When you live in the city, the idea of virtually wandering around it feels a little bit odd, but we can’t be the only ones really missing wandering London’s vibrant streets, dodging between black cabs and tourists, as you traipse through overcrowded galleries and landmarks attempting to catch a Warhol masterpiece or The Crown Jewels. 

When you think back to those days, maybe virtually seeing landmarks sounds a whole lot more appealing… Which is why we’ve rounded up London’s best spots so you can get your city fix virtually. And we can guarantee these landmarks will, for once, be completely tourist free.

Website: This Way…

Hampton Court Palace

I wonder what Henry VIII would think if he knew thousands were snooting through his most famous residence centuries later…

Famous for being Henry VIII’s favourite residence, Hampton Court Palace’s defined history lives on to this day. From its glorious gardens to the kitchen quarters, the Great Hall to the watching chamber, you can explore the historical site with the click of a button.

This virtual tour might just be my favourite of the lot. I mean, if it’s good enough for Henry VIII, it’s good enough for us. 

The British Museum

Despite displaying artefacts spanning from 2000 AD through to Roman Britain, The British Museum’s virtual tour feels almost futuristic in its display.

While their doors may be closed temporarily, you can still peruse London’s most prestigious museum devoted to the history of humanity, art and culture. Journey through artefacts and displays from all walks of life and engulf in a bit of British history. It’s also a great way to add in history to your home-schooling exercises too. Who doesn’t love a day out at the museum?

Royal Albert Hall

From Mariah Carey singing her heart and soul out on stage through to the Harry Potter orchestrated performances,  the Royal Albert Hall has been at the heart of London’s music and cultural scene since 1871. It’s one of the world’s most recognisable venues and a treasured part of London’s livelihood, and while it remains closed for now, you can still soak up its beautiful architecture and interiors from your home. You’ll be able to really get a look at those mushroom heads sprouting out of the ceiling (did you know they’re actually acoustic diffusers?!)

Buckingham Palace

A virtual tour of London wouldn’t be complete without a stop off at ol’ Queen Liz’s self isolation pad.

Make a whistle stop tour at Buckingham Palace, arguably the most famous palace, known for being the official residence of Her Majesty The Queen. See how the other half live while you’re stuck in your studio apartment with arms reach of the cooker, fridge and bed.

Website: www.royal.uk

Tate Modern

Many Londoners have a love hate relationship with Tate Modern’s architecture but there’s no denying the world famous gallery hasn’t won the hearts of contemporary art lovers across the globe.

Available to view via street view, explore the best of the British gallery, with collections ranging from the 1900s through to the present day. We also recommend stopping by the Andy Warhol exhibition that’s now being displayed virtually and experience his work in a new light.

Houses Of Parliament 

When you think of London, images of The Queen, red double-deckers and tourists posing in old phone booths probably flood to your mind. Oh, and Big Ben.

If you fancy knowing where Boris and his governing team finalise laws, you’ll love virtually touring through the Houses of Parliament, commonly known as The Palace of Westminster. Scroll through the House of Commons chambers, as well as pointing out the difference between the commons and the House of Lords chamber.

Tower Of London

Another tour, another palace. This time we’re headed to the Tower of London. Having served as a royal residence, barracks and prison, the Tower of London is probably now most notable for housing thousands of tourists every year who are eager to get a peak at The Crown Jewels. This virtual tour is actually audio-guided so you’ll be able to learn the royal history while having a gander around.

London Zoo

Okay. So this one is a little different but if you’re missing the outdoors and are sucker for a cute animal video, you’ll want to explore the best of London Zoo virtually on their YouTube Channel. Catch all of your furry friends as they roam about the zoo, from the penguins through to the bleeting goats.

website: www.zsl.org

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