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The effect of the pandemic has been catastrophic. Industries across all sectors were forced to shut down indefinitely and as many gradually prepare to reopen in the coming weeks, there’s one industry that is still wondering the fate of its future: the live music industry. Coronavirus approached with a sledgehammer and ripped apart the live music scene until there was little left. Music venues across the globe that were once thriving were forced to switch off the flashing stage lights, pull the plug on the sound systems and thrust their doors shut for an unknown amount of time.

We’ll admit that live music isn’t for everyone. Not everybody likes to be thrown from pillar to post in mosh pits, dancing with their favourite bands and getting beer poured down their entire back by the girl who has had slightly too much drink. But One Night Records’ new concept might just tick the right boxes for anyone who is longing for a night of live music, entertainment and theatrics, just without being thrusted into a crowded venue that has a lingering smell of beer and sweat.

Just as live music fanatics across London thought there was no hope left, One Night Records, from the founder of London’s Vault Festival, is arriving at a secret location in London Bridge, bringing with it the world’s first immersive music venue. The first instalment has been aptly called “Lockdown Town”. And, before you ask, it is covid safe. 

Labelling itself as “London’s first socially distanced immersive event”, the premise is actually fairly simple. Running from 2nd October until 31st December, the event follows the oh-so-familiar immersive narrative, beginning the night entering through hidden tunnels before embarking on the never seen before journey. Every night will see a different lineup of London’s best musicians playing ‘never-the-same gigs’.

Expect to embark on a time travelling adventure as you begin your night with the sound of rock and roll leaping out from the 1950s. As you continue on your journey you’ll flit from decade to decade, dancing to country, tapping along to traditional jazz and living through the rhythmic blues, enjoying food and drinks in the process. 

As for the covid-safe regulations, there are strict rules set in place but it’s been carefully designed so you won’t even realise, but the staff, guests and yourself will still be safe. (Full regulation list is available on their site, here.) You’ll be spending the night with three other family members or friends, and tickets are limited to ‘household’ groups. 

With live music on the near brink of extinction, this might just be enough to satisfy music lovers until their favourite bands begin touring again in 2021. Either way, we’re intrigued to see how this socially distanced adventure pans out. It certainly gives us hope and a sense that normality will soon follow in the months to come.

One Night Records launches 2nd October and runs until 31st December. You can now book your tickets here.

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