a raft of national papers, is a regular on the BBC and has given financial education talks to over 30,000 people in the past three years.

Finally there’s be a chance to meet Sarah Nolan-Watt, EcoWorld London’s Head of Sales. With over three years at the developer, she works with buyers across the various London estates.

Our parents’ generation were lucky, they were able to drop £5,000 on a house in Notting Hill that’s now worth more than you’ll make in your lifetime, but today’s generation will have to be savvy and hustle in a challenging landscape. Which is why events like EcoWorld London’s Personal Finance Webinar are essential to anyone trying to gain an edge in the pursuit of that perfect home.

To find out more about attending the event at midday on June 9th, register here…

Emmanuel Asuquo, Financial Advisor and Influencer

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